Perennial List I

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Perennial List I


saxatilis, prostrate rock garden plant. White flowers in spring. 4”. Evergreen

sempervirens (Candytuft), zones 3-10, evergreen spreader with white flowers in spring into early summer, likes full sun to partial shade and good drainage.

‘Purity’, 8” pure white blossoms on compact, evergreen foliage in May-June.

 ‘Snowflake’, white flowers on 6″ plants in spring.


cristata, 6”. Native. Usually blue flowers. Shade. ‘Eco Blue Bird’, blue flowers with gold markings in spring.  Grows 6-10″.

Iris EnsataIris Ensata Mixedensata(Japanese Iris), zones 4-9, requires acid soil and constant moisture, bloom in late June-July, 3-4′ x 1.5′.

**NEW** ‘Angel Mountain’, lavender flowers with pure white centers, yellow rays and purple-painted petals.  2-3′ .

‘Caprician Butterfly’, fully double, ruffled white flowers have purple veins and a yellow throat.  24-36″.

 ‘Lion King’, near white flowers with purple painted tips and yellow eyes.  2-3′ tall.

 ‘Queen’s Tiara’, 5-6″, pure white flowers with yellow rays and a bright purple center.  2-3′ tall.

‘Variegata’, 30”, blue flowers. Foliage blades edged white.

IRIS germanica (Bearded Iris, sometimes mistakenly referred to as Blue Flag), zones 3-9, requires full sun and well drained soil, guard against iris borer.  We keep quite a collection.  Please call for specific varieties!

japonica, ‘Variegata’, braod green foliage with creamy white variegation.  Frilled white flowers with orange-yellow beards tinged lavender .  12-18″. Blooms late spring.

‘Zebra’, (pallida ‘Variegata’), creamy variegatd foliage. Lavender-blue blooms.

pallida, ‘Argentea Variegata’, creamy variegated foliage. Fragrant lavender-blue flowers late spring-summer. 24-30”.

pseudacorus (Yellow Water Iris, Yellow Flag), zones 4 – 8, bright yellow flowers, blooms in June, thrives in boggy locations or in shallow ponds.

siberica (Siberian Iris), zones 3-9, flower from late May into June, prefers acidic soil with lots of organic matter, but low in nitrogen, space 3′.

‘Blue King’, violet-blue falls with gold signal surrounded by white. 30-36”.

‘Butter and Sugar’, butter yellow falls, white standards. 28”

‘Caesar’s Brother’, deep violet flowers.  36″ tall.

 ‘Contrast In Styles’, 3-4″ flowers of deep purple with a yellow to white eye and lavender center.  2-3′ tall.

**NEW** ‘Kaboom’, large, 6″, double blue-violet flowers with gold and white centers.  18-24″ tall.

‘Sky Wings’, pale blue flowers with yellow blaze on falls. 2-3’.

‘Snow Queen’, white flowers, 42”.

versicolor, violet-blue flowers May-June. 2-3’. Native. Boggy soil is best.


see Laurentia