Monthly Archives: August 2011

Rainstorms and vacations

Got a bunch of autumn vegetable seeds planted last week. 4 days later 2 ½” of rain! I was all over those carrot seeds, watering them every morning and every night. Yesterday I saw my ‘Watermelon’ radishes, arugula, red lettuce, and escarole seeds have already sprouted! I looked and looked for carrot seedlings. Maybe, just

Confessions of a mad woman

When I told the girls I work with I would be writing this blog, they seemed very eager to help me with my list. I am not sure how I feel about that. I suppose I am a bit of an odd person, but mad? I guess you will draw your own conclusions as you

Carrot Killers

Carrots and I have not been friends. Not that I don’t love carrots, I do. Crunchy, sweet, nutritious. Love the orange color. Love them raw or cooked, al dente, of course. Our friendship has been tested by my inability to grow them. I have endured year after year with no carrot harvesting. I have wiped

My own personal potato famine

I asked my husband to help me gather potatoes. It was finally time to harvest, the foliage was all withered and brown. You would have thought I asked him to dig a 15 foot ditch, 3 feet deep. “All you have to do is hold the bucket.” “Oh, and be careful where you walk! Don’t