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I started my day with great expectations. I had a long to-do list, mostly involving being outside in someway. At the top of the list was making Wild Honeysuckle Jelly. Doesn't that just sound amazing? A FB friend had posted it up a few weeks ago that she made some. I was smitten by the [...]

Only if…..

So I made the most delicious batch of wild violet tea a few days ago. Of course, I am allowed this luxury because I don't put chemicals all over my meadow/lawn to kill plants. If I was using all those nasty herbicides, those sweet violets wouldn't be there for me to joy with. Be-ing deeper, [...]

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DIY Sheep costume

First we calculate how big costume will be. Most patterns come in 2,500, 5,000, 15,000 square feet increments, although smaller and bigger costumes are quite common. An easy calculation of length x width, and subtraction of inner 3 dimensional areas. Strangely this easy math is not commonly addressed, and more costume than necessary is often [...]

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I gotta get out of here

As I was scurrying getting ready to go to work, I was suddenly stopped by the forlorn expression of a plant. My night-blooming Jasmine was not-so-silently looking out the window. I could feel it. Her leaves were turned for optimum sun intake, even as the sun in that particular window wasn't that great. She had [...]

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Under cover

Snuggled into my quilts this morning, I realized it had really been a long time since I blogged. I am dormant. I closed my eyes and imagined what it was like to be a seed right now. Somewhere, nestled in the winter-cold Earth. Autumn's abundance of fallen leaves my blanket. A layer of snow my [...]

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