Monthly Archives: May 2013

Guerrilla Gardener

Last week after work I decided I was going to save a tree. It would require stealth and bravery. Oh, and it wasn’t in my garden.

Now what to do?

It is time to watch the bulb foliage slowly die back, while you watch with deep frustration and less patience. Here is the link from the Rambling Manure blog’s archive to clue you in on how to handle the care of your spring flowering bulbs.

Humps, Bumps and Volcanos

Erupting in yards everywhere, a crime against our trees continues to spread. The trees stand, apparently silent, able to only witness without acting. If they could move, they would be kicking and scolding. I speak for the trees.

sloooooow down.

Yep. A super fast day at HG. (Of course because we are THE spring place to be…) Zipping along, it finally edged to quitting time. So what do I want to do? Go home and garden. Of course.