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How to be “old fashioned”

Ha that title is cracking me up....."what's old is new again....." I opened my car and it smelled like a pizza shop. I reached in and removed the flat box that was sitting on my dashboard. Mmmm! That morning I had filled the box with fresh herb clippings from my garden. 100% organic home grown.


So I have been laying in a bed for a week. Curtains drawn so I can rest. Hernia repair surgery- not laproscopic. Yesterday I was helped outside. I couldn’t have been filled with more joy.

It’s a Bee’s world….Or it is nothing.

Carefully, I walked barefoot across my meadow (other people might call it a “lawn”). My clover was in full bloom and I didn’t want to be distracted by some pretty flower. Stepping on a bee was not how I wanted to start my day.

Let’s get dirty…..

Crumbly, rich, moist and warm to the touch. Yep that’s how I like my dirt. Umm. Soil.

Today in the garden.

They have started to come in already looking for tomato and pepper plants. I wonder if they admire the daffodils in the flower beds. Or the bright burgundy-red shoots of emerging peonies. Or unfolding Japanese maple foliage….


Well the spring energy is now here. I am sure you can feel it, this surge “to do”. I am completely scattered (more than usual!) and can’t seem to focus on any one task (more than usual!).

Make like an ant?

So I found myself ever dismayed at today’s forecast. Rain all day, heavy at times, possibly switching over tonight to….snow??!! I had made a long list of things that would be done today, on Wednesday. Now the list sat on the counter, without a single “done” check.

Let the wailing begin…

We gardeners are starting to venture outside. We can’t be contained any longer. We must go be with our plants. Some discoveries are less than joy full.