Monthly Archives: March 2014

Make like an ant?

So I found myself ever dismayed at today’s forecast. Rain all day, heavy at times, possibly switching over tonight to….snow??!! I had made a long list of things that would be done today, on Wednesday. Now the list sat on the counter, without a single “done” check.

Let the wailing begin…

We gardeners are starting to venture outside. We can’t be contained any longer. We must go be with our plants. Some discoveries are less than joy full.

Everything changes.

Happily spending time outside today. I have the task of finding where to squeeze in about 2 cords of scavanged firewood for next year’s winter season. A lady down the street said we could have her fallen trees. Her shade garden was now a sun garden. She asked me to help her re-plan in the

Dearest Winter,

Dearest Winter, I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you. I really have been enjoying your company this season. Loving the succession of snowstorms…and two, no wait three polar vortices? How fun it must be to spin like that! I love your overachieving! The last few years you were so….well….luke warm. Glad