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Grow some wild~~~

Many ornamental grasses are reaching their prime right now, and some of them are behaving very badly. Not all ornamental grasses are created equal. There are many to choose from, which can make the “which?” part very difficult. Approach it as you would other plant choices. Where are you going to plant it? Sun or

Buffet? Marching soldiers? Spring extravaganza?

It is bulb planting time! Another reason (very good reason) for a gardener to run amuck and plant more plants. Bulbs are little treasures to be buried, while sugar plum wishes dance in our heads. Garden fantasies about the “hello spring!” display are one of the dreams that pull us through winter. I find it sad that in this “instant

Quick gardening tip – composting leaves

Composting leaves is easy and good for the environment, as well as a great source of free organic material for your garden. Prepare the compost pile in layers. Organic material, such as leaves mixed with grass, are put down in layers eight-to-ten inches deep. To this layer, add moisture so that the layer is wet

Autumn reflecting

I scurried around yesterday to finish planting my pots with fresh violas, accenting the front door area with mini pumpkins and indian corn. “Are those more plants?” he exclaimed. I quickly retorted with the fact there was only 18, just 3 6-packs. “I NEED them to do my “Hello autumn display!” I think he snorted.

Gimme a better plant for that spot!

Now that the heat is gone and it is fun again to linger in the garden, it is a good idea to walk around with a clipboard in one hand and an adult beverage (ha!) in the other hand. Really look at the garden. What plants struggled to make it through the hot summer? Why? Did