Perennial List K

Perennial List K


incisa‘Blue Star’, pale blue daisies all summer. 18”. Loves heat. Drought tolerant.


palmata, maple shaped leaves and creamy yellow shuttlecock-shaped flowers in Sept, semi-shade, moist acid soil preferred, 3-4′ x 2-3′


macedonica,’Thunder and Lightning’, unique variegated foliage. Fully double, dark magenta flowers bloom June-Aug. 12-15″ tall. Full sun.


(Red Hot Poker) Spikes of orange to yellow flowers in late summer with grassy foliage. Must have well-drained soil in winter or they will not survive. Mulch in winter with straw. Full sun. DO NOT DIVIDE! Hummingbirds LOVE!

hirsuta, ‘Fire Dance’, coral-red and yellow flower spikes.  20″ tall.

 ‘Fire Glow’, large, bi-colored orange and red flowers.  20″ tall.

‘First Sunrise’, fluorescent orange, torch-shaped flower spikes. 30-36″.

‘Flamenco’- Creamy colored white-orange-yellow-red 8″ spikes. 30″ tall. 

POPSICLE SERIES: Reblooming!  ‘Lemon Popsicle’, bright, lemon-yellow flower spikes.  16″ tall

‘Mango Popsicle’, mango-orange flowers.  16″ tall.

‘Orange Vanilla Popsicle’, red-orange tops with creamy white on the bottom.16″ tall.

‘Red Hot Popsicle’, fiery red, orange, and yellow tones.  16″.

  ‘Yellow Sunshine’, sunny yellow flower spikes July-Sept.  24-36″ tall.

uvaria   ‘Echo Rojo’, a reblooming red hot poker! Reddish-orange buds open to coral-orange flowers in early thru late summer.  36-40″.