Perennial List S

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Perennial List S


subulata(Pearlwort) Fine moss-like evergreen foliage for moist, part to full shade. Tiny white flowers May-June. Forms dense 1″ mats, ‘Aurea’ fine moss-like pale yellow evergreen foliage.


nemorosa‘Blue Hill’, true-blue-no purple tinge at all, very heavy bud count and long bloom time.

 ‘Blue Marvel’, chunky flower spikes of bright purple-blue in May-July.  24-30″.

‘Caradonna’, 24-30. Dense purple spikes. Very long blooming.

‘East Friesland’, violet flower spikes in May-June and again in early autumn.  16-20″ tall.

‘Endless Love’, improved form of ‘Purple Rain’. Light purple blooms in summer. 14-20”.

‘Eveline’, vibrant pink flower spikes June-Aug. Fast grower to 24”. Wide green foliage has a gray gloss and is characterized by its densely vertical and compact, bushy habit.

‘Marcus’, intense violet-blue flower spikes 8-10” tall. Compact and heavy blooming. Cut back after bloom for rebloom.

‘May Night’, 12-14″ violet spikes. Often reblooms in Sept. 1997 Perennial Plant of the Year!!

‘New Dimension Blue’, spikes of intense violet-blue flowers on 8-10″ plants in summer.

‘New Dimension Rose’, spikes of vibrant rose-purple on 8-10″ plants in summer.

‘Sensation Deep Rose’, vivid pink flowers bloom early-mid-summer.  16″.

‘Sensation Sky Blue’, dwarf variety with violet-blue flower spikes late spring-summer.  Grows 9-12″ tall.

‘Snow Hill’, First white Salvia!! Grows to 18”. Blooms appear in June and again in August if cut ½ way back during initial flowering. Good compact habit.


(Lavender Cotton), ht. 2′ , part alkaline to neutral, poor, light soil, full sun great as a low hedge. Cut Santolina to 2” high each spring. They are semi-evergreen like Lavender.

chamaecyparis ssp. nana(incana), 8-10” dwarf. Fine textured silver-gray foliage. Yellow button flowers in summer. Loves the sun and heat!


(Soapwort, Bouncing Bet)

oxymoides‘Rubra’, rich red flowers in spring on creeping rock garden plant.


(Saxifrage), arendsii, ‘Purple Carpet’, purple-carmine flowers on thin stems in spring. Grows 3-4″ tall.

 ‘Purple Robe’, brilliant red flowers in spring.  6-9″.

‘Snow Carpet’, thin stems of white flowers in spring. Grows 3-4″ tall.

paniculata ssp. brevifolia, spreading mat of green rosettes. White flowers. Full sun. Dry soil.

x. ‘Findling’, 1-4″, slender stemmed white flowers over a compact cushion in spring.

SCUTTELLARIA alpina ‘Arcobaleno’, spikes of bright yellow, violet-blue, pale blue, rose and white flowers bloom June-Sept.  8-10″.

 SEDORO (Sedum and Orostachys hybrid. ‘Sunsparkler Blue Elf’, steel blue foliage and tight clusters of bright pink flowers in summer.  3″ tall.  Full Sun.


Succulent perennial hardy from zones 4-10, full sun and well-drained soil is preferred. Some will tolerate partial shade.

acrevar. aureum, (Golden Mossy Stonecrop) 4” yellow flowers, foliage tipped yellow. Evergreen.

album,  ‘Coral Carpet’, deep green foliage flushes bright coral.  Red-bronze winter color.  White flowers in summer.  2-4″.

var. micranthum, miniature creeping mat of green foliage tipped bronze-red.

anglicum ‘Love’s Triangle’, tiny powder-blue leaves. Pale pink blooms.

borchii, “Sport”, vigorous grower with apple-green tiny leaves.

cauticola,  ‘Blueberry Pie’, frosty blue foliage.  Magenta flowers in late summer.  10-12″.

‘Lidakense’, broad blue-green leaves with a purple blush. Deep pink flowers Aug-Oct. 4” tall.

dasyphyllum, tightly packed, bluish-gray foliage. White-pink flowers in late summer.

divergens, tiny, almost round, shiny green leaves shaded blush-red, turning bright red in full sun. Large yellow flowers. Alpine groundcover.

globosum ‘Old Man Bones’, smooth glossy, green foliage.  Yellow flowers in summer.  2-4″.

hakoense ‘Chocolate Ball’, steel-gray to chocolate-brown foliage with burgundy-red highlights.  Yellow flower clusters.  6-8″ tall.

hybridum, ‘Czar’s Gold’, golden-yellow flowers May-August. Evergreen foliage with red stems. 6”.

 ‘Immergrunchen’, large green foliage with scalloped edges.  Orange-red fall color.  3-6″.

kamtschaticum,  ellacombianum ‘Akebono’, showy, cream colored new growth in spring, changing to green.  8″.

‘The Edge’, (aka: Phedimus kamtscaticus ‘The Edge’), chartreuse-green foliage with a distinct yellow margin. 6” tall x 12” wide.

‘Weihenstephaner Gold’, star-shaped yellow flowers on thick, triangular, green leaves.  4-6″ tall.

 ‘Variegatum’, green foliage with a white edge.  Star-shaped yellow flowers summer-autumn.  Foliage changes to orange-red in autumn.  10″ tall.

pachyclados,  ‘Little Chicky’, soft blue-green foliage.  2-4″.

pluricaule ‘Little Hennie’, blue-green foliage turning pink with purple tones in cooler weather.  2-4″.

reflexum, ‘Blue Spruce’, fleshy, blue-green, needle-like foliage. Bright yellow flowers in midsummer. Grows 4-8″ tall.

rubotinctum‘Mini Me’, bright green foliage with bronze tones thru the season. 1″ tall.

rupestre, ‘Angelina’, brilliant golden conifer-shaped leaves on trailing stems to 6-8”. Orange autumn color. Awesome! Evergreen.

 serpentini, brown-red foliage with small pink flowers in summer.  Low growing groundcover. 

sexangulare, ‘Tiny Towers’, bright green foliage turning burgundy in cooler weather.  Yellow flowers in late spring.  2-4″.

‘Weisse Tetra’, six-sided spiral-shaped leaves turn copper in full sun. Very compact.

sieboldii, (October Daphne), graceful, arching stems with blue-gray, pink tinted leaves. Pink

flowers in Sept. 9”x 16”.

Sedum 'Angelina'spathulifolium, **NEW** ‘Harvest Moon’, tight, tiny silver and purple foliage.  2″, yellow flowers in late summer.  4-8″ tall.

spurium‘Dragon’s Blood’, reddish-green foliage with bright red flowers in summer, a creeper. Prefers a warm moist site in shade.

Sedum Spurium 'Fulda Glow'‘Fulda Glow’, (Improved Dragon’s Blood), Foliage stays bronze red all season. Rose-red flowers in summer.

Sedum spurium ‘John Creech’

Sedum Spurium 'John Creech'‘John Creech’, One of the best ground cover sedums. Only 2” tall with pink flowers in June.

‘Tricolor’, bright pink and white variegation, striking, compact plant.

‘Voodoo’, similar to ‘Dragon’s Blood’ but lower and deep mahogany red.

stefco, teenie, shiny, jellybean-like , gray-green and pinkish-red foliage with crimson stems. White blushed flowers in late summer.

telephium, **NEW** ‘Desert Black’, black-purple foliage.  Rose-pink flowers Aug-Sept.  Grows 8″ tall.

ssp. ruprechtii ‘Hab Gray’, bluish, tightly serrated foliage.  Cream colored flowers from late summer-autumn.  Grows 18-20″.

**NEW** ‘Marina’, blue-gray foliage tinging purple in summer.  Rich, rose-pink flowers in late summer.  Grows 8-10″ tall.

ternatum, can be grown in shady, moist spots! White flowers April-May. Native. Evergreen. Grows 2-6”.

 tetractinum, ‘Emerald Carpet’, bright green foliage turning bronze in cooler weather.  Yellow flowers in late spring.  2-4″.

‘Larinem Park’, foliage is larger than species. White flowers. 6”. Evergreen. Native.

x.‘Autumn Fire’, improved “Autumn Joy’, with pink flowers to 24”.

x.’Autumn Joy’, carefree, long-blooming with pink flower heads in August which gradually darken to brick red by October, 18-24″ x 1.5′.

x. Bertram Anderson’, low spreading clumps of deep burgundy-black foliage. Bright purple red flowers in summer. Sunny dry sites for best color. 8” tall. Awesome!

x.  ‘Firecracker’, foliage emerges frosty blue and matures to bright red.  Pink flowers in summer.  4-6″.

x.  ‘Lime Zinger’, lime green foliage tipped in bright red.  Hot pink flowers in late summer.  6-8″.

x. ‘Matrona’, 18-24”. Gray-green leaves edged pink. Large pink flowers Aug-Sept.

x.‘Neon’, rose-pink flowers, gray-green foliage, 24”. Thicker, rounded flower ‘

clusters have consistent color late summer-autumn.

x. ‘Plum Perfection’, gray-green to plum foliage.  Pale pink bi-colored flowers bloom July-Sept.  10″.

x. ‘Purple Emperor’, dusty red flowers late in the season and dark purple-red foliage. Beautiful! Purple-black foliage and ruby-red flowers. Compact variety to 12-16”.

x. ‘Rosy Glow’, 10”, blue-green foliage with pink flowers in summer.

x.  Sunsparkler Dazzleberry’, very large clusters of raspberry colored blooms all summer.  Smoky gray foliage grows 6-8″ tall.

x. **NEW**‘Sunsparkler Wildfire’,  stunning red leaves with hot pink edges turning bright orange in cooler weather!  Striking!  Deep pink flowers.  6″x 18″.

x. ‘Thundercloud’, finely dissected, pale green foliage.  White, star-like flowers in mid-late summer.  8-12″.

x. ‘Vera Jameson’, dark mahogany red foliage with 10-12″ stems bearing pink flowers in Sept.


tectorum(Hens & Chicks, Cats & Kittens, Houseleeks), rosettes of succulent foliage for full sun, well-drained soil, 12-18″ x 12-18″. Many named varieties to choose from.


(see Leucanthemum)

SIDALCEA hybrida ‘Party Girl’, carmine-rose colored flowers on 42″ spikes from July-Sept.  Full Sun.


(Campion), zones 4-9, full sun, well-drained soil, good for rock gardens, blooms in summer related to lychnis, bright pink flowers.

caroliniana, ‘Short and Sweet’ (Wild Pinks), covered with pink flowers in spring. Prefers bright shade. 4-8” tall x 8” wide. Native.

regia, (Royal Catchfly), NATIVE. Scarlet-red flowers bloom June-Aug.  Hummingbirds and Butterflies love it!  2-3′ tall.

virginica(Fire Pink), 12-15” tall with bright red flowers summer thru autumn. Native. Afternoon Shade. Average to dry soil. Attracts hummingbirds.


(Blue-Eyed Grass)

angustifolium, ‘Lucerne’, bright blue flowers with gold centers and iris-like foliage.  8-10″ tall. Full sun.  NATIVE


(Goldenrod), late summer-fall blooming, does not cause hay fever (the real culprit is ragweed ‘Leraft’, cross between a hybrid of Aster and Solidago. Lemon-yellow aster-like flowers on 25” spikes.

rugosa, ‘Fireworks, tiny, bright yellow flowers borne on dense plume-like panicles in Sept-Oct.  2-3′ x 2-3’.

‘Little Lemon’, dense, light golden flower heads bloom mid-late summer. 8-12” tall.

sphacelata, ‘Golden Fleece’, rich textured, 15-18”, goldenrod, heavy flowers.


(see Polygonatum)


rubra, rock garden plant. Prostrate foliage, pink flowers. Foliage resembles ice plant.


(see Tradescantia)


marilandica (Indian Pink), beautiful woodland native!! Makes a dainty clump 12” x 12”. Bright red flowers with yellow star-shaped centers in late spring. Part shade. Attracts hummingbirds!


cernua var. odorata (Lady Tresses), Porcelain white 12” spires of sweetly scented flowers over 3-4” foliage on this native orchid. Long lasting cut flower. Damp organic soils, prefers part shade. Zone 3.


byzantina (Lamb’s Ears), zones 4-10, fuzzy to silver to white leaves and spikes of pink flowers in late spring, full sun, well-drained soil, will rot in humid summers, 1’x 1′

‘Helene Von StStachys 'Hummelo'ein’ (Big Ears), this woolly lamb’s ears has huge leaves twice the size of its little cousin. Seldom flowers.

‘Silver Carpet’, non-flowering form with 6-10” arching woolly leaves.

 lanata, ‘Fuzzy Wuzzy’, soft and fuzzy silver-green leaves bearing spikes of magenta-lavender flowers in early summer.  Grows 18″ x 20″.

monieri, Glossy, dark green foliage with lovely pink or white flowers on 18” stems.

Stachys – Hummelo ‘Hummelo’, forms large clumps of green textured leaves. Showy spikes of lavender-rose flowers on tall stalks thru summer. 18-20”.


(see Limonium)


laevis (Stokes’ Aster), zones 5-10, full sun, good drainage, especially in winter a must, large, aster-like flowers in summer into early fall. Excellent cut flower.

‘Blue Danube’, large lavender-blue daisies July-Aug.

‘Color Wheel’, flowers open white, age to lavender, and end with dark blue.  18-24″.

‘Honeysong Purple’, true royal-purple flowers with white stamens.  12-14″ tall.

‘Mary Gregory’, 18”, yellow flowers.

 ‘Mel’s Blue’, 4″ wide, periwinkle blue flowers late June-August.  12-15″ tall.

 ‘Peachie’s Pick’, 3″, blue, cornflower-like blooms  June-Sept.  12-15″ tall.

‘Purple Parasols’, Deep violet-purple flowers similar in color to Salvia.


diphyllum, (Celandine Poppy), golden-yellow flowers on 20” plants March-May. Native. Pt. Shade-Full shade.