Perennial List M

Perennial List M

MALVA sylvestris ‘Zebrina’, soft pink flowers with striking, raspberry-purple veins.  Blooms early summer thru frost.  Grows 24-48″.  Full sun, average, well-drained soil.


grandiflora(Barbara’s Buttons), A rare native. Neat basal rosettes have 7” leaves. Single 1 ¼” pink daisy heads. Sun-part shade. Damp soil.


reptans, excellent, low groundcover or rock garden plant. Purplish-blue flowers. Full sun-Pt. Shade. Good moist soil.

‘Alba’, white flowers.



virginica(Virginia Bluebell), zones 3-8, shady woodland conditions, blue flowers April-May, goes dormant in summer, interplant with ferns, 18-24″. Native.

MISCANTHUS(see Grasses)


**NEW** bradburiana, ‘Prairie Gypsy’, raspberry-pink flowers in summer.  Grows 24″ tall.

didyma(Bee-balm or Bergamot), zones 4-9, fragrant mint-like foliage and tubular flowers arrange in a circular form, 30-42″ x 18″, full sun and moist soil, extremely vigorous growers.

 ‘Bubblegum Blast’, rich pink flowers on highly mildew resistant foliage.  24″.

 ‘Cherry Pops’, cherry-red flowers on dark green, highly mildew resistant foliage.  20″.

 ‘Cotton Candy’, soft lavender-pink flowers.  14-16″.

’Fireball’, deep red flowers July-Aug. 30”.

‘Grand Parade’, lavender-purple blooms.  13-16″ tall.

 ‘Grape Gumball’, vibrant magenta colored flowers on deep green, highly mildew resistant foliage.  12-18″.

‘Jacob Kline’, huge, deep rose-red flowers with dark red bracts appear mid-summer. Vigorous stems produce rich dark green foliage that is mildew free!

 ‘Lilac Lollipop’, lavender-lilac flowers on dark green, highly mildew resistant foliage. 

**NEW** ‘Pardon My Cerise’, dark, cherry-pink flowers.  10-12″ tall.

‘Pardon My Purple’, dark purple flowers. Compact variety to 9-12″.

 ‘Pardon My Pink’, medium pink flowers on a short, compact plant.  Grows 10-12″.

‘Petite Delight’, lavender-rose flowers above dark green crinkled foliage.  12-15″ tall.

‘Purple Rooster’, large, true royal purple flowers. 3′ tall.

‘Raspberry Wine’, clear wine-red flowers. Very mildew resistant. 3-4’.

 ‘Rockin Raspberry’, electric magenta flowers.  18-20″.

 punctata, (Spotted BeeBalm), rosettes of yellowish, purple spotted , tubular flowers occur in whorls, forming a dense, elongated spike at the end of each stem.  Grows 3′ tall.  NATIVE


(Forget-Me-Nots), tiny blue or pink flowers in spring, partial shade to full sun.  ‘Mon Amie Blue’, pale blue flowers with yellow centers in spring.  6-8″.

‘Rosylva’, Radiant pink flowers on very compact plants.

‘Victoria Blue’, blue flowers with yellow eyes.  6-8″ tall.

‘Victoria Indigo’, Intense, deep blue flowers. Compact habit.

‘Victoria Rose’, rose-pink flowers.  6-8″ tall.