A second walk on the wild side

It was all decided on the spur of a moment. Well, more like on a Facebook post. A challenge was posted to one friend from another about a walk in the woods. I chimed in that I wanted in on that. Quick and energy-filled posting back and forth and we were decided. Boyd Big Tree Preserve, just above Harrisburg. New Year’s Eve day, high noon.

The girls had been there before, and loved the place. I couldn’t wait to go exploring with them! We brought picnic supplies, with the intent of spending time near a stream they had discovered at the bottom of a gorge.

Beginning, we quickly came to a spot where the path split off in three places. Such places are considered magical, so we stopped for a minute and just breathed in the air, and felt ourselves being in the woods. Choosing the path to the right, we headed deeper into the woods. Beautiful rocks with splotches of pale green lichens adorned the forest floor. Looking up, I spied a large burl in a tree. The most beautiful wooden bowls are made from these strange growths. Shelf mushrooms were like ornaments on trunks. The sun peeked through, blazing bright spots on the brown fallen leaves.

The path started to descend, and the creek came in to view. Carefully navigating the large rock steps, the sound of the creek made itself known. Dancing, trickling, gurgling. The girls pointed out one of their favorite large stones, saying hello, and we continued down a little further. We laid out a blanket beside the water. This would be the spot.

The sun continued to shine brightly, entering and exiting from behind the clouds, illuminating moss patches, tree barks, stones. The crisp wind picked up, swaying the tree canopies above us. A hawk circled to our left. Behind us on the path, I noticed a growing cairn. Below us, the path mysteriously led deeper into the woods. The sounds were comforting, touching, and slowed our thought pace. The wind delicately touched our faces as it traveled through, swirling its own path through the trees. A family came walking through, and the small boy excitedly showed us the stones he had collected, now in his pockets.

Sipping blueberry wine, munching on tiny toast and brie, arugula salad and sesame green beans while sitting in the woods, with two dear friends. Heavy contented sigh. 🙂

Did I mention Get Out? Really. You need to get out to get in.

~go!~ Erica

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