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Gone fishin’

Making the great escape tonight! Off to Erie to catch Walleye! Yay!! I really don’t have to worry about my precious cat, Shady. My house sitter loves Shady and will take great care of him. She even spends extra time here with him. I am worried about my plants.

If you have weeds…..

If you have weeds, you don’t have enough plants. If you are still with me after last week’s attempt to free you from the “love bondage” aka gardening addiction, then I may as well become one of the ones who enable you. Which number was that?

Lilies, presents in the garden!

Lilies (Lilium) are fabulous additions to the perennial garden. They rise up out of the ground, with beautiful spikes of dark green foliage, and as the flower buds begin to form, the memories of sweetly scented flowers waft through the gardener’s mind. There are many different types of lilies, designated by the flowers’ shape and

12 Step Program for the Addicted

If you are still following this rambling manure I am writing, and haven’t gotten off doing other summer time things, you are most likely a Garden Addict. You don’t even try to hide it, displaying larger numbers of annuals, still expanding beds while the neighbors shake their heads. “Look at that! They are STILL planting more stuff!

Hydrangea care sheet

FLOWER COLOR 'MAGIC' The pH of your soil ( acidity or alkalinity) can greatly affect the color and color intensity of your Hydrangea blooms. Blue flowers : To have blue flowers, the soil must have an acid pH. To achieve this, apply either Aluminum Sulphate or Garden Sulphur in March and November as a top

Hydrangea Flower Power!

They have begun to trickle in. “Why doesn’t my hydrangea have flowers?” They tell me their stories of how it has never flowered or hasn’t flowered in years. Most hydrangeas flower on the wood they made last year. Which means right after it finished flowering last year, it began making flower buds, which would become