Monthly Archives: October 2011

Bloom where you are planted.

I stood in front of the towering beauty with the deepest feeling of awe and envy. “Wow. I remember when you were just a little, open, struggling, disappointing plant,” I said to it. This was the most magnificent Brugmansia (Broog-man-zee-ah) (Angel Trumpet) I had ever had the pleasure to meet. However, it had never been

Dark Sahara vacation anyone?

After enjoying their summer out, cold nights are now breathing down their necks. They sit out each night wondering if you will soon notice it is getting a little bit chilly. Being from Africa, Asia, South America and other tropical regions makes your houseplants unable to live outside through a Pennsylvania winter.

Sit for awhile…

Wandering in, and six steps past a clump of Christmas ferns, I turned right and faced The Tree. No ordinary tree, this Red Oak was huge, an apparent property marker Oak from many years ago. It was quite possibly my favorite spot on earth.

Self serving trickery…

“Wait a dang minute. You want me to do what? When?” “Forcing” is the term used to describe tricking bulbs into flowering earlier than they would in your garden. It is a real handy technique to get a fix when your Spring Fever begins to kick in. And it is super easy.