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Oh Hoya!

She asked me if we would take it. She didn’t want it anymore, it was too much trouble. I assured her it would have a good home, maybe even my home. She smiled and said she would be back. The elderly lady returned a few days later with her Hoya plant. She apologized due to

Are you talking to me?

The lady I was helping was immediately smitten by one of the Fringetrees in the row. “This one!” she said delightedly. “This is the one that wants to go home with me!” (The tree was watching her come close…”pick me! pick me!…pick me!” it was hoping….) It is interesting how plants speak to us. Being

What are you trying to kill?

“Hey I have this problem with my plant so I sprayed it.” “With what?” “Oh something I had in the shed.” This is a very careless attitude. 1. Identify the pest. You must know the enemy. Knowing what you are trying to control will make you more successful in controlling. 2. Identify your level of