Monthly Archives: August 2014

The land of milk and honey!

Yesterday I helped a bumblebee. Poor thing had got caught out in the rain, was soaked and clinging to a Joe-Pye weed bloosom. I stopped and slowly breathed on her, warming her and drying her off. She started twitching a bit and then finally flew off, to my great delight. I wonder what kind of

I heard a butterfly talk!

While visiting a dear friend for her birthday, I admired her huge patch of multicolored Zinnias. A few bright Cosmos also had seeded here. The day was sunny and bright. The temperature perfect. That kind of summer day that all summer days would be compared to.   Not only were the blossoms full on gorgeous,

How to be “old fashioned”

Ha that title is cracking me up....."what's old is new again....." I opened my car and it smelled like a pizza shop. I reached in and removed the flat box that was sitting on my dashboard. Mmmm! That morning I had filled the box with fresh herb clippings from my garden. 100% organic home grown.