Monthly Archives: August 2010

Yay I need more plants!

I spent yesterday afternoon clipping and pruning my shrubs and tree branchlets back into my landscape border edge. My garden is stuffed! I mowed later in the evening, bobbing and weaving to avoid branches to the face. I stopped frequently to lift up Lobelia and Joe Pye Weed stems that had reached over and on

Autumn= a season to be savored. Fall=when you hurt your knee.

Finally a cooler temperature today. My thoughts have been with my garden all summer long. When those hot days showed up in July, then didn’t leave, I stayed in, the garden stayed out. Early morning watering was as close as I got. Thankfully Autumn is quickly approaching. With it comes more garden love (remember, not

Please can I grow some carrots???

This spring one of the girls at work (Lora Lea) suggested I write an article on killing plants. What she was referring to was a gardeners burning desire to grow a certain plant. Some of us are so smitten with say, Orchids, that every time we spy one we take it home and then, well,