Garden Center

Our expansive garden center has everything you need for a perfect garden

We always keep our garden center fully stocked with in-season goods and plants. Come in and check us out.

We have acres of land filled with beautiful plants, both flowering and evergreen. We also offer bulk mulch for pickup and delivery.

Our door is always open for any questions you might have. The only dumb question is the one not asked, so we encourage you to contact us.

Check out some photos from our garden center, where we feature everything from to soil additives lawn decorations!

Bird Feeders and Seed

Finding lots of birdseed under the feeder? Birds do have eating preferences, and bargain mixes have a birdseed equivalency to brussel sprouts! The birds just keep pushing it around looking for something better to eat. Millet is only a little better, maybe a bowl of tuna cassarole. Now, black oil sunflower seed upgrades to a nice steak. Follow with peanut or raisin suet for dessert equal to chocolate cake!


Our Highland Gardens Premium bird seed mix does not contain fillers and seed hulls like so many bargain brands do. Do not be fooled! The bargain brands can be compared to humans buying potatoes with rocks mixed in the bag. The birds are simply going to flick the fillers and seed hulls out of the feeder the same way we would throw the rocks in the trash.

It is not a bargain if most of the seed is tossed to the ground!

More than 100 bird feeders and houses, squirrel feeders, seed and seed mixes, suet and bird bath heaters.