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Perennial List A


 caroli-alexandri,  white and lavender-pink flower spikes.  Grows 3′ tall.

hungaricus(longifolius)-Tall spikes of white or pink flushed flower with red-purple bracts in summer. Deeply cut, dark green, thistle-like leaves. 4-5’ tall. Hardy to Zone 5. NICE!!

mollis ‘Hollard’s Gold’, large, glossy, golden-green foliage.  hooded white and gray-plum flower spikes June-Sept.  36″ tall.

spinosissimus, Very handsome, dark green, deeply divided leaves with spiny points. Soft mauve flowers. Zone 6. 4’.


(Yarrow, Sneezewort, Brideflower), zones 3-10, full sun, dry soil

millefolium, ‘Apple Blossom’, compact to 2’. Lilac-pink clusters all summer.

‘Apricot Delight’, eye catching clusters of blooms in pinks, apricots, and reds. Long flowering time. 13”.

‘Oertel’s Rose’, new light pink, 18”.

‘Paprika’, intense red flowers with yellow centers.  18-24″ tall.

 ‘Peachy Seduction’, bright peachy-pink blooms.  24″ tall.

‘Pomegranate’, flowers are the color of pomegranates. Silvery green foliage.  18-24″ tall.

‘Strawberry Seduction’, large, flat flower heads composed of tiny dark red flowers with yellow centers. Compact to 20”.

‘Terracotta’, flowers are the color of terracotta pots! 2-3′.

 ‘Wonderful Wampee’, color varies from a rich pink to an apple blossom blush.  15″ x 15″.

taygetea, ‘Moonshine’, light yellow flowers in midsummer, silver foliage, 2′ x 1.5′

x., ‘Anthea’, silver foliage with yellow flowers. Very heat and drought tolerant!

‘Coronation Gold’, golden yellow flowers on 3’ plants.


(Monkshood), zones 3-8, partial shade and cool, moist soil, ALL MONKSHOOD POISONOUS!!!

carmichaelii’, ‘Arendsii’, 4’. Dark violet flowers Sept-Oct.

‘Cloudy’, large white flowers with brushstrokes of blue. Blooms late summer thru autumn. 18-24” tall.

fischeri, late flowering monkshood that sports thick, leathery stems that allow it to be grown without staking. lavender-blue flowers in early fall. Grows 1-2′.

‘Blue Lagoon’, 12” tall. Dark blue flowers July-August.

henryi, ‘Spark’, intense, dark violet-blue flowers on 4′ stems in summer.

napellus, ‘Rubellum’, spikes of hooded white flowers, blushed with pale pink. 40″.

x. cammarum, ‘Bicolor’, hooded flowers are pale blue with white streaks and lower petals intense blue.  36-48″ tall.

‘Bressingham Spire’, dark violet flowers June-Aug on compact, bushy 24” plants.


calamus, ‘Variegatus’, strongly variegated foliage with creamy white bands. Grows 3’ tall. Great for wetland areas and pond sides.


(Formally Cimicifuga racemosa) , 3-5’. Ivory white flowers. Native.

pachypoda, (Doll’s Eyes, White Baneberry), creamy white flower clusters on 20-30” stalks. Open clusters of poisonous ivory fruits with distinct black “eye” on pinkish flower stalks. Part shade, rich, moist soil.

‘Misty Blue’, blue-green foliage topped by small clusters of white flowers. Showy white fruits(“doll’s eyes”) are borne on red stems in autumn. Grows 2-3′ tall.


lilifolia, fragrant blue bell-like flowers in mid-summer on 2 ½’-3’ stems. Remove spent flower spikes to encourage rebloom. Heat tolerant. Self sows. Average to moist soils.


podagraria‘Variegatum’ (Bishop’s Weed), shade to sun, use as ground cover, 10-15″, light green and white foliage, white flowers, can be invasive, especially if it reverts to the solid green type.


(Hummingbird Mint) Dead head for regular bloom. Butterfly and hummingbird magnet! Sun. Well-drained soil. Drought tolerant..

 cana, (Double Bubble Mint), dark pink, fragrant flowers on tall spikes Aug-Sept.  18-24″ tall x 15″ wide.

 foeniculum, ‘Golden Jubilee’, AAS winner.  Chartreuse serrated foliage with spikes of lavender-blue flowers from mid-summer-autumn.  24-36″. 

x. ‘Black Adder’, smoky violet-blue flowers on 2-3’ spikes July-frost.

‘Blue Fortune’, blue spikes June-Sept. 2-4’.

 ‘Bolero’, tubular rose-purple flowers from mid-summer-autumn.  16″ tall.

**NEW** ‘Mango Tango’, mango-orange flower spikes early summer-autumn.  16-18″.

 ‘Peachie Keen’, peach-apricot flowers summer-autumn.  20-24″.

‘Purple Haze’, Smoky blue-violet flowers June-frost. 2-3’.

‘Red Fortune’(Mexican Hyssop), July-Sept. bloom. Soft carmine-red flower spikes. 18-24”.

  ‘Rosie Posie’, bright rosy-pink flower spikes summer-autumn.  18-22″ tall.

‘Tutti Fruitti’, fruit-punch colored flowers on 4-6’ stems through summer.




pacifica (formerly Chrysanthemum pacificum) bright yellow button-like flowers in Sept-Oct. Light green leaves edged white. 18”. Full sun. Ajuga


ajuga(Bugleweed), Part –full shade. Rich, moist soil.

tenorii‘Chocolate Chip’, intense, violet-blue spikes rise 3” above chocolate hued, small and narrow foliage May-June.

reptans‘Black Scallop’, oversized dark eggplant-purple foliage. Darker in full sun. Blue flowers. 4-6” tall.

‘Burgundy Glow’, foliage pink, white and burgundy.Blue spikes in May.

‘Catlin’s Giant’, tall blue spikes to 12”, huge bronze leaves. Clumping at first, later spreading.

ALCEA (Hollyhocks)  ficifolia, ‘Las Vegas’, mixture of brown, pink, red, white, and yellow shades.  Blooms May-Oct.  5′ tall.

rosea, ‘Chater’s Double Pink’, double pink flowers.  6′ tall

‘Chater’s Double Scarlet’, double scarlet red flowers.  6′ tall

‘Chater’s Double  Violet’, 6′ tall.  Violet flowers.

 ‘Fiesta Time’, double, cerise-pink, fringed flowers.  36″ tall.

 ‘Spring Celebrities Crimson’, semi double to double crimson colored flowers.  36-42″ tall.  ‘Spring Celebrities Formula Mix’, Large, frilly, semi-double to double flowers in a wide array of colors.  3′ tall.

  ‘Spring Celebrities Lemon’, semi-double to double lemon yellow flowers.  36-42″ tall.


(Lady’s Mantle), zones 3-9, partial shade to full sun, yellow-green flowers from June-August, can be used as a ground cover.

erythopoda, 6-8” chartreuse green flowers in late spring. Smaller and greener leaves than A. mollis. Appreciates good drainage.

mollis, Scalloped green leaves covered in soft down. Flowers and foliage good for cutting. 18”x24”.

 ALSTROEMERIA Full sun -Pt. shade very well-drained soil. Mulch in fall for winter protection. Excellent cut flower! Exotic!

‘Sweet Laura’, lightly scented yellow flowers are spotted and brushed mahogany-red.  30″.


ciliata, ‘Georgia Pancake’, needle-like chartreuse-green foliage takes on a golden yellow color in autumn.  Small, pale blue flowers late-spring-early summer.  4-6″ tall.

hubrichtii, pale blue flowers, fine needle-shaped leaves form a 3’ mound that turns yellow in autumn. Great butterfly plant.

‘Blue Ice’, more flowers, longer bloom. 15-18”.

**NEW** tabermaemontana, ‘Grande’, pale blue, star-shaped flowers May-June.  Yellow autumn color.  Grows 12-13″ tall.

**NEW** ‘Storm Cloud’, nearly black, new stems have silver veins on dark green leaves.  Light blue, star-shaped flowers May-June.  24-30″ tall.


depressus, (Mt. Atlas Daisy), 4-6″ mats with closely branched, trailing stems and white flowers with purple backs, in late spring. Great for rock gardens. Full sun.


crispa, striking ruffled and crinkled foliage, with red tinged edges. Single pink flowers in late summer. 20”.

hupehensis  ‘Cinderella’, bright lavender-pink single flowers.  16-18″.

‘Pretty Lady Diana’, single, soft pink flowers with golden centers.  24″ tall.

 ‘Pretty Lady Emily’, semi-double, deep pink flowers.  24″ tall

 ‘Pocahontas’, ruffled double flowers of lavender-pink on a compact plant.  16-18″.

**NEW** ‘Red Riding Hood’, rich magenta-red flowers with bright yellow centers in autumn.  Grows 12-18″x 18-24″.

‘September Charm’, single blooms of silvery pink on 30-36″ tall plants.

x. hybrida, (Japanese Anemone), zones 6-10, partial shade and moist soil, flowers in late summer until frost. Excellent cut flower!

‘Andrea Atkinson’, Pure white single flowers with orange stamens. Very vigorous, up to 3’ tall.

**NEW** ‘Dreaming Swan’, purple buds open to lavender/white flowers with purple undersides.  Blooms late spring thru frost.  22-24″.

‘Honorine Jobert’, pure white flowers, 2-3’.

‘Queen Charlotte’, semi-double pink, 3.5′ x 2′

**NEW** ‘Ruffled Swan’, large, semi-double white flowers with purple undersides.  Blooms Aug-Sept.

‘Serenade’, 40”, with double dark pink flowers in Aug-Sept.

‘Whirlwind’, semi-double white flowers. 3-4’.

 ‘Wild Swan’, huge, 3 1/2″ white flowers with lilac blue bands on the backside.  Blooms late spring-frost.  20″ tall.

sylvestris, “ The ‘Snowdrop” Anemone. Arching stems bear double ivory-white flowers in spring and again in fall. Grows 12-15”.

tomentosa **NEW** ‘Robustissima’, single, light violet-pink flowers.  24-32″.


vulgaris (see Pulsatilla)


gigas, 4-6’. Deep red decorative flowers. Biennial.


parviflora(Pussytoes), flat mats of tiny silver-gray leaves bear pinkish, pussy-toe-like flowers late April-June on 3-4” stems. Full-Pt. Sun. Dry, very well-drained soil.


tinctoria, ‘Charme’, (Dwarf Golden Marguerite), dwarf, compact habit reaching 12-16″ tall. Golden-yellow flowers early summer thru early autumn.

‘Susanna Mitchell’, creamy white with yellow centers. Gray-green fern-like foliage. Grows 15-24”.


(Columbine), zones 3-10, partial shade to full sun and moist soil. Poisonous! alpina, violet-blue flowers. 20”.

canadensis, pendulous red bells which attract hummingbirds, 1-2′. Native.

‘Corbett’, yellow flowers, 18”.

‘Little Lanterns’, short form of our native columbine. Vibrant red flowers with a yellow center. Blooms April-May. 10”

siberica, ‘Biedermeier’, densely clustered bouquets, mixed colors, 12″.

vulgaris ‘Pink Lanterns’, pink with magenta inner petals outlined pale yellow. 12”.

 ‘Winky Blue and White’, blue flowers highlighted with white.  Blue spurs.  15-18″ tall.

**NEW** ‘Winky Double Blue and White’, upward facing, rich blue flowers with white/lavender petal tips.  15-18″.

Winky Double Red and White’, double red and white flowers.  15-18″.

‘Winky Red and White’,  red and white flowers look like candy canes.  15-18″

 ‘Winky Rose’, solid rose-pink flowers.  15-18″.

x hybrida, **NEW** ‘Origami Mixture’, mix of rose, red, blue, and yellow flowers.  Reblooms!  12-18″.

 ARALIA cordata, ‘Sun King’, (Golden Japanese Spikenard), bright golden leaves.  Tiny white flowers give way to purple-black berries in autumn.  3′ tall.  Part shade.

 racemosa,**native** Stately white plumes give way to clusters of black berries in autumn.  Roots are used to make root beer!  Grows 3-5′ tall x 3′ wide.  Part shade-full shade


ringens, spathe is green with white stripes outside and deep purple inside. Very large leaves. 2-3’.

sikokianum – Jack in the Pulpit from Japan. Collectors item. Showy spathe is pure white on the inside, dark purple on the outside. Reddish-orange berries. 20”. ($40.00 per pot)

triphyllum(Jack in the Pulpit), woodland native, unique brown or green flowers full sun-part shade.


(Sandwort) zone 5

montana, white flowers in spring for sunny rock gardens, 4-6″.

verna(See Minuartia Verna)


(Sea Thrift), zones 5-9, full sun, dry soil, evergreen, flowers in spring.

maritima, ‘Rubrifolia’, purplish-red, grassy foliage, 8″ tall with bright, rosy-pink flowers April-May. Rebloomer.

pseudarmeria,  ‘Ballerina Lilac’, globe shaped clusters of bright lilac pink flowers in spring.  8-10″ tall.

‘Ballerina Red’, red flowers June-Sept. 6-8”.


arborescens, ‘Powis Castle’, feathery silver foliage, 3′ x 1.5′

schmidtiana, ‘Silver Mound’, low growing soft silver foliage for full sun, dry soil.

stelleriana, ‘Silver Brocade’, intense silver foliage forms a dense, ground hugging mat.  Beautiful!  12-18″ x 18-24″.


italicum‘Pictum’, striking, glossy, arrow shaped leaves with creamy white veins appear in autumn and remain thru winter, until late spring. As leaves go summer dormant, a pale green spathe unfolds, giving way to large spike of bright orange-red berries. 12-24”, sun-shade, moist, well-drained, organic soil.


aethusifolius, creamy spikes in June over 6″ fern-like foliage, 10-12″.

dioicus(Goatsbeard), zones 4-9, partial shade and moist soil, white flowers in late spring to early summer, 4-7′ x 3′.

 ‘Kneiffii’, finely cut, feathery foliage with cream white plumes June-Aug.  3′ tall.

Aruncus d. 'Misty Lace'‘Misty Lace’, creamy white plumes on red stems in early summer. 18-24”.


(Wild Ginger) canadense, woodland native, aromatic root, zones 4-8, ground cover for shady moist locations, 5″ tiny purple flowers in early spring, heart shape shiny green leaves, 6-8″ -1′

europaeum, (European Ginger), heart shaped evergreen leaves, 5-6″ x 8″-1′.

splendens, Chinese species with large pointed leaves mottled silver. 5-8”.


incarnata, (Swamp Milkweed) ‘Cinderella’, dense clusters of sweetly scented, dark rosy-pink flowers from early summer-fall. Grows 3-5’ tall.

‘Ice Ballet’, 4’. Pure white flowers June-August. Sun. Moist to wet soil. Native.

tuberosa(ButtAsclepias t. 'Gay Butterflies'erfly Weed), zones 3-9, orange flowers July-August, 2′, full sun, well drained soil. EASILY OVERWATERED!! Native.

t. ‘Gay Butterflies’, A mixture of yellow, orange and red flowers on 2’ stems.

t. ‘Hello Yellow’, Brilliant yellow flowers July-August. 2’.

verticillata, NATIVE Sweetly scented white flowers open in midsummer.  Long, needle-like leaves.  Grows 1-2′ tall.  Highly attractive to butterflies and bees!  🙂


(Michaelmas Daisy), zones 4-8, full sun. Native.

divaricatus, NATIVE small white daisy flowers in Sept-Oct.  Grows 18-24″.  Full sun to full shade.

‘Eastern Star’, small  white flowers with yellow centers above deep, dark mahogany stems.  Blooms Sept-Oct.  Grows 18-24″.

dumosus, ‘Wood’s Blue’, rich blue flowers summer-early autumn. 8-12”.

‘Wood’s Pink’, Clear pink flowers. 8-12”.

‘Wood’s Purple’, Light purple flowers over 4-6 weeks in late summer. 8-12”.

ericoides, ‘Snow Flurry’, smothered with small, single white flowers with gold centers in Sept. Only 6” tall!

 KICKIN SERIES: ‘Kickin Carmine Red’, glowing mauve-pink daisies.  18-24″

‘Kickin Lavender’, lavender-blue flowers on 24-36″ tall plants.

‘Kickin Lilac Blue’, lilac-purple flowers on tall, bushy, 24-36″ plants.

‘Kickin Pink Chiffon’, mauve buds open to soft pink daisies.  18-24″.  

laevis, ‘Bluebird’, 3-4’, violet-blue flowers Aug-Oct.

lateriflorus, ‘Lady in Black’, 3-4’ with deep plum-purple foliage and white daisy flowers with raspberry centers Sept.-Oct.

novae-angliae, ‘Purple Dome’, 1 ½” purple daisies on 15-18” stems in Sept.-Oct.

oblongifolius, ‘October Skies’, 18-24”. Lavender-blue flowers in mid autumn.

 x. Blue Autumn’, rich purple daisies with yellow centers.  15-18″.


(Garden Spirea), zones 4-9, partial shade and moist soil, will grow in full sun if soil is moist enough, flowers in early to midsummer.


 ‘Amber Moon’, emerges chartreuse yellow with a tinge of red in spring.  Blush-red stems are topped with rose-pink flowers.  34-38″.

‘Bressingham Beauty’, 36”-40”. Bright salmon-rose.

‘Delft Lace’, 24-36”. Soft apricot plumes, red stems, blue-green foliage.

‘Hennie Graafland’, delicate pink flowers, more upright trusses.

‘Ostrich Plume’, bright pink, open, drooping plumes. 30”. Mid-late season.

‘Peach Blossom’, light pink, 2’, early.

‘Perkeo’, 8-10”. Dark rose. July.

‘Pumila’, dwarf pink flowers, can be used for ground cover, 1′ x 1′.

‘Rheinland’, 24” clear rose.

 Short and Sweet Fireberry’, rich raspberry-pink diamond shaped plumes.  12-16″.

‘Sprite’, pale pink flowers in mid-season, glossy dark green foliage, 10″x 1′.

‘Visions in Pink’, 18” fluffy pale pink

‘Younique Lilac’, fragrant, lavender-pink plumes. 16-20″.

‘Younique Silvery Pink’, fragrant, pale-pink plumes on 16-20″ stems.

REDSAstilbe 'August Light'

‘Burgundy Red’, 18-24”, burgundy-red plumes.

‘Fanal’, early red, 30″

‘Glow’, 18” dark scarlet plumes.

‘Montgomery’, dark magenta-red flowers in midsummer.  20-24″.

‘Red Sentinel’, bright red, 24″, late

‘Visions’, 15”. vibrant raspberry-red. Bronze-green foliage.

‘Visions in Red’, pinkish-red. 15” Midseason.

 ‘Younique Carmine’, Fuchsia-red plumes.  16-20″.


**NEW** ‘Little Vision in Purple’, purple plumes in mid-late summer.  14-16″ tall.

‘Purple Candles’, emerge rich violet-red, then lighten as they age.  42″.


‘Bridal Veil’, feathery white plumes on 18″ stems.

‘Deutschland’, 24-30”, white flowers.

‘Milk and Honey’, creamy white plumes turn light pink as they age.  Foliage is marbled with green and silver when young.  30″ tall.

‘Younique White’, fragrant, ivory-white plumes. 16-20″.


(Rock Cress)  ‘Blue Beauty’, double, blue-violet flowers, late spring-early summer. 4-6″ tall. Great for rock gardens!

‘Double Pink, ruffled, double-pink flowers with a yellow eye bloom in April-May. Grows 4-6″ tall. Excellent for rock gardens!

‘Dr. Mules Variegated’, green leaves with cream edges and pink-purple flowers in spring. Grows 4-6″ tall. Great for rock gardens.

‘Royal Red’, large intense carmine-red blooms in spring. Mat forming, evergreen foliage. Grows 4” tall.


(see Hosta plantaginea)