NOTE: All ferns except Woodsia seem to be deer resistant.


pendatum, (Maidenhair Fern, Five-Fingered Fern) Horseshoe fronds which make this the most graceful fern of all. 2-2.5′ Deciduous. Likes Moist, rich, well-drained soil. Can grow in full sun if moisture is adequate. Beautiful!

‘Imbricatum’, small growing with cascading fronds.

 ASPLENIUM trichomanes, (Maidenhair Spleenwort), evergreen fern forming a rosette of black stemmed fronds with small, rounded segments.  Grows 9″ tall. light to deep shade.  Drought tolerant once established.  NATIVE


felix-femina, Fine, lacy fronds. Prefers rich, moist soil. Hardy, easy to grow.

‘Frizelliae’, distinctive deep green fronds resembling necklaces. 12-18”.

‘Victoriae’(European Lady Fern), Known as the “queen of Green”, it is the most spectacular of all fern cultivars! Fronds can reach 2-4’ long and 3-4’ wide. Deciduous, moist soil.

‘Branford Beauty’, gray flecked leaves, red stalks. 2’.

‘Branford Rambler’, has some of the variegation of the painted fern as well as the drought resistance of the lady fern. Non-invasive groundcover to 2’ tall.

‘Ghost’, upright to 2-3’, silvery-gray fronds.

‘Lady in Red’, green with vibrant burgundy stems. 30-36”.

‘Minutissima’, dwarf form of lady fern. Rich-green fronds, grows 6-12″ tall and wide.

niponicum, ‘Pictum’ (Japanese Painted Fern), Silver, red, and green fronds. Very unique! 8-20″ tall. moist soil.

‘Red Beauty’, similar to ‘Pictum’ but with brighter red stems and central veins.

‘Regal Red’, deep red frond interiors with silver edges. 8-12”.


spicant, (Deer Fern), Evergreen, 16-36” long, dark green leathery fronds. Needs acid soil! Part shade-Full shade. Can tolerate sun with adequate moisture. One of our favorites!


punctilobula(Hay-Scented Fern), Beautiful hairy yellow-green fronds. Able to thrive in light shade or open sun and spreads rapidly. Can survive,once established, in fairly dry soil.

DEPARIA pycnosora, (Tapering Glade Fern), yellowish-green fronds quickly form a dense, deciduous groundcover.  Grows 36″ tall.  Light shade-full shade.


(Wood Fern, Shield Fern), moist, rich, well-drained woodland soil.

championii, broad, glossy, dark green fronds are upright and arching, forming medium-sized mounds. Grow 2-3′ tall. Evergreen.

erythrosora(Autumn Fern), Evergreen. This colorful fern is distinguished by its bronze young foliage and the bright red flap that covers the young spores. The fronds are glossy coppery pink and hold that color until they are mature, when they change to glossy green in early summer.

‘Brilliance’, bright orange young fronds hold their color longer thru the season.  18-24″.

intermedia, (Intermediate Wood Fern), 2-3′ long evergreen fronds.  NATIVE

labordei,(Golden Mist Wood Fern), golden-yellow new growth maturing to dark green. 12-24″ tall.

marginalis(Marginal Shield Fern, Leather Wood Fern), 1-2′ dark blue-green fronds. A very attractive and sturdy evergreen plant. moist soil.

x. australis (Dixie Wood Fern), large, upright fern with bright green fronds.  3-4′.

 GYMNOCARPIUM dryopteris ‘Plumosum’, (Plumed Oak Fern), forms a small patch of branching, triangular, bright green fronds.  The tiny leaflets overlapping and ruffled.  Part-full shade.  Moist, rich, woodland soil.


orientalis, (Oriental Ostrich Fern) Native to eastern and southern Asia. 12-18” tall. Beautiful and rare! Damp soil.

struthiopteris(Ostrich Fern), Magnificent! 3-5′ erect fronds form a tall vase shape. neutral or alkaline soil. normally found in heavy, rich, soil, they do very well in rich, light soil.Appreciate constant moisture but, do not require swampy conditions.

 ‘The King’, larger and more heat tolerant than the species, this variety makes a huge, vase-shaped display.  Grows 3-6′ tall!!


sensibilis (Sensitive Fern, Bead Fern), Grows 2-3′ tall. Deciduous. Spreads rapidly by both spores and creeping rhizomes. Needs moist soil.


cinnamomea, (Cinnamon Fern). Deciduous. The fern is named for its bright cinnamon colorored fertile fronds. Very large, upright 2-5′ fronds. Best in wet areas. Can grow in sun or shade.

regalis(Royal Fern), Huge, graceful fronds form massive clumps. Ideal for waterside plantings. Gorgeous fall color. 2-5′ tall. deciduous. moist soil.


scolopendrium, (Hart’s Tongue Fern), evergreen fronds are 1’, bright green, leathery and undivided. Very primitive appearance.


virginianum, (American Wall Fern), evergreen fern that grows in creeping clumps to 10″ tall.  Erect to arching, leathery green fronds.  6-12″ tall.  NATIVE

vulgare, 3-10”, narrowly erect, medium green fronds. Evergreen.

 ‘Bifidio Multifidium’, narrow, divided, leathery, medium to dark green fronds are deeply cut and emerge from creeping rhizomes with brown scales.  12-18″ tall.


acrostichoides(Christmas Fern), Evergreen. Common name comes from the fact that the early settlers of North America used it for Christmas decoration. 1-3′ dark green fronds. native woodland fern. Moist, well-drained rich soil.

braunii, (Braun’s Holly Fern), evergreen. 1-2’ fronds. New growth flushed silver.

polyblepharumTassel Fern. 1-2’ very showy dark glossy green fronds all year.

setiferum, (Soft Shield Fern) ‘Dahlem’, Lance-shaped bi-pinnate fronds that are glossy grass green. Semi-evergreen. 1-2’.

‘Herrenhausen’, densely frilled, 10-12”.

tsussimense, (Korean Rock Fern), 1’ fronds of dark green.


kraussiana, (Krauss’s Spikemoss) ‘Gold Tips’, dense mat ground cover is somewhere between moss and fern in appearance. Gold-tipped new growth, bright yellow-green mature foliage. 2-4”. Part-full shade, moist soil.


decursive-pinnata (Japanese Beech Fern), Clump forming, grows 1-2’ tall with a nice tidy habit. Plants grown in partial sun become a brilliant yellow-green. Shade, rich, moist, slightly acid soil.