Monthly Archives: April 2010

Yikes! What is that lurking in my garden?!?!

From our primal depths? Our collective un-awareness? For some reason, if there is something crawling or unfamiliar to us in the garden, we quickly assess that it is bad and make moves to kill it. How many bugs have you squished-or worse-sprayed with “something from the shed”- in the garden because they “were probably bad”.

I want a shrub that doesn’t get too big

Shrubs and trees don’t get too big. Just as we were genetically capable of reaching a certain height, so are trees and shrubs. They each have expected ultimate sizes. When deciding to replace an “overgrown” shrub or extend landscape beds, you should have an idea on what you are trying to achieve before you run

Is the grass greener on the other side?

Off to the races most people are to have the greenest, most weed-free lawn that can be had in the eyes of the neighborhood. As far as my reading can pinpoint, some architect in New York (yes I have his name somewhere…perhaps I put it behind my dart board…..) announced that the most beautiful garden

It’s like moving furniture

Sometimes the spot where you thought a plant would look cool a few years ago didn’t turn out to be such a good choice afterall. Maybe it was sunnier or shadier than you expected, (read really- you didn’t notice how sunny it was or wasn’t before you planted), the shrub got too big (read really-