Monthly Archives: July 2011

How I meditate

It has been too hot to be in the garden. I am finding spots early in the morning to grab a few cherry tomatoes from the vegetable garden, horrified at the weed take-over. Half-heartedly I pinch some faded flowers off a few annuals. I water my containers, knowing they are over-due for fertilizer. Symptoms of


No lawn was going to grow in this area. And even if it could, the path down was such that you would really have to muster up some strength to get a lawn mower down and back up. Of course the only option was to not have a lawn. I think her husband nearly fainted

Ahhh to be free……

As I walked up the sidewalk, my eyes scanned her yard. Rounding the corner to where I should see a door, I saw instead a very large and healthy Pieris. It somewhat blocked my way. Ducking to the left, and swooping around to the back of it, I stood at her front door. Ivy was

Horticultural Snobbery

Every day, twice, I drive by this house. Every day, twice, it makes me crazy. No, there are no Pink Flamingos. Not even a Fat Fanny. I want to stop and ask him “WHY?” My husband insists I just keep driving. My husband saw him once on his roof with a power washer. This guy

Yay for weeding!

I love weeding. No, really. I get to go out in my garden, always a plus. I get to be alone. Really a plus + plus. “Honey! Wanna help me weed the garden?” No one ever wants to help. Not the husband, the kids, the neighbors and usually not even your BFF. (Unless perhaps there