Perennial List C

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Perennial List C

 CACALIA hastata L. ssp. tanakae, strong, erect stems reach 6-8′ tall in bloom.  Small, soft white, bottlebrush flowers bloom mid-season.  Gorgeous variegated foliage!  Full sun-Pt. shade. RARE!


(see Opuntia and Coryphantha)


grandiflora, ‘Variegata’, leaves splashed soft green and cream. Short rose-pink flower spikes. Trim hard after flowering to keep tidy. 12-18” x 18-24”.

nepeta  ‘White Cloud’, compact form to 18”. Multitude of tiny white, 2-lipped flowers in summer. Fragrant foliage. Must have well-drained soil. Full sun-Pt. shade. Great along pathways.

CALTHA palustris,(Marsh Marigold), large, bright yellow flowers in early spring.  12-24″ NATIVE  Full Sun.


serrulatus(Yellow Sundrops) ‘Prarie Lode’, butter-yellow cup shaped flowers on a 6” spreading ground cover sub-shrub. Flowers all summer. Native. Sun, dry rock garden or well-drained soil. Shear to 2” each late spring. Excellent with Penstemon!!


(Bellflower), zones 6-10, some hardy to zone 3, full sun to partial shade, well-drained, neutral soil, tall types excellent cut flowers!

‘Bumblebee’, loose mounds of glossy green, toothed foliage. Masses of small, upright, blue bell flowers in summer. Grows 4″ tall. Great for rock gardens!

carpatica (Carpathian Bellflower), **NEW** ‘Rapido Blue’, 2″ bright blue flowers in spring and summer.  Grows 6-8″ x 18-24″.

cochleariifolia, (Fairy Thimble), ‘Bavaria Blue’, Dark blue form. Flowers June-Aug. 4”.

‘Elizabeth Oliver’, pale violet, double blooms July-Sept. 4”.

glomerata var. acaulis(Clustered Bellflower), dense clusters of purple-blue flowers in late spring-summer, 1′ x 1.5-2′

‘Superba’, violet blue flowers on 3’ stems. L

portenschlagiana‘Birch Hybrid’, Strong growing dwarf with long blooming period. Pale blue bells June-Sept. 6-8”.

poscharskyana, 4-6” fast growing ground cover. Light lavender-blue flowers in May-June. Drought resistant.

‘Blue Waterfall’, low mounds of light green foliage covered with dark blue bell-shaped flowers in summer with some repeat bloom in fall. Low growing cascading habit to 8-10”x 24”.

rotundifolia, (Scotch Blue Bell) ‘Olympica’, 10-12”, sky-blue bells all summer long. Native.

x. ‘Kent Belle’, large violet-blue bells. 2’.


(see Iberis)


(see Dianthus)


caerulea(Cupid’s Dart), zones 4-10, full sun, well-drained soil, blue daisies in summer through early fall, 2′, Great cut flower!!


(Bachelor’s Buttons), zones 3-9, full sun, well drained soil.

montana (Mountain Bluets, Perennial Cornflower), zones 4-10, bright blue flowers in early summer through early fall if not allowed to seed, 1-2′.  ‘Amethyst Dream’, rich, amethyst-purple flowers.  12-24″ tall

 ‘Amethyst in Snow’, white petals with deep royal purple centers.  12-24″ tall.

Centranthus Ruber 'Coccineus'‘Black Sprite’, striking, purplish-black flowers bloom July-Aug on 14″ plants.


ruber ‘Coccineus’, (Red Valerian, Jupiter’s Beard), zones 4-10, carmine-rose tubular flowers in late spring through early fall if not allowed to seed, 1.5-3′


tomentosum (Snow in Summer), zones 3-10, creeper with gray foliage and star-like white flowers in late May early June, needs full sun and good drainage, spreads rapidly, 6-12″


plumbaginoides (Leadwort, Plumbago) zones 5-10 low spreading plant for full sun to part shade, deep true blue flowers in late summer through fall, needs good drainage, likes lots of organic matter in the soil, good ground cover, foliage turns bright red in fall, 1′.


(Turtlehead), moist soil, partial shade to full sun. Native. Good cut flower. glabra, food source for the caterpillar of the Baltimore Checkerspot butterfly. White blooms with a pink tinge Aug-Sept. 2-3’. Medium-wet soil.

lyonii, ‘Hot Lips’, Bronze-green foliage turning bright deep green topped with rose colored flowers in Aug-Sept. Grows 2-3′.

‘Tiny Tortuga’, dark pink flowers on compact 10-16″ tall plants in Aug-Sept.


C. coccineum: Tanacetum (Painted Daisy)

C. maximum: Leucanthemum (Shasta Daisy)

C. pacificum: Ajania pacifica

C. parthenium: Tanacetum parthenium (Feverfew)

C. nipponicum: Nipponanthemum


x. morifolium, ‘Sheffield’, 3’ bushes of single pale flesh pink in Oct. Very old fashioned type.

x. rubellum, ‘Clara Curtis’, 18-24” stems bear pink daisies from Aug-Oct.


v. ‘Pierre’, long blooming. Yellow daisies in spring. 6”.


(Bugbane), zones 3-9, partial shade to full sun, well-drained, moist soil with plenty of humus.

ramosa‘Brunette’, An even darker form, with black-purple leaves and fragrant pale pink flowers. Beautiful! Grows to 5-7’.

‘Hillside Black Beauty’, Striking dark purplish-black foliage. Fragrant foot long bottle brush flowers open white on 4-7’ stems in fall.

x. ‘Chocoholic’, purple-black foliage on compact, 2-3′ plants. Fragrant bottlebrush flowers open mauve-pink, then lighten to white.

racemosa, (is now Genus ACTAEA)

simplex, ‘White Pearl’, creamy-white flowers on 3-4’ plants.


(see also Vines)

heracleifolia, 4-5′ woody bushes bearing reflexing deep blue to purple flowers from summer to frost, nonclimbing, Prune hard.

 recta,( Bush Clematis),  ‘Serious Black’, dark purple new foliage matures to olive green.  Ivory colored flowers in May-June followed by silvery seed heads.  Grows 6′ tall.  Rare!!


(see Aquilegia)


(see Rudbeckia, Echinacea)


majalis (Lily of the Valley), full shade to partial shade, fragrant white flowers in late spring, pale orange to red berries follow, both rootstock and berries are poisonous, good ground cover, especially in soil with a lot of humus, invasive, 8″ x 1′

‘Bordeaux’, larger white flowers, more flowers per stem, taller variety to 6-8”.

‘Rosea’, pink form.


(see Heuchera)


(Tickseed), full sun, medium to dry soil. Dead head regularly.

auriculata ‘Nana’, 6-8” dwarf. Golden-yellow flowers in late spring. Great groundcover!

grandiflora, ‘Early Sunrise’, golden-yellow, semi double flowers. 18”.

‘Golden Sphere’, 2-3″, fully double gold flowers.  Looks like a large marigold!  10-12″.

 ‘Sunfire’, single bright gold flowers with a deep red blotch.  18-24″.

rosea, ‘American Dream’, 12-15″ rose-pink flowers all summer. Makes a good groundcover for dry slopes.

r. ‘Sweet Dreams’, white petals with raspberry base around a yellow center. Blooms June-Sept. 18-24”.

verticillata, (Thread Leaf Coreopsis), feathery green foliage, drought resistant

‘Crème Brulee’, soft yellow flowers. Threadleaf foliage, blooms all summer into autumn. 16-20”x 30”. Very hardy.

**NEW** ‘Firefly’, yellow and red bi-colored flowers all summer-autumn.  Grows 10″ tall.

**NEW** ‘Little Bird’, golden-yellow flowers bloom early summer thru frost.  Grows 12-14″ tall.

v. ‘Moonbeam’, wiry herbaceous bushes reaching 15-18″ with pale lemon yellow flowers from June-Frost. 1992 Perennial Plant of the Year!

‘Red Satin’, deep wine-red to ruby-red flowers with orange centers.  12-15″.

v. ‘Zagreb’, compact form with neon yellow flowers. 12”.

‘Jethro Tull’, cross between C. ‘Zamphir’ and C. ‘Early Sunrise’. Bright gold-yellow flowers with fluted petals. Compact to 18”.

‘Route 66’, large, 2″ yellow flowers with a blood-red eye. In autumn, the red pigment bleeds out onto the petal, becoming the dominant color. 24-28″. Stunning!

 ‘Berry Chiffon’, creamy white flowers with a raspberry eye.  15-18″ tall.

‘Cosmic Evolution’, 3″ flowers are almost solid white in summer, but are flushed with varying shades of red-violet with darker eyes and petal edges as the nights become cooler in autumn. 18-30″ tall.

‘Cosmic Eye’, from the ‘Big Bang’ series. Yellow flowers with a wide, dark burgundy banding, surrounding the yellow center. The burgundy lightens towards the outer edge of the banding. 20″ tall.

 ‘Creme Caramel’, salmon-orange flowers all summer.  15-18″.

 ‘Dahl Baby’, dwarf form of the popular ‘Jethro Tull’.  Golden-yellow, fluted petals surround a golden center.  12-14″ tall. 

 ‘Daybreak’, deep red daisies with bright gold petal tips and eyes.  10-12″.

‘Enchanted Eve’, large, golden yellow flowers have contrasting dark red ring around gold centers.  8-10″ tall.

x. ‘Full Moon’, huge, 3” canary-yellow flowers June-Sept. 24-30”.

 ‘Mercury Rising’, gorgeous, velvety magenta flowers, occasionally frosted with white.  Grows 15-18″.

 ‘Radioactive’, cherry red flowers brushed with orange blooming June-Oct.  18″.

‘Red Elf’, small, vivid red flowers in May-Oct.  8-10″.

**NEW** ‘Red Chiffon’, yellow flowers with a vibrant red eye.  Grows 15-18″ tall.

x. ‘Red Shift’, flowers have a deep red center that lighten to cream with red streaking toward the outer tips. 30-36”. Blooms June-Sept. Unique!

x. ‘Sienna Sunset’, rich shade of burnt sienna June-Oct. 16-20”.

 SIZZLE AND SPICE SERIES: ‘Crazy Cayenne’, electric-orange red flowers in summer.  15-18″

‘Curry Up’, bright gold flowers with large red eyezones.  15-18″

‘Hot Paprika’, deep red flowers all summer.  15-18″.

‘Star Cluster’, white flowers with a burgundy eye at the base of each petal. Color is more predominant in autumn. Grows 24-30″ tall.

**NEW** ‘Zesty Zinger’, burgundy-red flowers fade to pink/white near the edges of the petals.  Grows 15-18″ tall.

x. ‘Tequila Sunrise’, yellow and green variegated foliage. Yellow flowers with a red eye June-Sept. 16”.


(Yellow Bleeding Heart), hardy to zone 3, part shade, moist soil, will do dry shade. Easily overwatered!

lutea, yellow flowers somewhat resembling bleeding hearts, lacy, blue-green foliage, 12-15”, self seeds.


minor(Brass Buttons), flat 1″ mats of miniature, ferny foliage with little yellow button flowers in summer. Rare! Great rock garden plant! Full sun.

CRAMBE maritima (Sea Kale), eye catching, large ruffled, leathery, blue-green foliage.    Honey scented white flowers in early-midsummer.  EDIBLE!  Young leaves can be eaten raw or cooked like spinach.  Grows 24-36″.  Full sun, drought tolerant.


‘Emily McKenzie’, zones 6-10, iris-like foliage and yellow tube shaped flowers with red center in late summer, full sun, hummingbirds enjoy them, 24-30″.

Crocosmia 'Lucifer'‘Lucifer’, bright red tube shaped flowers, 36-42″

‘Norwich Canary’, 24-30” stems bear canary yellow flowers in Aug-Sept.


CyclamenCyclamen Hederifoliumhederifolium, hardy corms which show mats of brightly marbled foliage in winter and early spring, white or pink flowers in late summer and autumn, need winter protection, dormant throughout spring and summer, full shade.


aequitriloba, (Pennywort), 1/2″, tiny ivy-shaped leaves and purple-pink flowers with yellow throats in summer. Grows 4″ tall. Great rock garden plant for shade!