Perennial List Vines


kolomikta(Kiwi Vine) ‘Arctic Beauty’, Pink, white and green variegated ‘foliage. Small, white fragrant flowers. May-June. 20’ Full sun, Pt. Shade


quinata ‘Leucanta’, cream colored flowers.

‘Silver Bells’,(Chocolate Vine), small strings of white-pale buds open to fragrant chocolate to maroon-purple flowers in May. 4” sausage-shaped grayish-purple fruit in Sept. 12-16” tall. Sun or Shade. Very tough, very fast to establish.


baetica, small, heart-shaped, gray-green leaves.  Purple, funnel-shaped flowers and attractive, ribbed seed capsules.  8-12′.

contorta (Dutchman’s Pipe) hardiest species from Siberia. Small heart-shaped leaves, greenish-yellow “pipe” flowers, “hot air balloon” shaped seed pods.


capreolata (Cross Vine, Quarter Vine), funnel-shaped, reddish-orange flowers in clusters on a semi-evergreen climber to 30′. 6″ seed pods in autumn. Native. Sun-part shade.


(TrumpetVine) radicans’Flamenco’, scarlet 2-3″ tubular flowers in late summer.

‘Indian Summer’, fat bunches of gloxinia-like flowers. Orange-red inside, apricot outside.

‘Summer Jazz Fire’, semi-dwarf with deep red-orange, trumpet flowers in early summer.  5-6′ tall.

 ‘Summer Jazz Gold’, semi dwarf with golden-yellow flowers in early summer.  4-5′.


hardy vines and herbaceous plants for borders. Note pruning requirements! Mulch at least 3″ deep to keep roots cool and retain moisture. They do not attach and need something to grab as they climb. (vine supports, chicken wire, etc.)


**NEW** ‘Anna Louise’, 5-6″ bright violet flowers with a reddish-purple central bar.  8-10′ tall.  Prune hard

‘Beauty of Worcester’, double and semi-double, 5-6” purple flowers May-July. No pruning. Best in part shade.

‘Elsa Spath’, large, single purple-blue flowers fade to mauve-blue.  6-10′ tall.  Blooms late spring-early summer.

‘Franziska Maria’, 4-6” double blue-purple June-Sept. 8-10’. No pruning.

‘Fleuri’, 5″, deep violet flowers with a central stripe in deeper tones of magenta.  Blooms May-August.

 ‘Gipsy Queen’, deep, rich, plum purple flowers.  10-12′. Blooms for a long period of time.

«‘Jackmanii Superba’, dark velvety purple, broad sepals with green stamen, masses of flowers July-Sept. flower: 4-6″, height: 10-20′, prune hard.

‘Ruby Glow’, glowing rosy-purple with pale stamens. Very heavy flowering. Blooms June-August. flowers: 6-8″, height, 6-8′, pruning optional.

‘Roguchi’, (clematis integrifolia x durandii), large 2” cobalt-blue bells May-Sept. Non climbing clambering vine to 6’. Prune hard

«’The President’, deep purple blue with pointed sepals and reddish-purple stamens, June-Sept. Flower: 6-8″, height 6-8′, no pruning.

‘Viola’, 4-5” deep bluish violet flowers June-Sept. 8-10’ tall. Prune hard.

 ‘Vivienne Beth Currie’, plum purple background and a crimson central bar.  8′ tall.

‘Vyvyan Pennell’, 6-8″,double  purple-mauve flowers with rosy lilac to lavender centers.  8-10′.

‘Wildfire’, 6-8″, violet purple flowers with a reddish-purple bar.  Flowers start out magenta pink and deepen to violet purple as they mature.  Blooms summer-early fall.  Prune Hard.


‘Allanah’, 6-8” bright ruby-red flowers June-Sept. 6-8’ tall. Prune hard.

‘Bourbon’, 5-6” red flowers with contrasting yellow anthers. 4-6’ tall. Great for containers! Blooms June-Early August.

‘Niobe’, Very dark ruby-red pointed petals with gold anthers. Flower:6-8”. Blooms June, August and September. A true red! Grows 8-12’. No pruning.

‘Rebecca’, stunning large red flowers. 6-8’ tall. Blooms early-late summer. Pruning optional.

‘Rosemoor’, 5-6” reddish-purple flowers May-Sept. 6-8’ No pruning.

‘Ville de Lyon’, carmine red edged with deep crimson, golden stamens, very free-flowering and vigorous, blooms June-Sept, flowers 4-6″, height 8-12′, prune hard

‘Warsaw Nike’, rich reddish-purple with gold stamens. May-Sept. Flower: 5”, Height: 8-10’. Prune hard.


**NEW** ‘Asao’, deep carmine-rose flowers with white central bars.  Blooms early season.  6-9′.

‘Betty Risdon’,8”, creamy pink tinged with rich plum pink. 8-10’. Late spring-early summer, then again late summer. Shade. Pruning optional.

«’Comtesse de Bouchard’, Velvet rose-pink large flowers with yellow anthers. A profuse bloomer. Blooms June-Sept. Grows 8-12’. Prune Hard.

‘Dr. Ruppel’, rose with a brilliant carmine bar and golden stamens, May, June and Sept, flowers 6-8″, height 6-8′, no pruning.

 ‘Empress’, double, sugar-pink blooms up to 4″ across.  Blooms all summer.  Grows 10′ tall.  Prune only to remove dead stems in spring. 

 ‘Giselle’, rich dusky pink 5-6″ flowers spring-fall.  Grows 4-5′.

«’Hagley Hybrid’ , 5-6” rich pink flowers with ruffly edges and reddish anthers. Vigorous grower. June and September. Prune Hard. Grows 7-8’.

 ‘John Paul II’, large, pink tinged, whitish flowers, red stamens.  Blooms mid-late summer.  12′ tall.

‘Liberation’, single, striking, cerise-pink flowers, 4-8′ across with a deep cerise center.  Blooms June-July, reblooms in Sept.  Prune in spring only to remove dead wood.

‘Pink Champagne’, deep pink with white bars and yellow stamens, May-June and August-Sept, flowers 6-8″, height 6-8′, Pruning optional. Aka: ‘Kakio’.

‘Sugar Candy’, large 6-7” pinkish-mauve blooms with darker bars May-Sept. 7-8’. Pruning optional.


 ‘Bernadine’, pale blue to lavender flowers with a paler bar in the center of the sepal.  3-4′ tall.

 ‘Cezanne’, fragrant lavender flowers.  Blooms May-Oct.  Grows 3-4′ tall.  Prune hard

 ‘Diana’s Delight’, rich blue colored flowers with light and dark tones.  Creamy yellow center.  Blooms June-Sept.  6′ tall.  Cut only to remove dead twigs in spring.

‘Kiri Ti Kanawa’, large, deep, double blooms.  Blooms spring-summer.  Grows 8-10′ tall.  Prune only to remove dead stems in spring.

«’Mrs. Cholmondeley’, lavender-blue with long narrow sepals and brown stamens. May, June and Sept, flowers 7-9″, height 12-16′, pruning optional

‘Mrs. N. Thompson’, Deep violet-blue with vivid scarlet bar, pointed sepals and deep red stamens. Very free-flowering. May, June and Sept. flower: 4-6″, height: 6-8′, pruning optional.

ê’Multi Blue’, deep blue with a large double centre of sepals tipped with white, a unique variety, June and Sept., flowers 4-6″, height 6-8′, pruning optional.

‘Ramona’, long blooming, 6″ lavender blue flowers with dark anthers. July-Sept. Flower:6-8”, Height:10-16’, Pruning optional.ptional.

‘Sapphire Indigo’, large sapphire-blue flowers all summer long.  3′ tall.  no pruning.


 ‘Corrine’, pointed white petals blushes the palest pink along the central stripe.  Grows 5-6′.  Blooms May-Sept. 

‘Gillian Blades’, ruffly flowers open with a hint of pale blue and mature to a pure white.  Blooms late spring and again in late summer.  7-8′.

Guernsey Cream’, Very light yellow with cream anthers. Large 5-7” flowers. Blooms in June and August. Height:8-10’. Pruning optional.

‘Henryi’, pure white flowers with contrasting eye of brown-tipped stamens late spring-early summer.  10-12′.

‘Langinosa Candida’, large pure white flowers, pale yellow stamens. Many petals give the appearance of a semi-double flower. Blooms June, July and September. Flower:7-9”. Height: 10-15’. Pruning optional.

 ‘Samaritan Jo’, striking white flowers with bright purple margins.  Grows 3-5′.


‘Josephine’, bronze petals, tinged green and a darker bar. Inner petals lilac with a pink bar. 5” flowers June-Aug. 8’, No pruning. (Evi johill’)


montana ‘Elizabeth’, Soft pink flowers with a vanilla scent. Very vigorous grower. Blooms May-June. Flower:2-3”, Height:12-20’. No pruning.

m. ‘Freda’, cherry-pink 2” flowers with yellow anthers May-June on plants which might grow to 16’!! Deep bronze foliage. No pruning. Fine in shade.

‘Grandiflora’, 3-3 ½” pure white with yellow sepals May-June. 30-40’.

‘Mayleen’, 2 ½”-3” satin-pink blooms with gold stamens. Very fragrant! Bronze toned foliage. 30’ tall. Blooms May-June. No pruning. Does well in shade.

montana ‘Rubens’, deep pink 2-3″ flowers with coppery foliage 15-18′ high, flowers May-June, prune only to remove dead twigs, will do well in shade.


x. intricata, ‘My Angel’ small, nodding flowers are yellow on inside, reddish-brown on outside, with a creamy yellow edge. Blooms Aug-Oct. Purple stems. 9’. Prune hard early spring.

paniculata(Sweet Autumn Clematis), hundreds of starry vanilla scented flowers in Aug-Sept., 10-20′, cut back halfway.

texensis, ‘Duchess of Albany’, upright 2” pink tulip-like flowers July-Aug on 10’ vines. Tepals are pink outside, satiny deep candy pink inside with darker central bar. Free flowering. Prune hard in spring.

‘Gravetye Beauty’, striking 2-3”, rich crimson flowers shaped like lily flowered tulips, open much wider than other texensis types. 6-8’ tall. Prune hard.

‘Princess Diana’, miniature tulip-like flowers are 2” long. Petals are whitish-pink outside with a deep pink central bar. Inside petals are rich pink with a deeper pink bar. 10’. June-July and Sept. Prune hard.

‘Sir Trevor Lawrence’, miniature tulip-like 2” flowers. Outside petals are whitish-pink in shade, reddish-pink in sun, with reddish-pink veins. Inside petals purple-red with deeper red bar. July-Sept. 10’. Prune hard.

 virginiana, (Virgin’s Bower), native vine covered with clusters of white flowers summer and fall.  15′.

viticella‘Alba Luxurians’, nodding, flat, open white flowers with green accents to 3” across July-Sept. 10’. Prune hard.

‘Betty Corning’, 2” pale pinky mauve inside, pale pinky blue outside. June-Sept. 8-10’. Prune hard. Fragrant.

‘Etoile Violette’, deep purple, 3-4″ flowers with gold stamens in early summer and again in fall.  6-12′ tall.

‘Madame Julia Correvon’, deep wine-red twisted sepals with golden stamens, very free flowering, 3-4″ flower, blooms June-Sept, 6-8′, prune hard.

‘Polish Spirit’, purple-blue 2-4” flowers with blackish anthers July-Sept. 10’+. Prune hard.

 ‘Prince Charles’, semi-nodding, 4″ wide flowers with pointed, slightly twisted, mauve-blue tepals, yellowish-green anthers.  Blooms early summer-fall.  8′ tall. Prune hard.

‘ Purpurea Plena Elegans’, very double violet-purple, will climb to 10-12′, prune hard. Blooms July-Sept. Flowers:2-3”.

**NEW** ‘Sweet Summer Love’, star-like, cranberry-purple fragrant flowers June-Aug.  10-15′ tall.  Prune hard



sempervirens, ‘Margarita’, bright golden trumpets April-May. Evergreen. Very fragrant. 10-20’. Sun-Pt. shade. Native.



lupulus ‘Aureus’ (Golden Hops), twining vines with chartruese leaves, pale green, papery overlapping bracts cover cone-like fruiting structures. grows to 25′


sempervirens  , ‘Alabama Crimson’, bright red blooms thru-out season.

‘Dropmore Scarlet’ (Honeysuckle), everblooming vine with large orange-scarlet trumpet-shaped flowers, full sun-part shade, grows 10-20′

‘Majot Wheeler’, intense, orange-red trumpet flowers.  10-12′.

heckrottii, ‘Goldflame’, red/yellow bicolor. Fragrant.

‘John Clayton’, native, evergreen with fragrant, long trumpeted yellow blooms.

‘Mandarin’ ’ long, tubular yellow-orange flowers May-August. Grows 20’.

x. ‘Peaches and Cream’, deep magenta buds open to peachy gold flowers from late spring-late summer.  5-6′.


henryana (Silvervein Creeper), dark velvety green leaves with silvery-white to pink midribs. Incredible reddish-purple autumn color. This vine attaches with small disc-like cups. To 20’. Best in light shade.

 ‘Emerald and Ivory’, speckled variegated form of the native. Less aggressive.  6-10′.


aubertii (aka: Fallopia)(Silver Lace Vine), grows 25-35′, white fragrant flowers in July-Aug, sun to shade.


hydrangeoides ‘Moonlight’(Japanese Hydrangea Vine), pewter mottled leaves, white “lacecap hydrangea” blooms late June-July. 20-30’. Daintier texture than Climbing Hydrangea. Clings.

‘Roseum’, rose flushed flowers.


floribunda, (Japanese Wisteria)

frutescens, ‘Amethyst Falls’, reblooming double powder-blue flowers. 20-30’ tall. Native.

sinensis, (Chinese Wisteria)

venusta, (Silky Wisteria)

Named varieties available. Fragrant hanging flowers in May. Will grow 40’ or more!! No pruning in fall!!