Flowers by meanings

Flowers are a fun a festive way to show you care. They have been the most popular gift since the 1700’s, and there is no sign of this tradition slowing down. Be fresh and innovative when picking out flowers and quickly “petal” your way down our list, to find the flower that is sure to please your true love or simply send smiles to your best buds.

Flower: Carnations
Admiration, Fascination, Love
Dating back to the time of Greeks and Romans, this delightfully ruffled flower has also been called the “flower of the gods”. With their classic beauty and long-lasting freshness, carnations are a charming choice for your leading lady.

Flower: Gerbera Daisies
Meaning: Beauty, Innocence, Cheer
A smile is sure to bloom when your loved one takes a look at this striking and brilliant flower. An array of vibrant colors will leave a warm and lively impression. The perfect flower to lift spirits or to simply bring joy to someone’s day.

Flower: Orchids
Meaning: Love, Beauty, Luxury, Strength
Reigning from Persia, this exotic and unique flower is not for an ordinary heart. It is rare, delicate and will certainly captivate its recipient. An exceptional pick for those treasured people in your life.

Flower: Tulips
Meaning: Perfect love
Elegant and sophisticated, the tulip is a very romantic flower to give. It is for the woman who enjoys beauty in its simplest form. With so many colors to choose from, it is a chic option during the season of love.

Flower: Iris
Meaning: Hope, Passion, Admiration, Wisdom
Once used to make perfume and to decorate ancient Egyptian palaces, the iris borrows it name from the Greek word for “rainbow”. Irises are stylish for many occasions; express deep sentiments with dark blue, purple, and yellow, or select another color to tenderly say “thinking of you”.

Flower: Lily
Meaning: Innocence, Sweetness, Purity
Lilies have been a popular and deeply symbolic flower of love. Refined and a tasteful, they are a spectacular flower to give and receive. Why not bump it up a notch and select a Stargazer lily? This bold and beautiful hybrid is a true standout with its seductive fragrance and stunning appearance.

Flower: Roses
Meaning: Passion, True love, Romance
Ranking at number one in the romantic flowers department, the rose is so popular that there are 150 types! Its silky petals and subtly sweet aroma make it a celebrity among blossoms. With a wide selection of colors and sizes, say “I love you” this year by thinking out of the box -instead of the usual red blooms, send a bouquet of orange or lavender roses which invoke feelings of passion and enchantment.

Flower: Sunflowers
Meaning: Loyalty, Longevity, Admiration
Send ongoing happy thoughts with this sunny flower! Its bright petals will have your loved one feeling adored all day long-now who doesn’t want that?

Flower: Gardenias
Meaning: Lovely, Secret Love
Gardenias are legendary for their strong, sweet scent and exquisite white petals. Luxurious and graceful, a gardenia bonsai tree is a stunning and matchless gift. Perfectly creative for that fabulous loved one who has everything!

Flower: Forget Me Not
Meaning: True love
Show your affection this season with this small but splendid blue flower. It has been the symbol of lovers’ devotion for centuries. Your heart will speak of your fervent and enduring love.

Personalizing your flowers is a special way to send joy to others. It will show that you gave thought to the recipient and that you appreciate them. Flowers are for women and men alike, so consider who you are sending them to. And remember, you don’t have to choose just one type of flower. Sending a multi-flower bouquet is a practical and loving way to brighten someone’s day!

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