Monthly Archives: December 2010

I think you are a geek….

Well I have to say if you are here now, you are a Certified Plant Geek. Only those of us who really have it bad….no, wait, that’s not right at all. We don’t have it “bad”, we have it “good”. Where was I? Oh, yeh, you are here at HG’s site checking gardening stuff and it is Late December…..

Here a pinch, there a pinch……

My Fraser Fir was nearly decorated. I had thanked my tree, discovered a bird nest within it, and hung, what some (my husband) might think, too many ornaments on it. I had come to a stopping point, with a dilemma. Years ago I had scored some very vintage real tin icicles at an auction. My

Winter Pot Playtime

As Jack Frost wrapped his cold fingers around my annuals, I could have stared at the wilted, frozen stems with utter disappointment. Instead, I pulled the ‘lemons to lemonade” card. I have a collection of fabulous pots. I got crazy addicted to container gardening a few years ago and went on a pot buying spree.

I am a horticulturist, not a computer geek

So I spent most of the day trying to figure out how to insert pictures next to our listings so you all can really get frothing at the mouth! Our web designer and favorite computer geek, Ed came to the rescue tonight and has taught me how to do it. (Check out my very first entry,