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Hugging a tree,  a rock in your pocket,  walking up a hill. The breeze caressing,  butterflies fluttering,  bees buzzing. The crack of dawn,  a just-picked warm tomato,  sun and shadows dancing in the leaves. Sudden thunderstorms,  dew drops,  snowflakes on your tongue. Clouds slowly traveling,  hawks gliding,  twinkling stars. The smell of dirt,  seeing a

The BEST tomato soup!

The best Tomato Soup you will ever eat ... 8 cups of tomatoes- Core and cut an X on the bottom. Spray with olive oil. Grill on medium heat 5 minutes, flip and do 5 more minutes. You may need to adjust time of your grill runs hot. Bring them in, allow to cool, remove

Tree-hugging dirt worshipper

They showed up on a clear, cold Monday morning a few weeks ago. There had been an email warning us of their arrival. Whispers through the community ventured guesses on which would be lost, which would endure amputations. The bright orange trucks hauled mean machines, loudly marking their destruction as the sharp blades ate at

Black Gold!!!

Each Autumn, in a salute to the changing of the season, Mother Nature frees the leaves from the the trees. She does so with great fanfare, blazing our yards, streets and mountains in a glory of color. The fallen leaves then enrich the soil beaneath, a perfect cycle. Well, that is if you let Mother