Perennial List T

Perennial List T

TANACETUM coccineum, (Painted Daisy), ‘Robinson’s Crimson’, scarlet-red daisy flowers with a gold center blooms late spring-early summer.  16-18″.

‘Robinson’s Hybrid’, pink or white daisy flowers with yellow centers.  Blooms spring and summer.  Grows 16-18″

‘Robinson’s Mix’, pink, rose and red daisy flowers with yellow centers in late spring-early summer.


chamaedrys(Germander) dark green foliage, woody stems, shear to force side branching, can be clipped as a low hedge, 1-2′ x 1-2′.


(Meadow Rue), foliage similar to columbines, prefer soil with organic matter, slightly moist, full sun to partial shade. Great cut flowers.

aquilegifolium, ‘Black Stockings’, pink flower heads on jet black stems in late spring-early summer.  4′ tall.

‘Purpureum’, 3′ stems bear myriads of lilac-rose blooms in June-July.

delavayi, ‘Splendide’, lacy mass of green foliage with tall, burgundy stalks. Clouds of lavender-mauve flowers with cream stamens. 4-6′ tall.

flavum ssp. glaucum, yellow flowers on tall stalks.  Blue foliage.  3-5′ tall.

rochebruneanum, ‘Lavender Mist’, 6-8′ sprays of lavender flowers bloom in summer on dark purple stems. 

THERMOPSIS caroliniana (Carolina Lupine), clump forming with dense spikes of sulfur-yellow flowers in June.  Great cut flower!  Full Sun, average, well-drained soil.  Heat and Drought tolerant. Grows 3-4′ x 2-3′ . NATIVE

chinensis ‘Sophia’, spikes of soft, canary-yellow flowers in early spring.  Grows 12-18″ x 18″.


(Thyme) Many named varieties available.

“More Thyme varieties available on herb tables-approx. 15 types!!”


cordifolia (Foamflower), native ground cover with foamy white flowers in early spring, 1 x 1.5-2′.

‘Crow’s Feather’, bright green foliage with purple-black centers. Leaves turn a mix of pink, red, purple and black thru winter. 8”. Tawny-pink flowers. Clumper.

‘Brandywine’, glossy green leaves. Bronze autumn-winter color. Creamy white flowers 6-8 weeks in spring. Clumper with some short runners. 8-10’ tall.

‘Running Tapestry’, fast spreading ground cover. Heart shaped evergreen leaves with white flowers.

x. ‘Elizabeth Oliver’, deeply lobed bright green leaves turn rich purple in Oct. Light pink flowers in May. Evergreen ground cover to 8-10”.

x. **NEW** ‘Fingerpaint’, mint green leaves with large center blotches of rich, chocolate burgundy.  Ivory flowers in early-mid spring.  10-12″ tall.

x. **NEW** ‘Sugar and Spice’, burgundy centered soft green foliage.  Rich pink flowers.  8-10″ tall.


(see Polygonum)


x andersoniana(T. virginiana; Spiderwort), zones 5-10, fleshy, straplike leaves, and triangular flowers, do not fertilize to control foliage growth, blooms late spring-fall, 3′ x 1-2′, partial shade to full sun. Cut to 4” tall after 1st bloom for rebloom later.

‘Bilberry Ice’, white flowers with a lavender splash in June. 18”.

‘Concord Grape’, Rich purple flowers, 1” wide, over silver-blue foliage. Blooms all summer.

‘Purple Profusion’, long blooming, deep purple flowers. 18-24”.

‘Snowcap’, large white flowers, 15”.

‘Sweet Kate’, striking yellow foliage and deep purple flowers. 12-24”.

ohiensis, light blue flowers. Blooms every morning from June-Nov. Thin grass-like foliage turns smoky purple in winter. 2-4’ tall.


(Toad Lily), zones 5-9, fuzzy foliage with creamy white flowers speckled with purple in fall, prefers moist rich soil in partial to full shade.

formosana, ‘Samurai’, wine colored upright stems are a striking complement to the light green leaves with irregular cream edges. Orchid-like purple flowers have dark plum speckles with gold and white highlights in center. 16”.

hirta‘Miyazaki Hybrids’, blooms in late Sept-Oct, 3′.

x. ‘Gilt Edge’, large shiny green leaves with gold borders. White flowers have pink and lavender speckles. Blooms Sept-Oct. 2’.

‘Sinonome’, upfacing white flowers with ruby speckling. 3’.

TRIFOLIUM repens ‘Dark Dancer’, four-leaf clovers of wine-black leaves with green edges.  3-4″ tall.  Part-full shade.


‘4-Luck Cocomint’, four leaf clovers have red edges.  2-6″.

‘4-Luck Green Glow’, dark green centers and light green edges.  2-6″.

‘4-Luck Red’, red specks on the inside, light green outside.  2-6″.


woodland wildflowers. erectum, deep veined, dogwood-like leaves.  Dark reddish-purple flowers.  12-18″.

grandiflorum, (Great White Trillium), each stem produces one pure white flower that is 2-3” across in spring. Must be in shade! Organic, well-drained soil. Grows 18-24”.


(Globeflower), zones 3-10, easy to grow in moisture retentive soil, prefers partial shade to full sun, flower May-June.

europaeus, 15-18” lemon-yellow globes.

‘Golden Queen’, deep golden yellow flowers with orange center. 36”.