Monthly Archives: February 2011

Twiners and twirlers, clingers and consumers….

There came a point in my backyard garden when it appeared that there was no space left to bring home more plants. You can imagine my dismay and hand-wringing. As I sat on my chemical-free lawn, wiping tears from my eyes (drama! drama!) I realized there was still “up”. Wow what a sigh of relief

Now don’t go all spazz about it!

My first spring fever tremble made itself known yesterday. Since most of my garden is still under snow, I couldn’t go out and get a proper fix. Each day the temperature climbs over 40, the fever gets stoked a little more. The gleam in the eye returns, much like the return of more sunshine each day. The

Flowers by meanings

Flowers are a fun a festive way to show you care. They have been the most popular gift since the 1700's, and there is no sign of this tradition slowing down. Be fresh and innovative when picking out flowers and quickly "petal" your way down our list, to find the flower that is sure to

No, we aren’t expensive.

I have to admit, it kind of “frosts my foliage” when I hear someone say how expensive HG is. Sure, you can go other places and get it cheaper, but I proudly exclaim “You aren’t going to find it better!!” A few points: Most of our staff has been living the “family life of HG”