Perennial List D

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Perennial List D


(see Leucanthemum)


(see Hemerocallis)


ashtonii, tiny ice plant with green tubular leaves. Bright pink flowers.

cooperi, hardy succulent with deep rose pink flowers, 4″

dyeri ‘Firespinner’, striking orange on the petal edges and red-pink towards the center.  Grows 2-3″ tall.

‘Red Mountain’, pinkish-red flowers with creamy white centers.  Grows 4″ tall.

floribundum, ‘Starburst’, this clumping ice plant produces a dome of bright pink flowers with eye-catching white centers. The texture of the petals is shimmering, almost like metal. Blooms June-fall. Grows 4-6″x 10″.

nubigenum, ‘Basutoland’, bright yellow flowers, succulent lime-green foliage. Grows 1-2”.

‘Mesa Verde’, iridescent salmon-pink flowers May-Sept. Well-drained, sandy soil. 2-4” tall.

 Jewel of the Desert Series: 4-6″ tall.  Blooms May-Oct

‘Garnet’, hot pink and white flowers with yellow centers

‘Moonstone’, white flowers with yellow centers

‘Peridot’, yellow and white flowers with butter yellow centers

‘Rosequartz’, lavender pink and white flowers with yellow centers.

‘Desert Ruby’, rose-pink and white flowers with yellow centers.

‘Desert Topaz’, orange and white flowers with yellow centers.

 Wheels of Wonder Series: blooms spring-frost

‘Fire Wonder’, fiery red petals with glowing yellow centers.  6-8″

‘Golden Wonder’, Huge, bright golden-yellow flowers with white centers.  6-8″

‘Hot Pink’ Wonder’, electric hot pink flowers with yellow-white centers.  6-8″

‘Orange Wonder’, creamsicle orange flowers with bright yellow centers.  6-8″.

‘Violet Wonder’, purple flowers with white centers.  6-8″.


zones 3-10, full sun to afternoon shade, rich soil, best results achieved by staking, regular feeding. POISONOUS IF EATEN. Although perennial, crown rot in winter often causes it to be annual.

elatum, ‘Astolat’, lilac-pink to deep raspberry-rose with black bees.  5-6′ tall.

‘Black Knight’, deep midnight violet-blue flowers.  5-6′ tall

”Blue Bird’, clear, medium blue flowers with white bees.  5-6′ tall.

‘Galahad’, clear white flowers.  6-7′ tall

‘Guinevere’, pink-lavender flowers with white bees.  6-7′ tall

‘King Arthur’, royal violet flowers with white bees.  6-7′ tall.

grandiflorum, ‘Blue Mirror’, single electric-blue flowers in June.  12-18″ tall.

‘Diamonds Blue’, stunning, caerulean blue flowers on 16-24″ plants in early spring.

‘Summer Skies’, light to medium blue with white bees.

MAGIC SERIES: No staking required for this shorter series!

‘Magic Dark Blue’, dark blue with white bee. 30-36”.

Magic Fountain Sky Blue’, sky-blue with white bee. 24-36”.


(See Chrysanthemum)

x. grandiflorum ‘Sheffield’ = Chrysanthemum x. morifolium ‘Sheffield’

zawadskii ‘Clara Curtis’ = Chrysanthemum x. rubellum ‘Clara Curtis’


(Pinks, Carnations, Cloves), full sun, medium to dry soil, with a little lime, spring blooming.(Border Pinks)

arenarius, ‘Snow Flurry’, dense mounds of grass-like green foliage are covered by white fringed flowers in June-July. Grows 8″ tall.

barbatus(Sweet William), biennial, fragrant flowers in early summer in red, pink or white, some bi-colored, good cut, self seeds vigorously, rich-moist well-drained soil.


‘Purple’, true purple flowers.  8-10″ tall

‘Purple Bi-color’, deeper purple center with lighter edges.  8-10″

‘Red’, bright red flowers.  8-10″.

‘Red Picotee’, red centers with white edges.  8-10″.

‘Homeland’, dark red flowers with white centers.  10-12″.

deltoides,  ‘Flashing Light’, electric red flowers mid-spring-early summer.  8-12″.

EVERLAST SERIES:**NEW** ‘Everlast Lavender Lace’, fragrant, single, raspberry-red flowers with speckles and edges painted lavender-pink.  Blooms spring and autumn.  8-12″ tall.

‘Everlast Orchid’, bright orchid-pink flowers bloom continously on 8-12″ plants.

‘Everlast White Eye’, white flowers with a slight pink eye bloom continuosly on 8-12″ plants.

gratianopolitanus, ‘Bath’s Pink’, beautiful low growing mat of silvery blue foliage with single soft pink fringed flowers in June. Grows 6-8”.

‘Firewitch’, Long growing single bright magenta flowers. Deep blue foliage. 8″.

‘Tiny Rubies’ (Cheddar Pink), dense mounds of evergreen, blue-gray foliage with double pink flowers on 4″ stems.

Star Series: all fragrant!(Clove scented) ‘Arctic Star’, lightly fragrant, double clear white flowers May-Sept. 10”.

‘Eastern Star’, ruby pink petals accented with dark maroon centers. 10”.

Neon Star’, magenta flowers. 8”.

‘Peppermint Star’, light pink flowers with darker pink in center. Picotee edges in white. 6-8″ tall.

 ‘Shooting Star’, blue foliage covered with bright pink flowers with faint red eyes.  10-12″.

‘Starlette’, radiant pink double flowers have a deep raspberry pink eye. 8″ tall.

x. ‘Frosty Fire’, bright magenta-red flowers in spring.  6-8″.

x.  ‘Sugar Plum’, semi-double, frilly, maroon-pink and white flowers. 8-12″.


(Bleeding Heart), zones 3-10, partial to full shade, moist, well-drained soil (does not survive in wet soil!)

eximia, fringed leaves, heart-shaped pink flowers, May-June, 15″. Native.

‘Aurora’, 12-15”. Blue-green foliage. White flowers May-Sept.

 ‘Fire Island’, magenta-red flowers.  More vigorous and disease resistant and earlier flowering.  12-15″.

‘King of Hearts’. Finely cut, soft grayish-green foliage and rosy-pink heart shaped flowers. Blooms all summer! 12-15”

‘Luxuriant’ (Fringed Bleeding Heart), grey-green foliage, pink to red flowers beginning in spring and flowering all summer, 1-1.5′ x 1-1.5′

spectabilis, pink hearts in spring, foliage dies in midsummer, 2-3′ x 1.5′(Old Fashioned Bleeding Heart)

‘Alba’, all white flowers

‘Gold Heart’, brilliant gold foliage, pink hearts. 3’.

Valentine’, rich red, heart shaped flowers on burgundy stems in mid-late spring.  Grows 24-30″ tall.


Dictamnus Albus 'Purpureus'alba (Gas Plant, Burning Bush, Dittany, Fraxinella), zones 2-9, vertical stems of pink or white flowers in late spring into summer, and dark green, lemony scented foliage, full sun, seeds are poisonous, 2-3′ x 2.5′

albus‘Albiflorus’, white flowers. 32”.

‘Purpureus’, light pink flowers.  24-36″.


(Foxglove), partial shade to full sun, biennial and perennial forms, well-drained, moist soil, enriched with organic matter, HIGHLY POISONOUS!, all flower in late spring into summer with long stems of bell-like flowers.

Digitalis Ferrugineaferruginea, (Rusty Foxglove), yellow to yellow red flowers. 3-4’. Mine has proven to be both perennial (at least 6 years in my garden, and seeds itself around at a pretty good pace!)

‘Yellow Herold’, large pure yellow flowers. 3-4’ tall.

lanata, cream gloves. 3-4’.

x mertonensis, tetraploid hybrid which comes true from seed, strawberry pink flowers, prefers partial shade, perennial zones 5-10, 2-3′ x 1-1.5′

purpurea,  ‘Camelot Cream’, creamy white bells with maroon-purple spots on the inside.  36-48″.

‘Dalmation F1 White’, white flowers 24”.

‘Dalmation F1 Purple’, deep purple, downward facing flowers are spotted on the inside.  24″ tall.

‘Foxy’, 2’ hybrid mix with huge gloves in many colors. Biennial.

‘Giant Shirley’, huge, bell-shaped flowers in reds, whites, and pinks. 3-5’ tall. Blooms late April-Mid June. Biennia.

‘Pam’s Choice’, white bell-shaped flowers heavily speckled maroon-purple.  3-4′. Biennial.

thapsi, pink bell-shaped flowers on 2’ plants in early summer.


Disporopsis Bill Bakers Form(Fairy Bells), best in bright open shade to ½ day of sun. Avoid hot afternoon sun. ‘Night Heron’ will need some sun to retain color, and not be floppy. Well-drained, fertile, humus rich soil. Evergreen, but ratty by late Feb. Cut back to ground late Feb.

sessile  ‘Golden Geisha’, golden chartreuse foliage.  Grows 18-24″ tall.

‘Variegatum’, lance shaped green and white striped leaves with pale green and white bell flowers. 8-16”. Cool, damp, shady spot.

 viridescens, nodding, white flowers bloom May-June.  20″ tall.


meadia ‘Album’ (Shooting Star) NATIVE. Delicate white flowers “shoot up from flat growing leaves. Spring ephemeral, blooming early spring, then goes dormant thru the rest of the year. Plant close to Hosta or other late rising perennials to share space.

DORONICUM orientale, (Leopard’s Bane),  ‘Little Leo’, 3-4″ golden-yellow daisies on glossy green, scalloped foliage.  Grows 10-12″.  Part-full shade.  Attracts Butterflies!