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I re-planted my Christmas Tree this week…

It wasn’t some piece of plastic laden with lead shipped in from China. It was a real, grown in PA Fraser Fir. Now it is going to be the structure my pole beans climb on. I tried bamboo poles for a few years, but the vines slid down the poles from the weight of the

What kind of caretaker are you, anyways?

We have become aware of how the sun moves through the garden. We know we have to make decisions about how large a tree or shrub should get. What we haven’t paid much attention to is the “you factor”. The thumb turns greener through observation and awareness. So let’s talk about you. We at HG

Gotta have ’em

This week has been a complete feeding frenzy for gardeners. Finally safe (please, oh please) for planting tomatoes and cucumbers without fear. Finally time to run amuck with annuals. New shrubs and expanded flower beds. Whooop! Whoooop! I can barely keep up with myself and all the plants I positively need. I would make out

Spice up your garden!

So my friend Lenny stopped in today and suggested I do a bit on planting an herb container- what a fabulous idea! Thanks Lenny! He was most curious about how many you can plant in a container, but as I pondered and chewed on the idea, I thought of a few things to really increase

Ouch! That hurts!!

Visually and for the poor tree. I just want to stop at these houses and ask them "what were you thinking?" Tree Toppingaka "Tree Amputation"Why it’s bad….. Does NOT keep the tree small…. After topping, the growth actually increases to replace missing leaf area it needs to "feed" itself. The trunk and roots have not