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Chop, chop!

Hello beautiful gardeners! We had alot of questions about pruning this week- everyone is itching to get the landscape and gardens back in shape…. (haha, pun intended!) If you are pruning a flowering shrub, you need to know if it blooms early in the spring (before May) or early summer/summer/autumn. Shrubs that bloom early each

What to do? What to do?

Well here comes the avalanche of chores to get ourselves ready for the spring season. I broadcasted GardenTone (a mostly organic fertilizer by Espoma) over the soil in my vegetable garden yesterday and then hand turned using a garden fork. Many, many people get the ole roto-tiller into their vegetable gardens areas and then have-at-it.

Who needs a lawn anyhow?

Yippee! A whole hour so far gardening today. I could have stayed out in the misty rain all day- but my muscles (particularly the ole back) showed me last year that is no longer such a great idea. It is nearly uncontrollable when we get spring fever to rush out in the garden- early weeding,

Success! with Crapemyrtle

"What is that plant?!" is the common exclamation used by Northerners as they travel to the shore in the summer. This summer blooming plant makes quite a show in the South and now it is making its way North! This is primarily due to the hybridizing efforts by the U.S. National Arboretum in Washington D.C.,

Snow’s gone, let the tasks begin …

Well last week’s assessment of the garden included a whole lot of trying to dig plants out to see how damaged they were. It was amazing how far they splayed out under the snow, ooops I may have stepped on some of the branches of my Needlepoint Jap Holly while trying to “save” it. Worse,