Perennial List G

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Perennial List G

GAILLARDIA (Blanket Flower), drought tolerant, daisy-like flowers in early summer through fall, deadhead plants to continue blooming, needs good drainage, zones 3-10. NATIVE

aristata ,**NEW** ‘Arizona Apricot’, apricot flowers with bright yellow tips.  Center cone is a mix of amber, gold and green!

‘Arizona Red Shades’, masses of brick red blooms with darker central cones.  Blooms June-Aug.  8-12″.

‘Arizona Sun’, red and yellow bi-color blooms.  8-12″ tall.

x grandiflora, ‘Fanfare’, upward facing scarlet flowers with bright yellow tips. 18-24”.

‘Fanfare Blaze’, unique pinwheels of warm, orange, tubular blooms.  12″ tall.

**NEW** ‘Gallo Fire’, orange flowers lightly tipped yellow.  10-12″.

‘Gallo Orange Tipped Yellow’, large, rich orange-red flowers with subtle gold tips. Blooms June-Aug. 9”.

**NEW** ‘Gallo Peach’, peach colored flowers.  12-16″.

‘Gallo Red’, large solid red flowers with dark red centers. Blooms June-Aug. 10”.

**NEW** ‘Gallo Yellow’, bright yellow flowers with gold accents. yellow-orange centers have red tips.  8″ tall.

‘Gallo Yellow/Orange Center’, big bright yellow flowers with yellow-orange centers with red tips. Blooms June-Aug. 7”.

‘Goblin’, bright red petals tipped with golden yellow.  Red centers.  12″ tall.


(Family of Herbs), zones 3-9

odoratum(Sweet Woodruff), fragrant tiny green leaves, minute white flowers in late spring, good shady ground cover, partial to full shade, moist soil, 6″-1′


(see Dictamnus)


lindheimeri, zones 6-10, slender stems of white butterfly-shaped flowers from early summer through fall, well drained soil is a must, full sun, drought tolerant, does not mind extreme heat or humidity, 3-4′ x 1-2′.

‘Crimson Butterflies’, dark crimson leaves and shorter red stems. Hot pink flowers. 18” tall.

‘Siskiyou Pink’, A knockout with red stems, petioles and buds. Flowers are rich rose-pink and continue all season on 18-24″ plants

‘Whirling Butterflies’, a sterile selection, slightly shorter and very heavy bloomer

GENTIANA (Gentian), ‘True Blue’, upward facing, true-blue, bell shaped flowers from mid-summer-early autumn.  24-30″ tall.  Full sun-Pt. shade.


(Cranesbill, Hardy Geranium), ordinary, well-drained soil, full sun to part shade.

Geranium 'Ann Folkard'‘Ann Folkard’, Chartreuse foliage. Magenta-purple flowers. Long blooming. Best in part shade. 12” tall.

cantabrigiense, ‘Biokovo’, Large, showy, off white flowers with a flush of pink. Glossy green fragrant foliage. 8-12” tall. Blooms most of the summer.

‘Karmina’, this new variety has a very deep, rich raspberry-pink color. 6-8” tall.

macrorrhizum, ‘Bevans Variety’, fragrant leaved form with deep magenta petals and deep red sepals. Great ground cover!

‘Ingwerson’s Variety’, light pink flowers, highly scented foliage. 8-10”. Good autumn color.

‘Spessart’, blush-pink, almost white flowers. 15”.

maculatum, ‘Espresso’, red-brown foliage. Pale pink flowers in late spring. 12”. Part shade. Native. tolerates wet areas. Vigorous grower.

phaeum(Mourning Widow) ‘Samobor’- Wonderful foliage has a deep chocolate colored centers. Small dusty purple flowers. 24″ tall. part shade-full shade.

renardii, ‘Rozanne’, large, deep blue flowers June-Oct. Foliage changes to a brownish-red for a showy fall display. 20”x 24”.

Geranium Sanguineum Striatumsanguineum, rosy wine-red flowers May through September, easy to grow in well-drained soil in full sun to partial shade, cut back after flowers to induce reblooming, good ground cover

‘Album’, clear white flowers, 10-18”.

‘Max Frei’, 15″ reddish purple flowers from June-Sept makes a good ground cover

‘Spiked Punch’, rich green cutleaf foliage with bright magenta flowers mid-spring-summer.  16-18″.

var. striatum, (G. s. lancastriense, Bloody Cranesbill), zones, pale pink flowers with darker veins, long-blooming, 1’x.

x. cantabrigiense,  ‘Crystal Rose’, long blooming,  bright magenta-pink flowers on compact, mounding foliage that takes on an orange hue in autumn.  8-12″ tall x 12″ wide.


require very good drainage, especially in winter, and fertile soil, shade from full sun in hot areas, zones 5-9

chiloense, flore-pleno, ‘Blazing Sunset’, fully double, large, scarlet-red blooms. 24”.

‘Totally Tangerine’, extra large, warm yellow-orange blossoms. 30″ tall.

coccineum, ‘Borisii’, bright orange flowers in spring on 1’ stems.

triflorum (Prairie Smoke) NATIVE Nodding pink flowers are followed by feathery seed heads. 15″ tall. 

 x. ‘Banana Daquiri, soft yellow foliage among scalloped green leaves early-mid spring.  14-18″.

 ‘Cooky’, fiery orange flowers above scalloped, bright green foliage.  12-14″.

 ‘Mai Tai’, apricot, semi-double flowers with a rosy cast bloom in clusters from burgundy stems late spring-early summer.  15-18″ tall. 


(see Echinops)


(see Aruncus)


(see Solidago)


(see Grasses Separate List)


(Baby’s Breath), full sun, well-drained, sweet soil.

paniculata , ‘Pink Fairy’, large, double, light pink flowers. 12-18”.

‘Viette’s Dwarf’, pink flowers fading to white. 15”.

repens, Filou White’, clean white flowers bloom late spring thru summer.  Grows 6″ tall.