Perennial List L

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Perennial List L


galeobdolon ‘Herman’s Pride’, green and silver leaves, yellow flowers, 1-2 x 2′


maculatum(Dead Nettle), zones 3-9, creeping ground cover for partial shade, will withstand drought, 12″, space 12″ apart.

‘Beacon Silver’, white foliage, pink flowers.

‘Purple Dragon’, purple flowers over silver-white leaves.

‘Shell Pink’, Cream and green foliage with light pink blooms April-July.

‘White Nancy’, white foliage, white flowers


fluviatilis‘Solenopsis’, Mat forming perennial with small leaves and 1 ½” small blue flowers. Rock garden form also useful for planting between stones and walkways. Sun to part shade. Average to moist soil. AKA Isotoma.


(Lavender), zones 5-9, requires full sun and well-drained soil, silvery foliage and flowers in midsummer, foliage and flowers extremely fragrant and edible! A small amount of lime applied in spring will result in better growth. Cut ½ way back in spring.

angustifolia, **NEW** ‘Big Time Blue’, early flowering variety with big, purple-blue flowers on thick spikes June-July.  24″ tall.

‘Ellegance Purple’, intense, purple-blue flowers. Fragrant, silver-green foliage. 12″ tall.

‘Ellegance Sky’, soft, violet-blue flowers on long dense spikes. Fragrant silver-green foliage. 12″ tall.

‘Hidcote’, deep violet blue flowers, 20″

‘Jean Davis’, pale pink to white flowers. 2’.

 ‘Mini Blue’, dwarf variety with deep blue flowers.  10-12″.

‘Munstead’, medium blue flowers, 12″

‘Silver Edge’, silvery green foliage with white edges. Lavender flowers. 36”.

x. intermedia, blooms mid-July to Sept., 2-3′.

‘Arabian Night’, cross between French and English lavender.  Bold, silver-gray leaves with fragrant dark violet flowers June-July.

‘Dilly Dilly’, Compact form to 12”. Very fragrant.

‘Fred Boutin’, silver-gray foliage, violet-blue flower spikes. 18-24”.

‘Grosso’, large, gray follage, very fragrant deep violet flowers, 20” + 20” flower spikes.

 ‘Phenomenal’, one of the hardiest lavenders!  Great heat and humidity tolerance.  purple flower spikes.  Grows 24-32″.

‘Provence’, large gray foliage, lavender flowers, 18” +18” flower spikes.


alpinum(Edelweiss) Low gray mats with silver star flowers in summer. Full Sun. Very well-drained soil.


squalida‘Platt’s Black’, flat mats of deeply cut, fern-like deep purple near black foliage. Excellent ground cover!


(Shasta Daisy), daisies in early summer through mid- summer, some will continue to bloom to fall if dead flowers are cut off. Rich, well-drained soil, will tolerate partial shade, flowers better in full sun.

x. superbum, ‘Banana Cream’, 4″ wide, lemon-yellow flowers mature to creamy white. 15-18″ tall.

‘Becky’, large single white flowers in June-July, grows 3-3½’, great cut flower

**NEW** ‘Belgian Lace’, large, double white flowers and fringed tips.  Yellow buds open to pale yellow centers.  10″ tall.

‘Crazy Daisy’, fully double, creamy white flowers with yellow centers, many with quilled petals creating a fluffy look. Flowers June-July. Grows 3’.

**NEW** ‘Cream Puff’, bright lemon-yellow buds open to creamy white daisies.  12-18″.

**NEW** ‘Freak!’, large, white fluffy flowers have layers of slightly shaggy petals surrounding a yellow button center.  10-14″ tall.

 ‘Snow Lady’, pure white daisy flowers with orange center. 10-12”.

‘Snowcap’, large, single daisies late spring and summer.  8-10″.

‘Whoops-a-Daisy’, 3-4″, pure white flowers.  14-16″.


‘Real Dream’, three layers of broad, lemon green petals that age to white.  18-30″

‘Real Galaxy’, multiple layers of finely fringed white petals.  18-30″

‘Real Glory’, very full, white blooms open flat, then relaxes to a unique flower form.  18-30″

x.  ‘Victorian Secret’, frilly, double, slightly cupped white flowers spring-autumn.  Grows 18-36″.


longipetala‘Little Plum’, lots of purple-pink blossoms May-mid June, again in Sept. Full sun, well-drained, gritty soil.


(Gayfeather), native wildflower. Fuzzy spikes of flowers in late summer, full sun and well-drained soil, good for cutting and drying.

 ligulistylis, (Large-headed Liatris), Great Plains native with large, purple flower spikes July-Sept.  42″ tall.

microcephala, rosy purple flowers spikes Aug-Sept. Fine, grass-like foliage to 18” tall.

spicata, ‘Floristan White’, 2-3’ spikes of white buttons in summer.

‘Kobold’, 18” spikes with lavender buttons in mid-summer.


handsome foliage, flowers in midsummer, must have moist soil and part shade.

dentata‘Britt-Marie Crawford’, large, glossy, chocolate-maroon leaves. Large, orange-yellow daisies Aug-Sept. 3-4’ tall.

‘Othello’, 3’ plants with large purple leaves and orange daisies.

hessei‘Little Lantern’, large yellow spikes July-Aug. 2’ tall. Moist soil and shade.

stenocephala‘The Rocket’, large green leaves and spikes of yellow flowers in midsummer, full sun to partial shade, 5′ x 2-3′.

‘Little Rocket’, 20”. Bright yellow flower spikes.


(Lily) Bulbs which bloom from June-Sept are hardy from zones, 4-8, well-drained soil in full sun to partial shade and lots of organic matter in the soil.

Group Asiatics

**NEW** ‘Brunello’, bright orange flowers.  3′ tall.

**NEW** ‘Fata Morgana’, double, bright yellow flowers are lightly spotted.  Grows 3′ tall.

‘Lollypop’, white petals flushed rose at the tips.  Deep rose spots in throat.  2-3′ tall.

**NEW** ‘Golden Matrix’, sparkling yellow flowers.  Grows 16″.

‘Orange Matrix’, 16″, bright orange

**NEW** ‘Strawberry and Cream’, creamy white flowers with strawberry red centers.  30″ tall.

 ‘Thesire’, lavender-pink petals speckled and blotched with dark burgundy centers.  Slightly fragrant.  3′ tall.

 Group Oriental Lilies (ALL FRAGRANT)

 ‘Carolina’, double, very fragrant pure white flowers with a yellow center.  No pollen!  2-3′

‘Casa Blanca’       48″       very large white

 ‘Chill Out’, pure white flowers with a lemon-yellow throat.  38-40″.

‘Dizzy’, fragrant, large white flowers with maroon spots and a maroon stripe down the center of each petal.  4′ tall.

 ‘Love Story’, deep pink-red flowers with a narrow white edge.  26-28″.

‘Mona Lisa’, large white flowers with pink stripes, ruffle and red freckles.  24″ tall.

‘Salmon Star’, salmon-pink with white edges and dark salmon spots.  36″.

‘Stargazer’       28″       deep rose/white speckled

 ‘Thalita’, a double ‘Stargazer’ with twice the bloom time.  Huge, double, rose-red flowers with lighter edges and spotted centers.  Very fragrant!  36-40″.

tigrinum (Tiger Lilies)  Pink- rich pink flowers sprinkled with black dots.  36-48″

Orange- 48” broad recurved petals with black spots

**NEW** ‘Pink’, heavily spotted pink flowers.  Grows 4′ tall.

Red- red, broad, recurved petals with black spots.  48″ tall.

**NEW** ‘Splendens’, heavily spotted orange flowers.  4′ tall

Yellow- 48” broad recurved petals with black spots


(see Convallaria)


‘Big Blue’, dark green foliage, short spikes of blue flowers in late summer, good ground cover, partial shade preferred. 12-15”

«’Monroe’s White’, large white flower spikes above deep green foliage, 12-15″, shade only!

‘Majestic’, large purple flowers, 12-15″

‘Variegata’, variegated-green leaves with edge, purple flower spikes. 12-15”.

LITHODORA diffusa, ‘Grace Ward’, brilliant electric blue flowers on dense mats of green foliage.  6-12″ tall.  Full sun, blooms May-June.

‘Heavenly Blue’, bright gentian blue flowers, 6-12″ tall.

‘White Star’, white flowers outlined with vibrant blue.


(Cardinal Flower, wildflowers which bloom from July-Sept, mulch in winter, full sun or partial shade, zones 3-8, moist soil. NATIVE

cardinaliLobelia Cardinaliss, 3-4′ stalks bear red flower spikes in late summer. Long blooming. Native.

‘Black Truffle’, dark chocolate-purple foliage.  Bold red flowers July-Sept.  36-48″.

siphilitica, native. 30-36” blue flowers in late summer.

x. speciosa Fan Scarlet’, vibrant scarlet-red flowers.  Bronze-green foliage.  24″ tall.

**NEW** ‘Vulcan Red’, deep purple foliage with cardinal red flowers July-Sept.  24-32″ tall.

LUNGWORT(see Pulmonaria)


(Lupine), moist soil, full sun to part shade and protection from hot summer winds, pea-like flowers in early summer, zones 4-8.

 ‘Dwarf Minarette’, charming mixture of flowers on dwarf plants in early summer.  18-24″.

‘Gallery Mixture’, full color range blooming in early summer.  15-18″.

‘Russell Hybrids’, mixed colors June-July. 30”.


arkwrightii, ‘Orange Gnome’, bright orange flowers and purple bronze foliage. 8-10″ tall. Full sun.

x.  ‘Lipstick’, orange-red flowers atop purple-black stems in early summer.  18-20″ tall. Beautiful!


(Creeping Jenny), strong growing perennial for full sun to shade, zones 4-8, moist soils. « nummularia ‘Aurea’, yellow, ruffly foliage mat with yellow flowers. Excellent groundcover. Moist soil. Sun or shade.