No, we aren’t expensive.

I have to admit, it kind of “frosts my foliage” when I hear someone say how expensive HG is. Sure, you can go other places and get it cheaper, but I proudly exclaim “You aren’t going to find it better!!”

A few points:

Most of our staff has been living the “family life of HG” for over 10 years. Some of us have been here forever. No really, it feels that way! 🙂 I am rolling in to my 22 year, my second in command, Monica, 20th year. Larry, our fearless leader/owner, has been doing time since he was…wait for it…8 years old. His daughter, Whitney, experienced her first season in ’10! Carol has been filling area gardener’s pots with lovely flower combos, Ann and Joyce have been telling you to “have a nice day!” as you finish your shopping for 10 years.

Lisa moved into the shade section 3 years ago, determined to make it hers. A few new faces, Erin, Josh and Tristan are learning their plants and how to spoil our gardening customers. Kim and Alyssa also add sparkle as you prepare to go home and get dirty, also each over 3 years. The “carry guys” ice the HG experience. Tommy has been smiling that smile to all he helps for over 8 years now. Taylor started as a young’n, I think when he was 15 coming in after school each day. He was so shy then! Now he too has a winning smile and is so very helpful with those heavy items! If you have had anything delivered, you would have most likely met Jeff, 10 years later, he knows all the short cuts to get you your mulch fast on a Saturday morning! This kind of history together makes for a smooth and cheerful gardening experience. The shopping is part of the gardening. Looking over all the yummy colors, deciding what to take home and knowing you can depend on someone to give you the correct answer instead of a huffy “I don’t know.” We aren’t “seasonal help” that don’t know an Azalea from a Daylily. We have our groove on at HG, and you can feel the difference!

Our plants are taken care of as if they are our children. They are watered properly, primped and pruned as necessary. They come from suppliers that also take care of their plants. We once sent an entire truck load away, refusing to accept less than our standards demand. I am sure that truckload went to another nursery in the area, just one with less quality control. The tree-filled nursery is weeded, restocked regularly. There are signs on the plants telling you about them and how to grow them. These signs are handwritten, carefully worded to ensure your success. They are not “cookie cutter” cards made in another country where they also don’t know their Azalea from a Daylily.

We have opinions. Our knowledge makes us confident to tell you if a plant isn’t going to work. We have the need to know where you will be planting something so we can increase your success. So if we ask you “how big do you want the shrub/tree to get?” “Not too big” isn’t going to work for us. It might work for “them”, and “they” will sell you that “which probably won’t get too big, but who really knows?…..”

We also exclude plants that we think are inferior. You won’t find any Flowering Pears at HG. We carefully monitor what we offer to make sure we send superior plants out into your gardens. Sure, there are some pricey because we like to offer “Geek Plants” to the truly geeked out gardeners. (me, pick me!!) We all know at least a few that have the flourescent green thumbs…. You might wander in and be attracted to a plant that is 3′ tall and costs $250!! Those are the geek plants, and you are just showing your champagne taste! There are lots and lots of great plants, with fabulous prices…

I LOVE when gardeners come in telling me about the sorry looking trees they saw “at that other place”, that looked like they hadn’t been watered in days, and still cost more than HG’s. I LOVE when they tell me they looked around “there” for 1/2 hour and no one even said hello. I especially LOVE when they tell me that are not shopping anywhere else any more. I LOVE when they wander around our nursery because they need an “HG fix”.

We want you to be successful. We want to be part of your gardening experience. We want you to remember what it feels like to have a company appreciate you. We want to spoil you. 

They can choose to be cheaper. We choose to be better.




  1. Josephine M. Rakow, D.O. February 8, 2017 at 1:11 pm

    I and other members of my family have been customers at Highland Gardens since the day Len opened it. We have purchased garden equipment, trees, shrubbery, plants, fertilizer, mulch, gravel and other items and appreciate the services provided and the quality of the merchandise. Congratulations on your 50+ years. You have been an asset to central Pennsylvania and we wish you many, many more years of success.


    Josephine M. Rakow, D.O.

  2. Josephine M. Rakow, D.O. February 8, 2017 at 1:15 pm

    see above-“-one comment”

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