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Lots of it going around lately. You move in to a new house, and you inherit someone else’s idea of landscaping. Good, bad or ugly. Sometimes really ugly. What if they left their clothes in the closet? Would you feel obligated to wear them? I know ripping out what might seem like perfectly good plants

Praise to the lowly dandelion

In our effort to have “the perfect lawn”, homeowners are applying as many as 10 times more chemicals per acre than farmers do. Weeds are opportunistic. If bare soil areas are present in your lawn, weed seeds will sprout. Solution: Over seed grass in your lawn this autumn. Weeds can also be an indicator of

Yes, I must.

I knew my mom and dad made me weed the vegetable garden much too often when I was a kid. I remember picking wild violets and wild strawberries for my mom to make jams and jellies on mid spring days. I also fondly remember when she sent me to pick apples, cautioning me to pick

Bulbs and braiding

Our poor bulbs. They are soooo last week. We watched in delight as they poked their little noses ever so cautiously from the still-cold earth. The anticipation of seeing their first flowers made our hearts flutter. Then it happened- Spring rushed in and visual overload occurred. Within a matter of days, the mere emerging green tip