Perennial List V

Perennial List V


(Mullein), needs a well-drained sunny location. If planted in a windy site, stake plants before they become too dense. Good cut flower.

x. ‘Lemon Sorbet’, lemon-yellow flowers.  8-18″ tall.

 ‘Plum Smokey’, smoky, plum purple flowers.  8-16″.


lettermanii, ‘Iron Butterfly’, open masses of wispy, deep violet-purple flowers blooming late summer thru autumn. 30-36″ tall.

noveboracensis (New York Ironweed), Native! 6-7’ tall. Magenta purple flowers Aug-Oct. Sun, moist soil.


(Speedwell) Late spring to summer bloomers, flowers form spikes in blue, pink or white, full sun, zones 4-10.

peduncularis‘Georgia Blue’, round, true blue flowers on spreading low growing bushes to 12″.

prostrata, ‘Aztec Gold’, small, 3-4” bright gold foliage. 6” lavender-blue spikes in spring. Best color in full sun.

‘Goldwell’, green leaves with gold edges.  Blue flower spikes in spring.  3-4″.

spicata,  ‘Blue Carpet’, rich purple spikes over deep green foliage.  8-10″.

‘Red Fox’, 10”. Rose-red flowers spikes June-August.Veronica x. 'Christy'

x. **NEW** ‘Blue Skywalker’, blue flower spikes on 28-30″ tall plants  May-June.

x. ‘Royal Candles’,  ‘Sunny Border Blue’ shorter, 15” tall and long bloom period.

‘Sunny Border Blue’, dark violet-blue spikes June-frost on 18-20” plants.


virginicum, strong vertical stems 4-6” tall. Spikes of tiny pale blue or white flowers in late summer.

‘Lavender Towers’, long spikes of pale purple flowers in mid-summer.  Grows 4-5′ tall.


(Violet, Horned Pansy)

cornuta, ‘Baby Franjo’, lightly fragrant, light yellow flowers in spring.  4″ tall.

‘Purple Showers’, dark purple flowers spring-autumn. Fragrant. 8”.

 labradorica, dark purple foliage. Blue flowers early spring. Strong ground cover.

‘Queen Charlotte’, fragrant, blue, sweet violet flowers.

rosina, sweetly scented rosy-pink flowers from late winter-spring.  6-8″.

pedata, native wildflower. Deeply cut foliage, light blue-violet flowers. Acid soils. 6-8”.

sosoria, ‘Freckles’, white flowers dappled in violet-blue. Blooms in spring. 5-7″ tall. Native.

x.  ‘Etain’, large flowering perennial with yellow flowers edged in soft lavender.  5-6″.


(see Mertensia)