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HOSTA: (Funkia), zones 3-9, Outstanding foliage plant for full to partial shade; a very few types will tolerate sun. Best in some shade in a moist soil, they will tolerate some dryness, slugs can be a problem. Dwarf Hostas are marked by the symbol ã

Blue Shades 

‘Abiqua Drinking Gourd’, Blue-green with round, puckered, intensely cupped shaped leaves. White flowers in July. Medium-Large(20”x45”)

‘Big Daddy’, huge, glaucous-blue quilted leaves.  Ice-white flowers on 3′ stems in August.  26″ x 48″

‘Blue Angel’, heavily textured blue leaves 12″ wide x 16″ long!  White flowers on tall stems in August.  One of the largest blue leaf forms.  36″ x 48″.

‘Blue Mouse Ears’, small round gray-green leaves of heavy substance. Lavender flowers. Dwarf.

‘Church Mouse’, miniature clump of blue-green leaves with lavender flowers.  8″.

‘Hadspen Blue’, powdery, steel-blue, rounded leaves.  Light lavender flowers.  14″ x 18″.

‘Halcyon’, spear-shaped blue foliage.  12-24″.

‘Krossa Regal’, 11” long powdery blue leaves turning medium green by mid-summer. Funnel-shaped lavender flowers open on 5-6’ high scapes from late July-mid August. Large(33”x70”)

‘Neptune’, wedge-shaped, blue-green leaves are rippled and cascade downward. Lavender flowers. Large

sieboldiana ‘Elegans’, 15” long deep blue-green, heavily corrugated leaves. Near white flowers on 35” scapes in mid June-early July. Large(28”x60”)

‘Winter Frost’, rippled blue leaves are stiff and have deep veins.  The tip of the leaf has a distinct twist.  Lavender flowers in late summer.  17″ x 36″.

 ‘Wishing Well’, huge, thick, cupped, rippled, corrugated, blue foliage.  Near white flowers.  24″ tallx 26″.

Green Shades

  Dragon’s Eye’, wavy, frosty gray-green leaves.  Leaves are held on purple petioles.  Lavender flowers in late summer.  22″ x 36″.

‘Dreamboat’, unique, 12″ long leaves are cupped and a distinctive shade of green.  Lavender flowers in summer.  22″ x 40″.

‘Empress Wu’, the largest hosta known in the nursery trade! Huge, thick, dark green, deeply veined leaves form a massive, upright clump. Pale redddish-violet flowers. 3-4’x 3-4′.

‘Guacamole’, A sport of ‘Fragrant Bouquet’. Dark green outer rim and avocado flesh green interior. Lavender flowers are produced on 28” scapes.

 ‘Leapin’ Lizard’, green leaves are heavily ruffled, folded and puckered.  Every leaf is a little different resulting in a wild and crazy hosta!  Light purple flowers.  12″ x 30″.

plantaginea (grandiflora) (August Lily, Fragrant Lily), wide, grass green leaves and large, white, extremely fragrant flowers resembling lilies, 2′ x 3′ Large

p. ‘Aphrodite’, Beautiful double white, fragrant flowers. Large glossy heart shaped leaves. Large.

 ‘Plum Nutty’, dark green leaves with attractive rippled margins.  Wedge shaped leaves are very shiny and come to a distinct point.  Lavender flowers on arching scapes in summer.  16″ x 30″.

‘Royal Standard’, vigorous form of H. plantaginea with small white flowers on 2-3’ tall spikes. Large(24-36”)

 Yellow to Gold Shade

‘August Moon’, large rounded seersucker leaves of gold that stay attractive all summer. White flowers with a touch of lavender on 28-32” scapes late July-August. Medium(18-24”).

 ‘Curly Fries’, yellowish-green leaves with frilled, wavy edges.  8-10″.

‘Dancing Queen’, broad, wedge-shaped, bright yellow leaves with a rippled edge.  Lavender flowers in mid-summer.  18″ tallx24″ wide.

‘Fire Island’, brilliant yellow with rippled margins, red petioles darken to chartreuse in summer. Full Shade. Medium

‘Gold Standard’, light green leaves with dark green margins. Lavender flowers on 18″ scapes from late July-Aug. Medium(15-24”)

 Maui Buttercups’, bright gold, 5″, rounded leaves are deeply cupped and corrugated.  Heavy substance.  Violet flowers.  10″x 18″.

‘Sum and Substance’, huge chartreuse-green rounded leaves with thick substance, light lavender flowers, leaves up to 2′ across. Large(33”x80”!!)

Cream to Gold Margins

  ‘Earth Angel’, soft green heart-shaped leaves with creamy yellow margins.  Pale lavender flowers.  28-30″. 

‘Electrocution’, long, medium green leaves with yellow borders that age to white. Leaves are severely twisted as they reach upwards. Lavender flowers in July. Medium

‘First Frost’, blue leaves are edged by creamy-yellow margins but, brighten to creamy white as summer approaches.  Lavender flowers.

Fluctuans 'Variegata'fluctuans ‘Variegata’, a most impressive hosta with large upright vase shape, heavily textured blue and chalky green 2′ leaves with wide creamy margins, pale lavender flowers on 60″ stem in July(AKA:’Sagae’). Large(30”x70”)

 ‘Fragrant Dream’, wavy green leaves with a narrow, cream border.  Large, fragrant, near white flowers.  26″.

‘Frances Williams’, blue green leaves with wide, uneven edging of gold. White flowers. 2.5′. Medium

‘Golden Tiara’, heart-shaped green leaves with a wide gold margin.  Deep lavender flowers.  10-16″.

‘Ivory Coast’, (‘Sagae’ sport), spring foliage is grey-green with yellow margins, aging to ivory margins, blue-green center. Lavender flowers. Large

‘Liberty’, dark green leaves with extra wide, cream yellow margins.  Lavender flowers.  18-24″.

‘Praying Hands’, clump resembles upward facing hands folded in prayer. Small clumps have narrow green crinkled leaves with a narrow creamy yellow border. Small.

‘St. Elmo’s Fire’, soft yellow foliage with narrow cream margins that turn white with streaks jetting inward. Pale lavender flowers. 16″.

 White Margins

 ‘American Halo’, thick, dark blue-green foliage, irregularly margined yellow, turning ivory white.  Strongly veined.  Pale lavender flowers.  22″ x 70″.

 ‘Blue Ivory’, wide, creamy white margins and a blue center in spring.  Margins brighten to white a may develop a green blush while center ages to blue-green.  Lavender flowers.  Medium grower. 

‘ Brentwood Blues’, blue-green leaves and white margins.  Lavender flowers.  12″ x 36″.

‘Diamond Tiara’, creamy white margined form of ‘Golden Tiara’.  Flowers are deep purple with white veining.  Some reblooming.  24″ scapes.  Grows 6-12″ tall.

 ‘Earth Angel’, large, blue-green heart-shaped leaves have a wide, creamy white edge.  Pale lavender flowers in early summer.  26″ x 4-5′.

 ‘Fragrant Dream’, wavy green leaves with narrow creamy white edge.  Large, fragrant white flowers.  18-20″. 

‘Francee’, dark green leaves with white edging. Funnel-shaped lavender flowers are produced on 24” scapes from mid July-August. Medium-Large(21”x45”)

‘Ginko Craig’, dwarf, narrow green leaves, white edging. Bright purple flowers on 24” scapes from early-mid August. Small(12”x33”)

‘Minuteman’, heavy substance.  Dark green centers have a creamy white border that is somewhat cupped.  Pale lavender flowers on 24″ scapes.  12-24″ tall.

‘Patriot’, white edged, green leaf form of ‘Francee’. Lavender flowers in mid-summer. Grows to 24″. Beautiful!! Medium-Large(23”x50”)

‘Regal Splendor’, frosty blue foliage with white margins.  Light lavender flowers.  36″ tall.

‘So Sweet’, medium green leaves with white margins.  Fragrant, white-purple striped flowers.  8″ tall.

Other Variegated Types

 ‘Alligator Alley’, leathery, puckered, heart-shaped to round leaves have wide, blue-green margins with chartreuse to yellow centers.  Near white flowers.  18″.

‘American Hero’, sport of ‘Revolution’. Foliage has wide, dark green margins and a creamy white to pure white center speckled with green. Lavender flowers. 12″.

‘Brother Stephan’, thick, heavily corrugated leaves.  Spring leaves are chartreuse with a blue margin.  Mature leaves are gold with a green margin.  Near white flowers.  20″.

‘Fire and Ice’, sport of ‘Patriot’ .  Pure white centers with very dark green margins.  Heavy substance.  Lavender flowers of white stems.  24″.

 ‘Happy Dayz’, bright yellow centers and blue-green margins.  Lavender flowers.  18″.

 ‘Island Breeze’, wide, green margins contrast with the bright yellow center in spring.  Centers turn chartreuse in shade and light yellow in sun.  Showy red stems.  Lavender flowers. 12″x 28″.

‘Ivory Queen’, majestic mound of cream to near white leaves with broad, long lasting, blue-green margins with a dash of green.  Pale lavender flowers.  12″ x 24″.

‘June’, attractive gold center with pointed leaves and blue-green margin. Heavy subtance. Very distinctive! Light to violet flowers in late July on 16-20″ scapes. Small-Medium(12”x30”)

**NEW** ‘Lakeside Cupcake’, round leaves emerge with blue-green margins and gold centers maturing to blue margins with creamy white centers.  Pale lavender flowers.  5″ tall.

‘Lakeside Paisley Print’, thick, heart-shaped leaves with a very wide, wavy green margin.  Narrow, creamy white markings in the center shoot out in  feather pattern.  Light lavender flowers on cream scapes.  10″.

‘Loyalist’, nearly pure white centers with deep green margins.  12-24″ tall.

**NEW** ‘Moon Split’, heart-shaped lime green leaves with a deeper green center stripe.  Lavender flowers.  12-16″.

 ‘Night Before Christmas’, creamy white centers change to pure white by summer.  Dark green margins on large, pointed leaves.  Pale lavender flowers.  24″ x 3′.

‘Pandora’s Box’, creamy white leaves with slightly blue-green margins.  Purple flowers.  8″ tall.

‘Paradigm’, thick, corrugated, gold leaves with jetting blue green margins.  Variegation intensifies later in the spring.  Light lavender flowers.  20″ x 24″.

‘Paul’s Glory’, a spectacular hosta with gold heart-shaped leaves bordered by a blue-green, streaked margin.  The center fades to white in summer.  Lavender flowers.

‘Pocket Full of Sunshine’, chartreuse to yellow cupped leaves with broad, deep green margins.  Light lavender flowers.  9″.

 ‘Popcorn’, rounded, thick, slightly puckered and cupped leaves.  Creamy yellow with blue margins and lighter green jetting in spring.  Creamy white with blue-green margins in summer.  Pale lavender flowers.  12″.

 ‘Rainbow’s End’, shiny, bright yellow leaves have dark green margins that jet into the center which brightens to creamy white in summer.  Red scapes and dark lavender flowers.  11″.

‘Rainforest Sunrise’, thick gold leaves margined by a green edge.  Pale lavender flowers in early summer.  10″ x 20″.

‘Remember Me’, (‘June’ sport), leaves emerge yellow with dark blue-green jetting margins. Center brightens to cream in summer. Lavender flowers. Medium

‘Revolution’, dark green foliage with a cream center.  Center area has soft green speckles which make this variety very unusual.  Heavy substance.  12-24″.

 ‘Stained Glass’, huge, 10″ long, brilliant gold leaves with wide, dark green margins.  Large, fragrant, pale lavender flowers.  15″.

 ‘Vulcan’, dark green margins and yellow coloring jet toward the center of each broad, heart shaped, white centered leaves.  Light lavender flowers on white scapes.  223″ tall.