Perennial List E

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Perennial List E


pallida, pale purple coneflower has narrow, downward arching petals on 3-4’ stems all summer. Extremely graceful and long-lived if planted in rich, dry soil.

paradoxa, Striking and different with yellow petals. Grows 2-4’ tall. Native.

purpurea(Purple Coneflower, large daisy-like flowers up to 6″ in summer, good for cutting, prefers full sun, will tolerate a little shade, low maintenance. Native. Attracts butterflies and finches. ‘After Midnight’, fragrant, dark magenta-purple flowers with black-red cone. Black stems. Blue-green foliage. 12”. Blooms in summer.

‘Baby White Swan’, compact version of ‘White Swan’, White flowers on 20″ tall plants.

‘Bright Star’, 3-4’. Rose pink flowers.

 ‘Butterfly Kisses’, fragrant, bright lavender-pink pom-pom flowers with lighter ray petals.  14-16″. 

 ‘Cheyenne Spirit’, mix of purple, pink, scarlet, yellow, cream, or white flowers.  18-24″ tall.

‘Coconut Lime’, double white flowers with a hint of light green. Blooms July-Sept. 28-30”.

‘Doubledecker’, two tiered, rose-pink coneflower. A short set of petals emerge from top of cone. 40”.

 DOUBLE SCOOP SERIES: ‘Double Scoop Bubblegum’, pure pink double blooms. 28″.

‘Double Scoop Cranberry’, large, double, cranberry-red flowers.  24″ tall.

‘Double Scoop Lemon Cream’, pastel yellow flowers.  26-30″.

 ‘Double Scoop Mandarin’, fully double, mandarin-orange colored flowers.  22-24″.

‘Double Scoop Orangeberry’, raspberry-orange, double flowers.  28-30″.

‘Double Scoop Raspberry’, intense, raspberry-rose, double flowers.  28-30″.

‘Flame Thrower’, two-toned orange and yellow-orange flowers. 36″ tall.

‘Green Jewel’, single, light green rays, large dark green cone. Abundant bloomer. 3-5” flowers. 20-24” tall.

 ‘Happy Star’, 3″, clean white flowers July-Sept.  Grows 24-36″ tall.

‘Hot Summer’, 3″ flowers emerge yellow-orange, darkening to an intense red with maturity. Grows 36″.

‘Kim’s Knee High’, Clear pink, drooping flexed flower petals. Dwarf to 18-24”.

**NEW** ‘Kismet Intense Orange’, bright orange flowers on compact, 16-18″ plants all summer.

**NEW** ‘Kismet Raspberry’, raspberry-pink flowers on 16-18″ plants all summer.

‘Magnus’, deep rose, non-drooping petals. Grows 2-3′ tall.

‘Milkshake’, french vanilla colored, double pom-pom flowers with falling rays.  30″.

‘Now Cheesier’, deep golden yellow blooms.  24″ tall.

‘Orange Meadowbright’ AKA: ‘Art’s Pride’ , 30-36”, fragrant tangerine-orange flowers.

‘Pica Bella’, thin pink petals that look like pink rays surrounding the orange-brown cone. 3’ tall.

‘Pow Wow Wild Berry’, deep rose-purple flowers. Blooms all summer without deadheading! Grows 16-24″ tall.

**NEW** ‘Pow Wow White’, white flowers with yellow centers.  16-24″ tall.

 ‘Prairie Splendor’, soft pink lavender daisies.  20-24″.

**NEW** ‘Purple Emperor’, large, bright magenta-pink flowers with deep burgundy cones.  15-18″.

‘Ruby Star’(Rubinstern), dark carmine-red flowers with dark brownish heart are borne on 2 ½ -3’ stems in July-August.

SOMBRERO SERIES: **NEW** ‘Sombrero Adobe’, pumpkin-orange daisies on 20-26″ plants.

**NEW**‘Baja Burgundy’, rich burgundy flowers.  18-24″ tall.

**NEW** ‘Sombrero Blanco’, white flowers with a brown cone.  18-24″.

‘Sombrero Flamenco’, rich, deep orange flowers.  24-26″.

 Sombrero Hot Coral’, bright coral flowers in June-Aug.  22-24″ tall.

‘Sombrero Lemon Yellow’, bright lemon-yellow flowers.  22-24″ tall. 

 ‘Sombrero Salsa’, bright red daisy flowers over bright green foliage.  18-24″.

 ‘Sombrero Salsa Red’, rich red blooms June-Aug.  22-24″ tall.

‘Sundown’ AKA: ‘Evan Saul’, 4-5” salmon-orange coneflowers July-Sept. 30” tall.

‘Sunrise’, moonbeam-yellow petals. Cone starts green and turns gold. Scented. 30-36”. Yummy!!

‘Tiki Torch’, 4 ½” vivid orange flowers July-Sept. 36”.

 ‘Tomato Soup’, rich, tomato-red flowers.  32-36″ tall.

‘Virgin’, large, fragEchinacea Tenneessensisrant, white flowers with overlapping petals. 2’.

‘White Swan’,White flowers with a coppery cone 2 1/2 to 3′

tennesseenis, Cheerful, bright pink 3-3 ½” flowers with uplifted petals. Blooms all summer into early fall. Grows 24-30”. Native.

‘Rocky Top’, one of Erica’s favorites! Slightly upturned deep pink petals, with widely spaced, thin rays. 24-30”.

x. ‘Pixie Meadowbright’, lots of upward facing soft-pink flowers in summer. 24-30”. E. tennesseensis hybrid.

ECHINOPS (Globe Thistle) ,bannaticus, ‘Blue Glow’, Intense blue flower globes on 3′ tall plants.  Full sun.  Sterile.  Butterflies love it! Customers tend to shy away from any plant with the word ‘Thistle” in the title……

ritro, ‘Taplow Blue’,  stunning violet-blue globes with silver tips.  Blooms July-Sept.  Grows 36″ tall.  Sterile.  Butterflies love this plant however, it gets a bad rap for being a “Thistle”.


(see Leontopodium)


(see Bellis)


(Barrenwort), partial to full shade, flowers in early spring, good ground cover, prefers moist, rich soil, but will grow in dry shade, 6″-1′.

EpimediumEpimediumdiphyllum, ‘Nanum’, a lovely 4-8” petite woodland groundcover. Dainty, spurless white flowers dance above leathery-green foliage in mid-late spring. The foliage matures to a bronze chestnut-pink. Evergreen. Clumping.

grandiflorum(macranthum), ‘Lilafee’, 12-15” with large lilac-purple flowers in spring. Deciduous. Clumping.

 ‘Pierre’s Purple’, large purple flowers April-May.  15-18″.

 ‘Sirius’, large white flowers flushed with pale pink in May.  Small, heart-shaped green foliage.  7-12″.

 ‘Spring Wedding’, soft lavender-pink flowers in spring.  Foliage emerges chocolate-purple and turns to medium green with a wide red margin.  10-12″.

var. higoense, small leaves surrounded by a 1/2″ wide dark burgundy-purple border.  Large clusters of creamy-white flowers in spring.  12″.

‘Rose Queen’, 12” stems are covered with rose-pink flowers in spring. Green foliage edged rosy-red.

perralchicum, ‘Frohnleiten’, yellow flowers. Dense habit. Red markings on foliage in autumn. 15”. Drought tolerant.

pinnatum ssp colchicum, 12”. Bright yellow flowers in spring. Evergreen.

x. rubrum, 10-12”. Red flowers April-May. Spreader. Deciduous.

sp. nova ‘Spine Tingler’, spiny foliage has a bronze cast when young.  Lemon-yellow flowers in spring.  12″.

versicolor‘Sulphureum’, 8-10”, sulphur-yellow flowers in spring. One of the toughest for dry shade. Clumping. Deciduous.

warleyense, ‘Orange Queen’, 20”, copper-orange flowers in spring. Evergreen. Clumping.

x. ‘Akebono’, japanese variety with white flowers, brushed with pink. Blooms April-May. Heart-shaped, pale-green leaves have red new growth. 9-15″ tall.

‘Amber Queen’, amber-yellow blooms with peach centers on 2′ arching stems in spring.  Red-tinged, heart-shaped , serrated foliage.

 ‘Ninja Stars’, large, very narrow, spiny margined leaves are 6″ or longer!  Young leaves have a red cast, maturing to semi-glossy dark green.  Sulfur-yellow star-shaped flowers in spring.  12-15″.

youngianum, ‘Azuza’, bright green foliage. White blooms with bright red outer sepals April-May. 10”.

‘Niveum’, pure white flowers. Clumping. Deciduous. 6-9”.

ERODIUM (Heron’s Bill) chrysantanthum (Yellow Form), very pale, almost white flowers with yellow markings bloom on short mounds of silvery-green, fern-like foliage.  3-5″ tall.  Very drought tolerant.  Excellent rock garden plant.

x. variabile ‘Roseum’, mat forming perennial with pale pink flowers with darker veins.  Blooms in summer.  Frows 2″ tall.  Great for rock gardens!


planum, ‘Blue Hobbit’, steel-blue flowers with green, spoon-shaped foliage.  8-12″ tall.

Eupatorium 'Little Joe'  zabelii, ‘Big Blue’,  reported to have the best coloration of any Sea Holly!  Cobalt-blue flowers in June-Aug.  Grows 36″ tall in bloom.


coelestinum, lavender flowers in Aug. on red stems. 1-3’ tall.

dubium‘Baby Joe’, 30” variety with lovely fuchsia-pink blooms in late summer-autumn.

‘Phantom’, lavender flowers late summer-autumn. 48″ tall.

 maculatum ‘Little Joe’, 4’ tall, small purple to dusty pink flowers in Sept. Moist soil.

× rugosum‘Chocolate’, 3-4′, chocolate-colored leaves have deep, shiny purple stems with clusters of contrasting starry-white tiny flowers in Sept-Oct, part shade.


(Spurge) all have a white, milky sap which is poisonous, taprooted. Spring-early summer flowers. amygdaloidesvar. robbiae, deep green foliage. Lime-green flowers. 15”. Sun.

martinii, ‘Ascot Rainbow’, narrow, glaucous leaves, edged in yellow. Clusters of small, cream, lime and green flowers with red centers bloom in spring. Foliage takes on a red cast in colder weather.

polychroma(Cushion Spurge), compact, domed clump of blue-green foliage, bright yellow bracts in spring, foliage turns red in fall, excellent border plant, tolerates partial shade, zones 3-9, 1.5-2′.

Euphorbia 'Bonfire'x. ‘Blackbird’, midnight-purple foliage; bright red flower stems; lime green blooms. 18-24″ tall. Euphorbia ‘Bonfire’

‘Bonfire’, Deep purple, red and prange foliage with yellow bracts in spring. A rainbow of colors all summer long. 12″ tall.


(see Oenothera)