Perennial List P

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Perennial List P


lactiflora (Peony), zones, long-lived perennial which blooms in May-June, full sun and rich soil, space 2-3′ apart. Don’t plant too deep!

‘Bowl of Beauty’, Japanese type with huge, 12″, fuchsia-rose blooms with a pale lemon-yellow center.  Blooms early season.  Medium height.

**NEW** ‘Bowl of Cream’, fragrant, pure white double flowers.  32″ tall.

 ‘Coral Sunset’, frilly, semi-double coral-pink flowers with bright gold anthers.  30″.

‘Dr. Alexander Flemming’, fully double with salmon-pink flowers edged in silver.  Sweetly scented fragrance.  Tall growing. 

‘Duchesse de Nemours’, Fragrant, creamy white flowers with light canary yellow center and shades of green at the base.

**NEW** ‘Feather Top’, japanese type.  rose pink flowers with golden stamens.  32″ tall.  Midseason.

‘Felix Crousse’, large, brilliant, double crimson-red blooms.  Blooms mid-season. Medium height.

 ‘Flame’, brilliant red-pink blooms.  22″.

**NEW** ‘Glowing Candles’, japanese type.  6″ pale pink flowers with yellow stamens.  32″ tall.

‘Kansas’, beautiful, double, bright rosy-red flowers early in season.  Award winner!

**NEW** ‘Marietta Sisson’, very fragrant, double, magenta-rose flowers.  34″ tall.  Late season.

‘Monsieur Jules Elie’, light rose-pink flowers in early June.  Very fragrant.  34″ tall.

**NEW** ‘Okinawa’, japanese type.  single, carmine-red flowers with yellow centers.  28″ tall.

 ‘Rachel’, double, glowing, very fragrant dark crimson-red flowers.  32″.

‘Raspberry Sundae’, huge 6″ flowers of pale pink surround a fluffy vanilla to blush pink center, flushed deeper pink on top.  Very fragrant!

**NEW** ‘Red Romance’, single red flowers with yellow centers.

 ‘Santa Fe’, fragrant cerise-pink blooms with creamy-white interior petals.  30″ tall.

‘Sarah Bernhardt’, huge, dark pink double flowers.  Blooms late-midseason.  34″ tall.

‘Shirley Temple’, large, pale pink, double flowers, fading to buff white.  34″.  late flowering.

**NEW** Toro-No-Maki’, japanese type.  long guard petals of pale blush white, fading to pure white.  Midseason.  2-3′ tall.

‘Victorie De La Marne’, purplish-red double blossoms with lighter edges.  Blooms mid may.  34″.


Well developed one-year-old imported from Japan. Bloom one or two years after planting. 4-5’ tall. Part shade.  Please call for specific colors.



(Poppy), grown for their cup shaped flowers, full sun-part shade, prefers moist but well-drained soil, may self seed, dormant in summer.

nudicale , (Iceland poppy), ‘Champagne Bubbles’, yellow, white, pink, orange, and scarlet blooms with pale yellow centers.  Biennial.

SPRING FEVER SERIES: ‘Spring Fever Orange’, bright orange flowers with a striking yellow center.  Grows 10-12″.  Blooms April-Summer.

”Spring Fever Red’, large, papery red blooms.  Grows 10-12″.

‘Spring Fever White’, white flowers with yellow centers.  Grows 10-12″.

‘Spring Fever Yellow’, yellow flowers with yellow centers.  Grows 10-12″.

orientale(Oriental Poppy), rosetted perennial, broadly lance-shaped, toothed or cut, rough green leaves, flowering stems may need support. Goes summer dormant.

‘Allegro’, orange-scarlet flowers, 3’.

‘Brilliant’, fiery scarlet-red.

 ‘Prince of Orange’, Brilliant scarlet-orange.  3

‘Princess Victoria Louise’, salmon flowers.

‘Queen Alexandra’, salmon-pink flowers with a purplish-black center.  24-36″.

 ‘Royal Wedding’, white with black centers.  30″.


norrisii, 24-36”. Wide range of bright colors and combinations July-Sept.

x. ‘Dazzler Series’ dwarf strain. Mixed colors of extra-large flowers. 15-18”.

**NEW** PARONYCHIA kapela ssp. serphyllifolia(Nailwort), compact, mat forming plant with silver-gray green leaves.  Tiny green flowers enclosed by ornamental, silvery, papery bracts.  Full sun.


(Beard Tongue), zones, tubular flowers in midsummer, full sun, well-drained soil. Native.

cardinalis, unusually deep rich-red flowers hang gracefully off tall spikes in mid-summer. 36” tall x 24” wide.

digitalis, ‘Husker Red’, red foliage, white flowers with pink blush.

smallii, lavender-pink blooms in late spring. 18-30”.

pinifolius, scarlet flowers on 10″ plants in summer.  NATIVE

x. mexicale, (crossed with native), **NEW** ‘Carolyn’s Hope’, medium pink tubular flowers with white throats all summer.  15″.

‘Pikes Peak Purple’, violet-purple flowers with white striped throats all summer. 15” tall x 12” wide.

‘Red Rocks’, bright rose-pink flowers with white striped throats all summer. 15” x 12”.

‘Windwalker’, ruby-red or garnet colored, tubular flowers with striped throats all summer.  15″.

x. **NEW** ‘Amethyst Quartz’, light lavender bells in late spring and again in mid summer.  18-24″.

x. **NEW** ‘Blackbeard’,  glossy, black-burgundy leaves held on deep red stems.  Pink-lavender flower spikes in late spring.  30-36″ tall.

x. **NEW** ‘Cha Cha Lavender’, vibrant, lavender  tubular flowers from mid-summer-mid autumn.  20-24″.

x. **NEW** ‘Cha Cha Purple’, purple tubular flowers from July-Oct.  20-24″ tall.

x. ‘Dark Towers’, foliage emerges deep wine-red.  Soft pink flowers in summer.  36-42″.


atriplicifolia (Russian Sage), zones 4-9, semi-woody perennial with gray foliage and spikes of small blue flowers July-Sept, full sun and well-drained soil, 4’x 2′.

**NEW** ‘Crazy Blue’, improved cultivar with purple-blue flower spikes among green, lacy foliage.  14-16″ tall.  Heavy bloomer!

  ‘Denim ‘n Lace’, lavender flowers on 18-20″ plants.

‘Filigran’, fine textured foliage to 42”. Blue flowers July-Sept.

 ‘Lacey Blue’, large spikes of bright brilliant blue flowers on silver foliage.  18-20″.

‘Little Spire’, wonderful dwarf selection reaching 25” tall. Lavender-blue flowers July-Sept.


polymorpha, (White Fleeceflower), branching spikes of white flowers. Non-spreading. Grows 3-4’ tall. Quite shade tolerant.


tuberosa, (Jerusalem Sage), rich, ruby-red stems flanked in whorls of candy-pink flowers. 36” tall. Deep green serrated leaves. Blooms late spring-summer. Full sun.


large family including woodland ground covers and tall growing perennial for sunny borders, most are fragrant, zones 4-8. ALL NATIVE.

divaricata (Woodland Phlox), ‘Blue Elf’, blue flowers in May, 6” tall.

‘Blue Moon’, deep violet blue flowers in May. 12” tall.

‘London Grove’, compact habit with icy blue flowers.

‘May Breeze’, loose clusters of the palest blue flowers April-May.

 douglasii, (Moss Phlox), ‘Cracker Jack’, 5-8” mat forming variety with bright crimson-red flowers.

glaberrima, ‘Triple Play’, striking green foliage edged cream.  Pinkish-lavender flowers in late spring.

 paniculata(maculata) sun, rich, moist, well-drained soil. Native. Blooms July-Sept. Divide every 3 years. We choose all our varieties for disease resistance.

‘David’, deliciously fragrant, tall (40″) white, highly mildew-resistant foliage.

‘David’s Lavender’, a sport of ‘David’. Same outstanding mildew resistance with large lilac blooms. 4-5’ tall x 3’ wide.

‘Flame Coral’, bright, coral-red flowers on mildew resistant foliage late spring-early summer.  15-18″ tall. 

‘Flame Purple’, Large clusters of rich purple flowers with a small, dark eye.  15-18″ tall.

**NEW** ‘Flame Red’, magenta-red flowers.  15-18″.

**NEW** ‘Flame White Eye’, snow white flowers with prominent magenta eye.  15-18″.

 ‘Forever Pink’, purplish-pink flowers.  16″ tall.

**NEW** ‘Flame Purple Eye’, purple flowers with a white eye.  15-18″.

‘Glamour Girl’, hot coral-pink flowers with small, magenta eyes.  26-32″.

‘Jeana’, lavender-pink flowers.  Grows 24-36″ tall.

‘Laura’, magenta-purple with white eyes.  30-36″.

‘Nicky’, deep purple flowers.  30-36″.

stolonifera(Creeping Phlox), Native. Evergreen foliage. Groundcover. Part to full shade. Rich, moist, well-drained soil, blooms May-June.

‘Blue Ridge’, sky blue flowers in late spring.

‘Home Fires’, deep pink flowers. 6-10”.

 ‘Sherwood Purple’, purple flowers. 6-10”.

subulata (Moss Pinks, Creeping Phlox), ground cover for sun and well-drained soil, ‘Amethyst Pearl’, ‘Candy Stripes’, ‘Coral Eye’, ‘Drummond Pink’,  ‘Emerald Blue’, ‘Emerald Pink’,  ‘Fort Hill’, ‘Red Wings’,  ‘Scarlet Flame’, ‘Snowflake’, ‘Violet Pinwheels’.

x. **NEW** ‘Fashionably Early Crystal’, pure white flowers with a faint lavender eye.  Blooms 3 weeks earlier than other garden phlox.  28-32″.


x. rectus, ‘Pheeges Festive Orange’, coral-orange, tubular flowers, bloom in clusters July-Sept.  24″ tall.  Hummingbirds love it!  Full sun

‘Pheeges Lemon Frost’, primrose-yellow, tubular flowers bloom in clusters July-Sept.  Grows 24″ tall.


virginiana (False Dragonhead, Obedient Plant), zones 4-9, full sun or partial shade, blooms in late summer into fall. Native.

‘Miss Manners’, white flower spikes, 2’ tall, well behaved clump former.

‘Pink Manners’, clumping form with pink-blushed, tubular flowers on 3′ stems in summer.


grandiflorus(Balloon Flower), full sun and well-drained soil, blooms in midsummer, buds look like inflated balloons, great cut flower, sear cut end. Slow to emerge in spring.

‘Astra Pink’, 3″, bright pink flowers, 8-10″ tall.

‘Astra Semi-Double Blue’, balloon buds open to deep blue, semi-double flowers in summer.  8-10″.

 ‘Astra Semi-Double White’, balloon buds open to pure white, semi-double flowers in summer.  8-10″.

‘Fuji Blue’, 20” deep blue July-Aug.

‘Sentimental Blue’ Dwarf form with blue flowers. 6-8″


(see Ceratostigma)


‘Stairway to Heaven’, variegated bold cream foliage. 12” stalks of bright blue flowers May-June. Native.

‘Touch of Class’, improved ‘Stairway of Heaven’. Brighter, whiter variegation that gives a more silver appearance. Silvery blue flowers.


Polygonatum Commutatum(Solomon’s Seal), for shade to partial shade and moist soil. POISONOUS!

commutatum, (P. giganteum), robust with greenish-white bells beneath arching stems in May. 2-3’ tall. Dark blue-black berries in autumn.

Polygonatum Humilehumile, 6” dwarf green leafed variety. Great ground cover.

odoratum, ‘Variegatum’(AKA: multiflorum‘Variegatum’)(AKA: falcatum ‘Variegatum”)(Fragrant Solomon’s Seal), green leaves edged with broad creamy white. Fragrant white bells followed by black berries. 24”.


(see Papaver)


(see Gillenia)


pedunculata, ‘Country Park’, low growing ground cover with fragrant, deep blue blossoms in summer. Part-full shade. Moist soil.


(Primrose, Cowslip), perennial prefers partial shade-moist, peaty soil, blooms in Spring.

elatior, (Wild Form), clusters of fragrant sulfur-yellow flowers with darker eye blooming April-May.  12″.

 ‘Victorian Laced Primroses’, wide golden yellow eye and petals ranging from brown to crimson with gold or silver edges.  10″.

japonica, lovely red tones.  20″.

veris, ‘Sunset Shades’, mix, 8”.

vulgaris **NEW** BELARINA SERIES: vibrant reblooming variety with crinkled green foliage.

‘Buttercup’, bright yellow flowers 5-7″

‘Cobalt’, rich purple flowers.  5-7″.

‘Cream’, creamy white flowers.  5-7″.

‘Nectarine’, orange-pink flowers.  5-7″.

‘Pink Ice’, pastel pink flowers.  5-7″..

‘Valentine’, deep crimson flowers.  5-7″.


grandifloramixed, (Self-Heal), white, lavender, and pink flowers on low creeping mats in spring. Full-sun-Full Shade.

 ‘Bella Blue’, dense mats of lacey leaves topped by violet-blue flowers June-Sept.  10-12″ tall.

‘Bella Deep Rose’, deep pink flowers on shorter stems spring-summer.  10-12″ tall.

 x. ‘Summer Daze’, magenta-pink flower spikes from June-Frost.  15-18″.


(Lungwort), zones, partial shade and moist soil, spring blooming. officinalis, ‘E.B. Anderson’, leaves with mottled silver spots. Violet-blue flowers.

‘Mrs. Moon’, pink flowers turn blue April-May. Large silver spots on green leaves. 8-10”.

‘Trevi Fountain’, narrow green leaves spotted with silver. Deep blue flowers.

PYCANTHEMUM (Mountain Mint), very fragrant foliage with white or light purple flowers July-August.  Attracts many pollinators!  Sun-Part shade, moist to wet soils.  Grows 3′ tall.  NATIVE


(see Tanacetum coccineum)