Perennial List O

Perennial List O


(Evening primrose, Sundrop), zones 4-9, well-drained soil, full sun, blooms June-July. berlanderi‘Siskyou’, bright pink flowers all summer.

caespitosa, (Tufted Evening Primrose), large white flowers with yellow stamens open in late afternoon and close the next morning.  Grows 8″ tall.

fruticosa,  ‘African Sun’, small bright yellow flowers blooming during the day, May-Sept.  12″ 36″.

‘Fireworks’, bronze foliage, deep red stems. Bright yellow flowers in June. 15”. Native.

**NEW** kunthiana, ‘Glowing Magenta’, fuzzy buds open to deep pink flowers early thru late summer.  Narrow, lance shaped green leaves.  6″ tall.
macrocarpa, ‘Comanche Campfire’, large, shiny leaves with ruby stems and large yellow flowers May-Aug. 12-15”x 18-24”.


x. ‘Kent Beauty’, semi-prostrate, branching stems covered with hops-like pods and lavender florets in summer and autumn.  6-9″.  Full sun, well-drained soil.


(Prickly Pear Cactus), humifusa, ‘Lemon Form’, Less thorny than most cactus. Bright, lemon-colored, 2-3″ wide flowers. Grows 8-12″ tall. Native. Full sun. Very well-drained soil.


capensis(Little Pickles), blue-green cylindrical leaves with stems of bright yellow daisies above. A 3-4” tall succulent for the sunny rock garden.