Perennial List H

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Perennial List H


(see Incarvillea)


Best in full sun and moist soil. May need to be staked, although can be pinched in late spring to promote branching. Native

autumnale,  ‘Salsa’, spicy orange-red flowers bloom late summer-autumn.  18-20″.

flexuosum,  ‘Mardi Gras’, yellow petals splashed with red and orange. 30-40″ tall.

‘Tiny Dancer’, bright yellow petals. Blooms mid-summer-autumn. 18-24”.


x. **NEW** ‘Ben Fhada’, bright yellow flowers with darker gold centers.  8″ tall.

x. **NEW** ‘Ben Hope’, dark pink flowers with gold centers.  8″.

x. **NEW** ‘Fire Dragon’, orange flowers with yellow eyes.  4-8″ tall.

x. ‘Hartswood Ruby’, brilliant velvet-red blooms May-July. 14”.

x. ‘Henfield Brilliant’, single red-orange flowers.  6-8″.


salicifolius‘Low Down’, (Willow-leafed Sunflower), butter-yellow daisy-like flowers with dark brown eyes Sept-Oct. 12” tall. Native.

x.  ‘Lemon Queen’, bright lemon-yellow daisies on 5-6′ plants in July-Sept.


helianthoides, “Bressingham Doubloon’, semi-double golden flowers.bloom July-Sept.  Grows 4-5′ tall.

**NEW** ‘Double Sunstruck’, double, golden-yellow flowers over variegated cream and green foliage.  14-16″ tall.

‘Summer Nights’, deep gold flowers up to 2” in diameter with mahogany centers all summer. 3-4’ tall.

‘Summer Pink’, bright yellow flowers on unique, dark purplish red stems with pink foliage that has dark purple veins.  WOW!  Grows 26″ tall.

‘Summer Sun’, yellow to gold daisies from summer into early fall, one of the longest blooming perennials, tolerant of drought, cultivars like well-drained fertile soil.

‘Sunstruck’, 2-3″ single golden daisies above silver speckled foliage blooms late spring-late summer.  14-16″.

**NEW** var. scabra ‘Burning Hearts’, stunning purplish stems topped with golden yellow flowers with a red eye.  3-4′ tall.

x. ‘Loraine Sunshine’, variegated white leaves with green veining.  Golden-yellow, single, daisy-like flowers mid-late summer.  30″ tall.


Helleborus pink(ALL POISONOUS) evergreens with elegant flowers in late winter and early spring.

Due to the explosive popularity of Hellebores, our selection has become quite extensive! Our selection for 2017 will also include: Gold Collection series, Honeymoon Series, Lady Series,  ‘Pine Knot Select’, Spring Promise Series, Wedding Party Series, Winter Jewels Series,  and many many more!!

argutifolius, holly-like evergreen foliage to 15”. Spring flowers are chartreuse streaked purple.

ballardiae, ‘Pink Frost’, burgundy buds open to, 2-3″ two-tone pink and white, outward facing blooms which age to burgundy. Upright clump of serrated green leaves with a silver sheen and red stems. Grows 12-14″.

foetidus, (Stinking Hellebore), yellow-green muted flowers, often with purple margins.  Dramatic, deeply cut foliage.  Blooms Feb-April. 18″.

hybridus ‘DLC Hybrids’ (aka: ‘Brandywine’), rainbow mixture of colors. 15-18”.

 ‘Evening Mist’, single, slate blue flowers with a silver blush.  15-18″.

‘Newest Hybrids’, mixture of yellow, white, pink, and red, single and double blooms.  Blooms Feb-May.  Some flowers have spots, others have stripes!!  WOW! 12-14″.

Helleborusniger (Christmas Rose), evergreen foliage. White flowers can begin at Christmas!

‘Potter’s Wheel’, huge, 4″ white flowers with yellow stamens.  Blooms late winter-early spring.  15″ tall.

nigercors, ‘Snow Love’, creamy white flowers Dec-Mar. Foliage green with a gray cast. 16”.

orientalis(Lenten Rose), 15-18″, evergreen with mauve pink flowers from late winter through may, zone 5, 2′ x 2′. ‘Blue Lady’, unusual 2” purplish-blue flowers, Feb-April. 15-18”.

Helleborus‘Royal Heritage Strains’, rosy/plum, slate/smoky purple, white, sturdy clumps 18-24” tall and 2-3’ wide produce 2” flowers with an incredibly long bloom time, up to 4 months, winter thru spring!

‘White Lady’, pure white, upfacing flowers Feb-April. 18”.


  ‘Mixed’, mixture of apricot, black, mauve purple, white, yellow, wine-red, and pink.  18-24″

 ‘New York Night’, single flowers in shades of black including, deep gray-purple, jet black, and black purple.  18-24″.

 ‘Paris In Pink’, 3-4″, single, light to medium pink flowers.  18-24″.

‘ Rio Carnival’, 2-3″, single, light yellow flowers with heavy burgundy-red speckling.  18-24″

‘Rome in Red’, 3-4″ single, rich maroon to wine-red flowers.  18-24″.

‘Sandy Shores’, 2-3″, single, pale apricot flowers with rosy pink colors on the back.  18-24″.

 ‘Spanish Flare’, 3″, single, light yellow flowers with maroon red flares around the center.  18-24″.


 ‘Best Man’, mauve-purple, 2-3″, double flowers.  18-24″.

 ‘Blushing Bridesmaid’, white flowers with raspberry-pink veining and picotee edge.  18-24″.

 ‘Confetti Cake’, 2-3″, double white flowers with raspberry pink veining and picotee edge.  18-24″.

**NEW** ‘Dark and Handsome’, double, near black-purple flowers.  18-24″.

 ‘First Dance’, bright yellow to yellow double flowers with a maroon picotee edge and veining.  18-24″.

 ‘True Love’, 3- 3.5″, rich maroon-red flowers.  18-24″.

 ‘Wedding Bells’, double, clear white flowers.  18-24″.


‘Amber Gem’, double blooms are yellow infused and blushed with red. 12-14″ tall.

Golden Lotus Strain’, one of the rarest of the species! 2-3 1/2″, fully double flowers have 15-20 petals each! Colors range from pale to lemon yellow; some are marked with burgundy red speckling or picotee edges. 18″.

‘Harlequin Gem’, very complex color patterns. Double flowers. The inside color of red, green, or yellow contrasts with th outside color of black or purple. 12-14″.

Jade Tiger’, double green flowers painted with purple edges. The backs of the flowers can be streaked with purple. 12-14″.

‘Onyx Odyssey’, very large, 3″ double flowers are slate purple to near black and have up to 20 petals per flower! 18-22″.

‘Painted Strain’, large, 3″ flowers have a light background speckled with bold shades of maroon, purple and red. 14-16″ tall.

‘Sparkling Diamond’, pure white, double flowers. 12-14″.


(Day Lily, Tiger Lily), zones 3-10, lily-like flowers which last only a day, grassy foliage, one of the lowest maintenance perennial, good for mass plantings, full sun to partial shade, named varieties in yellow, red, apricot, pink, orange, lavender, near whites and double gold

For easy reference, this list is divided into colors. Coded as follows:

E=Early; M=Mid; L=Late; Re=Rebloomer; TET=Tetraploid; OE=Open Evenings; F=Fragrant.

Gold and Orange:

 “Aztec Priestess’, rich red flowers with an orange edge and golden yellow petal tips.  Yellow throat.  24-26” tall.

‘Chesapeake Crablegs’, 7”, bright red-orange spider. 36” tall.

 ‘Hot Ember’, 6″, wide petaled orange-red flowers with a creamy orange throat.  32-36″.

‘Jen Melon’, 8″, big, bright gold flowers.  24-26″, ML, Re

‘Moses’ Fire’, 6”, double burnt orange edged gold. 24”.

‘Sunset Returns’, EM, Re, 5” ruffled golden-yellow, heavily diamond dusted.

‘Tuscawilla Tigress’, 24”, EM, Re, Tet, 7” orange.

‘You Are My Sunshine’, 24-36″, M, Re, yellow orange flowers with contrasting red eye and picotee edge..

Near White:

‘Bridgeton Invention’, 33″, 6″ creamy white flowers with a magenta eye, edge fades from magenta to yellow.

 ‘Heavenly Angel Ice’, creamy-white flowers have a green to yellow throat.  32-36″.  Rebloomer!

‘Joan Senior’, 25”, EM, Ext, 6” ruffled near-white with lime-green throat.

‘Moonlit Masquerade’, 26”, E-M, 6” cream with purple eyezone.

‘Pandora’s Box’, 19”, E-M, RE, 4” cream with a purple eye.

‘Porcelain Ruffles’, 22”, M, 6” near white.

‘Royal Frosting’, 6” ruffled white. 36”.

Purple, Wine, and Red Shades:

‘Apache Wardance’, 24-36″, LM, Re, bright red flowers with a darker eye.

 ‘Blazing Returns’, red flowers with ruffled edges have a yellow to green throat.  24-26″.  RE

‘Chicago Apache’, 27”, M, Tet, 5” scarlet red. Sunfast.

‘Court Troubadour’, 26”, E, Tet, 6 ½” red with ivory edge.

‘Early Bird Cardinal’, 21″, 4″ rich red flowers. Blooms early season and reblooms multiple times.

‘Francis of Assisi’, 26″, mauve flowers with white picotee edge and watermark above yellow-green throat

‘Indian Giver’, 4” wine-purple with white edge. 20”.

‘Jungle Beauty’, 30”, ML, 6” black-violet.

‘Kansas Kitten’, 22″, M, Re, rich lavender purple with near black eyezone and green throat.

‘Night Embers’, 4 1/2″, RE, maroon-red flowers with a gold edge.  24-36″ tall.

‘Nosferatu’, 6”, purple magentawith near black veins. 26”.

‘Pygmy Prince’, 24”, E-M, Re, Tet, Fr, 4” red.

‘Red Hot Returns’, brilliant hot cherry red 5” flowers. Repeats all season. 24”.

‘Red Reverence’, 26″, M, Re, 6″, pure velvet red flowers with a small green throat

‘Royal Occasion’, 30”, M, Re,Fr, 4” deep plum with darker black-violet eye.

‘Rythum and Hues’, 4″, soft lavender flowers with a wide violet eye.  22-26″.

‘Strutter’s Ball’, 30”, M, Ext, 6” cranberry.

‘Woodside Firedance’, Fiery red-orange flowers early-midseason.  24-26″.  Rebloomer

Lemon and Yellow:

‘Big Time Happy’, 4-5″, yellow flowers.  16-18″.

Brocaded Gown’, 26”, EM, Ext, Re, 6” lemon cream.

‘Condilla’, sunny yellow flowers with ruffled edges.  24″ tall.

‘Happy Days Are Here Again’, heavily reblooming yellow self.  16-18″.

‘Mean Mr. Mustard’, 24″, EM, Re, 6″, soft yellow flowers with a wine-red eyezone. Dusty cinnamon edges.

‘Scentual Sundance’, 18”, FR, E.M.L, golden yellow.

‘Siloam Amazing Grace’, 24”, EM, Ext, Fr, 5 ½” heavily ruffled yellow.

‘The Jury’s Out’, 5” glowing lemon. 32”.

‘When My Sweetheart Returns’, 16”, E.M.L, blush lemon with rose eye.

‘Wings of Chance’,  6″, bright yellow flowers with a red eyezone and green throat.  Stunning!  14-16″.

Pink, Peach, Rose and Lavender:

‘Apricot Sparkles’, 15”, E.M.L., 4” deep apricot.

‘Besame Mucho’, 5″, intense watermelon-pink flowers with a kiss of red eyezone.  Frilled edges.  22-26″.

‘Bridgeton Inspiration’, rich orange-pink flowers with a deep red eyezone and a faint raspberry edge.  30-32″ tall. 

 ‘Bubblegum Pie’, bright bubblegum-pink flowers have a small watermark, yellow to green throat and a bright yellow, pie-crust edge.  24-26″, EM, RE, TET

Carmen Renee’, 7″ creamy yellow-lavender blend. 37″ tall, Mid-late.

‘Druid’s Chant’, 23”, M, RE, 7” lavender with purple eye.

‘Flamingo Fantasy’, 26”, EM, Re, Fr, 5” hot pink with deep rose eyezone.

 ‘Happy Enchantment’, pink flowers have darker pink veining and a yellow-green throat.  30-32″, RE

‘Jolyene Nicole’, 6″, ruffled deep rose-pink flowers with a green throat.  14-16″.

‘Just Plum Happy’, everblooming, 6″ bright rose-pink with a wide purple eye. 12-16″.

 ‘Lavender Blue Baby’, 26″, EM, magenta-pink petals with soft blue-lavender painted eyezone.  Awesome!

 ‘Miss Rachel’, 6″, rich rosy-pink flowers with a plum eye, and ruffles.  18-20″.  EM, RE, TET

**NEW** ‘P.S. I Love You’, soft pink with an oversized red eye and yellow-green throat.  24-26″. Rebloomer!

‘Romantic Returns’, bright rose with deep rose eyezone. 4”. Everblooming. Grows 14”.

‘Rosy Returns’, 14”, RE, E, M, L, 4” bright rose-pink, yellow throat.

Siloam Cooper Chantilly’, RE, double flesh-pink flowers.  Grows 24″ tall.

‘Spiritual Corridor’, 24”, M, Fr, Tet, 6” lavender-pink with golden edge.

‘Stephanie Returns’, 16”, M, 5” sandy and pink bi-color.

‘Strawberry Candy’, 4”, rich pink. 26”.

‘Winner’s Portrait’, 28″, ML, blen of pink, cream and yellow with a crimped golden yellow edge. 

‘Woodside Romance’, 5″, rich rose-pink flowers with ruffled edges and a yellow throat,  25-27″. 

Miniatures: (refers to class of daylilies with flowers less than 3″ in diameter Ideal for small gardens, edgings in larger plantings, pots, planters or rock gardens).

‘Black-Eyed-Stella’, ‘Stella’ with dark eyezone. Blooms and blooms!! 14-20”. 3” bloom.

‘Dynamite Returns’, 4″, ruffled deep pink flowers with a green throat. Reblooms. 18″.

‘Happy Returns’ 16”, E.M.L, 3” lemon yellow.

‘Just Plum Happy’, 12-16”, E.M.L., Re, 6” bright rose-pink with purple eyezone.

‘Pardon Me’,15″, E-M-L,3″ red.

‘Ruby Stella’, 12-18”, E-M-L, 3” scarlet red flowers.

‘Stella de Oro’,15″,E, gold self, Reblooms!


(see Sempervivum)


(Coral Bells, Alumroot), blooms spring-summer. Newer varieties grown for foliage color and form. Mostly purples, can be mottled or veined silver. Might have ruffled edges. Most have white flowers. Newest have purple foliage, red flowers. Also yellow and orange foliage varieties are being introduced. We keep quite a collection-call for specific varieties.

Culture: Prefers rich, moist soil in part shade for “plumpest” growth. The drier the shade, the more spindly the Coral Bell. Care: Mostly evergreen foliage will need trimmed back in spring.

HEUCHERELLA (Foamy Bells) Sun to Part shade

‘Buttered Rum’, caramel-orange foliage with creamy white flowers in late spring.  Foliage takes on rose-red colors in cooler weather.  8-10″.

‘Golden Zebra’, striking bright yellow, feathery leaves are boldly marked with dark red. 10″.

‘Redstone Falls’, coppery colored leaves with dark veins, changing to red-brown in autumn and winter.  10″ tall.

‘Solar Eclipse’, red-brown leaves bordered in lime-green.  10″ tall.

‘Solar Power’, deep red splattered leaves of yellow gold to lime green.  12″ tall.

‘Stoplight’, screaming yellow foliage with red centers. White flowers in spring. What an eye catcher!!! 16”.

‘Sweet Tea’, huge cinnamon stars are surrounded by orange tea colored borders.  20″ tall.

‘Yellowstone Falls’, chartreuse leaves with deep crimson markings.  6″ tall.


(Hardy, Rose Mallow), zones 4-9, full sun and moist, rich soil, space 3′ apart. Native. moscheutos, ‘Blue River II’, dinner plate size, clear white flowers, grows 4-5′.

**NEW** ‘Cherry Brandy’, dinner plate sized cherry red flowers in late summer-Frost.  Grows 3-4′ tall.

‘Fantasia’, Outstanding compact, rounded form. 3-lobed maple-cut leaves are thick and compact giving it a fuller effect. 8-9” across lavender flowers are very ruffled. Prolofic bloomer. 3’ tall.

‘Fireball’, Finely dissected leaves with purplish blush. Large burgundy-red flowers. 4’.

 ‘Heartthrob’, near black, glossy buds open to deep red, 8-10″  blossoms with a blackish-red center and veining. Grows 4′ tall.  STUNNING!!! 

‘Jazzberry Jam’, 9″ blooms are deep magenta with a red center. Petals are ruffled and overlapping. 48-60″.

‘Kopper King’, 3-5 lobed maple-cut leaves that have consistent copper-red color. The underside of the leaf is orange-red. White flowers have bright red eye with streaks thru-out the veination. The flowers can be up to 12”(!) across with some ruffling and overlapping. 3 ½’ tall.

‘Lady Baltimore’, pink with red centers

‘Lord Baltimore’, brilliant Red flowers up to 10″ across, 4-5′

 ‘Luna Red’, 8″, pure red flowers.  2-3′

‘Luna Pink Swirl’, 8″, soft pink flowers with deeper petal tips and red centers.  2-3′ tall.

‘Luna Rose’, 8″, deep rosy-pink.  2-3′ tall.

**NEW** ‘Mars Madness’, magenta red-pink flowers atop of dark olive-green foliage with copper highlights.  Grows 4-5′ tall.

‘Midnight Marvel’, huge, deep red blooms.  Maple shaped leaves are purple in spring and summer, turning fiery orange in autumn!  Grows 5′ tall.

 ‘Mocha Moon’, dark, burgundy-green foliage.  8″ blush-pink flowers with a large red eye.  4-5′.

‘Plum Crazy’, 10” plum flowers with purple streaking. Maple-like leaves dark purple colors. 4’.

 ‘Plum Fantasy’, lipstick-red buds open to very large, 8-9″, magenta-red flowers with a puckered texture.  Dark green foliage takes on greyed purple tones in late summer.  4-5′ tall.  Gorgeous!!

 ‘Starry Starry Night’, deep burgundy foliage covered in 8″ soft pink flowers with deeper pink petal rays and a pure red center.  3-4′.

**NEW** ‘Summer in Paradise’, electric magenta-pink flowers with deep red centers.  3-4′ tall.

‘Summer Storm’, 8-10″, pink flowers with rose veining and a deep magenta eye.  Deep wine-purple foliage!  4-5′ tall.

 ‘Vintage Wine’, 8″, pure red flowers with deep crimson eyes.  3-4′ tall.


(see Alcea)