Perennial List R

Perennial List R


columifera, ‘Red’, (Mexican Hat), Bushy 4’ plant, red drooping petals around a central cone. Full sun. Native.


(see Kniphofia)


Astilbe-like plants grown primarily for their large leaves must have moist soil, partial shade to full sun, outstanding large foliage, 4-5′ x 4-6’.

pinnata,  ‘Bronze Peacock’, thick, glossy, deep bronzy-brown leaves emerge like a peacock’s tail.  Tiny pink flowers in June-July.  20-24″.


(Black-eyed Susan, Coneflower), zones 3-10, bloom from July to frost, easy to care for, full sun to partial shade, drought resistant. fulgida, longer bloom time and a bit more petite than ‘Goldsturm’. Blooms July-Oct. Shiny green foliage. Grows 2-2 ½’

. fulgida, ‘Goldsturm’, shorter, guaranteed perennial, darker gold than the species, 24″. Native.

 ‘Little Gold Star’, tiny version of ‘Goldsturm’, growing to only 14-16″. 

var. deamii, bright yellow daisies with dark centers. Blooms July-Nov. 2-3’ tall.

speciosa ‘Viette’s Little Suzy’, dwarf variety with yellow flowers with black centers. 12-14″ tall.

maximamaxima, valued for its grayish leaves, to 1’ long. Drooping yellow rays and elongated black disks, grows 8’ tall!!

subtomentosa ‘Henry Eilers’, bright yellow flowers with narrow, tubular rays and deep reddish-brown center cones.  Blooms mid-late summer.  3-6′ tall.

triloba ‘Prairie Glow’, bi-colored, orange-red and yellow blooms on dark mahogany stems mid-summer thru autumn.  36-48″ tall.