Monthly Archives: January 2012

(Im)patiently waiting.

Something feels different today. I think I have the beginnings of “The Fever”. I know just where I caught it. I missed a turn yesterday in Camp Hill, and turned onto a side street to circle back around. What I saw reached into my very being, nearly causing me to drive off the road.

My winter pet…a butterfly!

I sat next to her, hand sewing, but highly distracted. Her very presence held me captive. I had received a call at HG. The woman on the other line was hesitant, and slightly frantic. She explained that her husband had been preparing to take out the now-expired Christmas tree. He heard a commotion inside the

Five Dollars and twenty cents

For five dollars and twenty cents I was on a treasure hunt. I headed out my back door into the garden. My first stop: a Bigroot Geranium. The upper foliage on this evergreen perennial was a delightful shade of warm red with light green veins. A quick rub released a unique fragrance. Mmm. I put

A second walk on the wild side

It was all decided on the spur of a moment. Well, more like on a Facebook post. A challenge was posted to one friend from another about a walk in the woods. I chimed in that I wanted in on that. Quick and energy-filled posting back and forth and we were decided. Boyd Big Tree

Two walks on the wild side

I have had the complete luxury of walking in the woods two weekends in a row. The first, on Christmas day, was with my husband. The second, on New Year’s Eve day with two of my dearest friends.