My leaves aren’t leaving

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Spent such a great afternoon in the garden yesterday. Clipping and chopping, getting ready for winter. I like the neater look, plus it frees up spring chore lists.

Some plants I don’t cut back until spring. Joe Pye Weed, Coneflower, Aster are great seed sources for bird feeding habitat. I used to leave my Liatris too, but then it seeded itself Everywhere the next spring. My ornamental grasses stay up- I so love the sound of the winter wind as it dances with the dried tall foliage. As I tasked this winter prep, I threw the pieces into the lawn. (in my case, I prefer the word “meadow”… enjoy this rant )

As I meditated into my doings, I pondered how many gardeners/people throw their clippings and egads! autumn leaves into egads! trash bags to be taken away. All of my clippings and fallen foliage is run over with my Honda mulching/bagging mower. The resulting rich chopped mixture is redeposited right back into the garden. I don’t even move it to the compost bin. The piles are raked back out. The little pieces will now break down faster, and enrich my soil. It becomes my mulch.

So if you send it “out” then does that mean you are buying more to bring “in”? Instead of consumer cycling, you might try recycling, if you have the luxury of abundant ingredients. Why send your extra “debris” out? My leaves aren’t leaving.

I felt it too on a deeper level. How much of our other “debris” do we send out? What if we had to pile up all the stuff we generate in our own back yards? How big would our piles be? Where does it all go exactly? Deeper still, I pondered how much of our emotional debris we “send out” for someone else to deal with. We should be composting it ourselves.

It’s our stuff, ya know?

Hmmm. Gardening really gets my awareness growing/composting/cycling.



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