Perennial List B

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Perennial List B


(see Gypsophila)


australis(Blue False Indigo), zones 3-10, blue-green foliage with dark blue pea-like flowers in early summer, full sun to partial shade, drought resistant, likes acid soil, 3-6′.

sphaerocarpa, ‘Screaming Yellow’, brilliant golden-yellow flower spikes. Dark green foliage. Compact. 2-3’ tall.

**NEW** ‘Blue Towers’, upright, vase shaped variety with deep purple-blue flower spikes on 20″ long stems in late spring.  4-5′ tall

x. ‘Dutch Chocolate’, rich, velvety chocolate purple flowers are held above deep blue-green foliage.  2-3′ tall. 

x. ‘Carolina Moonlight’, pale yellow spikes. 3’.

 ‘Grape Taffy’, reddish-purple flowers with yellow keels.  2-2 1/2′ tall.

‘Indigo Spires’, deep violet purple flowers with a yellow keel.  3-4′ tall

 Lemon Meringue’, upright, vase-shaped mound of blue-green foliage topped with lemon-yellow flowers in late spring-summer.  Grows 3′ tall.

 ‘Pink Truffles’, clear, soft pink blossoms with a yellow keel.  26″-36″.

‘Purple Smoke’, charcoal stems and gray-green foliage with smoky-violet flowers with a purple eye. 4’ tall with as many as 50 blooming stalks on an established plant!! Native.

 ‘Solar Flare Prairieblues’,  lemon yellow flowers mature to orange!  Grows 3-4′ tall.

‘Starlite Prairieblues’, soft blue, pea-like flowers that glow white at the base. 36-48″.

‘Twilite Prarie Blues’, violet-purple flowers with yellow keel. 32”.


(see Penstemon)


(see Monarda)


grandis (Hardy Begonia), pale pink flowers above large, rich green leaves from July-Frost. grows to 2′. Rich moist soil, Part Shade. Slow to emerge in spring. Seeds itself around.

‘Alba’, white flowering form.


(see Campanula)


perennis (English Daisy),**NEW** ‘Galaxy’, mixture of small red, pink, white daisies.  12-15″.

‘Habanera Mix’, large, double, pompom-type flowers in a mix of solid and bi-color white, pink and red shades.  Blooms late spring to mid-summer.  6″. Biennial


cordifolia(Heart Leaved Bergenia) ‘Rotblum’, large, thick, leathery, evergreen leaves.  Red flower spikes in April-May.  Grows 10″ tall.

‘Winter Glow’, aka: ‘Winterglut’, bright green evergreen foliage turns glowing shades of bronze-scarlet in winter.  Rosy-pink blooms in spring.  12-15″ tall.

 crassifolia ‘New Hybrids’, pink flowers March-May. Large green leaves tinted red. 15”.

x. ‘Bressingham Ruby’, rose-red flowers. Handsome evergreen leaves are ruby-bronze in winter, green spring-fall. 12”.


(see Rudbeckia)


(see Dicentra)


striata – (Chinese Ground Orchid) – Produces 6 or more exotic miniature orchid-like flowers resembling the lovely Cattleya Orchid. Lavender-pink, blooms June-July, part shade, 1-2- tall. Moist, highly organic soil.

‘Innocence’, white, to near white flowers with a lavender blush on the lip. 1-2′ tall.


(see Mertensia)


latisquama, ‘Jim Crockett’, 18-24”. Lavender flowers.


Brunnera Macrophyllamacrophylla(Siberian Bugloss), zones 3-10, heart shaped dark green leaves, tiny light blue flowers look like forget-me-nots, bloom in sun and shade, soil should be moist, especially in sun, 1.5′. Seeds around!!

‘Alexander’s Great’, gigantic, dark green, heavily silvered leaves.  Blue flowers in spring.  10-12″ tall.

‘Jack Frost’, Frosty silvery overlay and light green veins in leaves. Blue spring flowers. 12-15”tall.

‘Looking Glass’, solid silver foliage, 12-15” tall. Tiny wedgewood-blue flowers in spring.