Monthly Archives: April 2011

Summering in the garden

Monica and I worked all day in the rain yesterday. We totally enjoyed it, we both have great rain gear and we got a bunch of stuff done. I was blissful when my walkie talkie went on strike and had to be put on it’s charger. No noise around me but the sound of raindrops

Spring garden checklist

Essential Tasks to Prepare for Spring Gardening After the winter holiday season, most gardeners start itching to get back out in the yard and start their spring gardens. Unless you live in a mild climate though, chances are your garden is still under snow or too wet and cold to work. As a result, January

Clematis Planting Guide

The thing to remember is you are planting for the future. Your clematis vine is going to remain in this spot for many years, so it is advisable to spend a little time preparing it’s home. The main cause of clematis failure is drought. Be sure to add plenty of composted cow manure to the

Magical seeds

Isn’t it really just so super-cool- tiny little seeds that grow so quickly and also provide food? Really stop and wonder. Wonder like “Wow!” Scratch up some soil and in they go. A few weeks to a few months later it is time to collect the bounty! It is time to get some seeds in the