Tree & Shrub List A

Tree & Shrub List A

All prices and availability are constantly changing. These lists are a guide! Please call for up-to-date info.


grandiflora Well drained soils. Sun to half day shade. Responds very well to a renewal pruning every few years. Bell-shaped blooms June- Frost. Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. Semi-evergreen foliage turns deep mahogany for winter. Leafs back out late. Deer resistant. Very nice choice.

~‘Edward Goucher’- pretty pink flowers all summer long. 5×5′. 3g $29.99

~’Kaleidoscope’- white flowers, gold variegated foliage. 3×3′ 3g $39.99

new ~’Mardi Gras’-  Green and white leaves tinged pink, pale pink flowers. 3×3′.  3g $39.99

~’Rose Creek’- Fragrant pale pink flowers. 3×4′ $29.99

~’Sunshine Daydream’- Tricolor variegation, foliage is pink, golden and green. 4×4′. 3g $34.99

new ~’Twist of Orange’- Gold, orange and green leaves, white flowers. 5×5′.  3g $45


concolor White Fir- Grayish-green-soft blue foliage. Sun. 30-50×15-20′.

~’Blue Cloak’- Blue needles. Strong upright leader with softly weeping branches. 30×15′. 30″ $125

~’Dwarf Blue’- 4×3′ at 10 years. 3g $65

~’Krystal Blue’- 3g $75

~’Glauca Compacta’- Frosty blue needles on a dwarf, dense cone-shaped tree. Only 3′ tall in 10 years. 18″ $100

koreana– Korean Fir

~’Horstmann’s Silberlocke’- Recurved needles reveal silvery undersides of needles. Purple cones stand upright. 20×6′. 30″ $165

pinsapo Spanish Fir

~’Aurea’- Attractive butter cream yellow needles. Raspberry colored spring buds. 25×8′. 18-24″ $100


circinatum Vine Maple ~ ‘Burgundy Jewel’ Ooh, sweet small tree! Purple-red leaves turn orange and scarlet in Autumn. Prefers afternoon shade. Purple branches brighten up winter. This baby is a jewel for sure! 6’x4′ in 10 yrs. 3g $39.99

conspicuum Snakebark Maple-  new ~’Phoenix’- brilliant red and white striped winter bark. 8×4′ in 10 yrs. 3g $65

new ~’Silver Vein’- Strong gray and white stripes on the bark. Large leaves. 25′ tall. 1g, 3-4′ 29.99

griseum– Paperbark Maple- Outstanding tree to 25×15′. Cinnamon colored peeling bark, great foliage. 5′ $139.99 6′ $159.99

new longipes ssp. amplum ‘Gold Coin’- red-orange emerging leaves mature to rich yellow. Medium yellow autumn color. 15×12′. 3-4′ $100 

japonicum– Japanese Maple- Full sun, moist, well-drained soils. Organic fertilizers. All with outstanding autumn colors.

Acer 'Aconitifolium'~‘Aconitifolium’- “Dancing Peacocks”- Rounded to 10×10′. Gorgeous foliage. love! 3′ $150 4′ $180
new ~’Ed Wood II’- Deeply cut, huge foliage. 30×30. Afternoon shade. 1g $24.99

~’Fairy Lights’ – Light green, lacy foliage turns gold and red in autumn. Would do well in a miniature garden or as a focal point in a rock garden. Light shade and well drained soil are essential!  3’x4′ 1gal $29.99

 ~’Meigetsu Itaya’- Huge light green, tropical looking leaves. 4-5′ $125

~’Ruby’- Emerging leaves are ruby, aging to olive-green edged ruby-purple. 15×15′. Bold!  6′ $75

palmatum– Japanese Maple- Full sun- part shade. Moist, well-drained soils. Organic fertilizers.

new ~’Abigail Rose’- Variegated pink, white and green. Old plants 4×4′. Part shade. 4-5′ $89.99

new ~’Aka kawa hime’- Semi-dwarf with winter twigs turning bright coral-red. 10×8′. 1g $29.99

~’Aridane’- Spring leaves emerge cream, maturing to dark green with a burgundy flush.  Autumn yellow to red. 10’x12′. 5-6′ $89.99 1g $24.99

new ~’Amber Ghost’- Spring amber colored leaves have network of dark green veins. Red-orange autumn color. 10×8′. 4-5′ $79.99 1g $29.99

~’Asahi zuru’- Rich green leaves with pink and white variegation. 25×15′. Part shade is best. 4-5′ $150.

~’Beni hoshi’ Dwarf Red Star- Red star-like foliage turning green in the summer.  Fall colors are yellow and orange. 5’x4′ 2 gal $65.00

~’Beni kawa’- Redbark Maple- similar to ‘Sango kaku’, but with deeper, brighter salmon-red winter twigs, persisting in 2 year old shoots for longer color lengths. Fresh green leaves turn lovely gold in autumn. 12×12′. 2g $55

~ ‘Beni Otake’- Upright, bamboo-like purple-red narrow leaves, perfect for the small garden!  8’x7′ 4-5′ $150

~‘Bloodgood’- New leaves red-purple, aging to red-green. Red autumn. 15×15. 7g $125

~’Butterfly’- Blue-gray-green leaves edged white. Upright grower. 20×6′. 4-5′ $150

new ~Corallinum’- Deep shrimp pink new foliage matures finally to green. Slow growing and dense. 6×6′.  2g $55

new ~’Coral Magic’- Vivid coral spring foliage finally ages to green after many weeks. 5×5′. 3-4′ $59.99

new ~’Emperor I’- Deep purple-red leaves all summer long, dark crimson autumn, 15×15′. 5′ $200

~‘Fireglow’- Similar to ‘Bloodgood’, but deeper red color all summer. Smaller growing than ‘Bloodgood’, 12×12’. 3′ $150 4′ $180

~’Geisha Gone Wild’- Variegated patches of purple-pink, white and green distort the leaves causing them to twist and curve.  Autumn color is purple and orange.  10×6.  Sun to light shade.  3-4′ 3g $75 3′ 1g $34.99 1g $32.99

~’Ghost Dancer’- Variegated green, white and pink foliage turns orange-gold in autumn. 6×6′. Part- Full shade. 4-5′ $79.99

new ~’Grandma Ghost’- Spring leaves are yellowish tinged pink with distinct dark green veins. Large leaves age to creamy-white and amber, then gold-orange in autumn. Afternoon shade. 12×6′. 1g 3-4′ $29.99

new ~’Hogyoko’- Deep rich green foliage is deep orange in autumn. 20 x15′. 3g

~’Hupp’s Red Willow’- Purple-red leaves with long narrow lobes. Autumn color is fiery orange-red. Upright grower, 8×4′ at 10 yrs. 2 gal $55 5-6′ $200

~’Iimija sunango’- Rich red-orange foliage ages to purple-brown with green spots in summer-autumn. 25×20′. 4-5′ $150

~’Japanese Sunrise’- Colorful winter twigs similar to coral bark (‘Sango kaku’) but light red and yellow-orange.  Light green leaves turn yellow, gold and crimson in autumn.  Sun. 20×15.  2g $55, 5-6′ $89.99

Acer 'Koto No Ito'~‘Koto no ito’- Narrow lobed bright green foliage. Apricot autumn color. 9′. Fabulous. 3g   , 5-6′ $250

~ ‘Kurenai Jishi’- Spring leaves are bright red and mature to a copper-red. Autumn colors are red and yellow. Part shade! 4’x3′ 3gal $39.99

new ~’Mama Fu’- Variegated leaves. 6×4′.  1g $39.99

new ~’Manyo no sato’ – Thin leaves are dark purple-brown with a light yellow variegation. 12×8′. 1g $27.99

new ~’Mikazuki’- Thin leaves are white with a pink blush and dark green veins, color holding strong most of the summer! 15×10′ 4-5′ $79.99 1g $34.99

~‘Mikawa yatsubusa’- Light yellow-green leaves overlap each other to look like shingles on a roof.  Autumn tones are yellow and red.  Very dense and compact growth to 6′ when old. 1g $29.99

~‘Nuresagi’- Rich black-purple-red, suffused green in late summer. 15′. 3-4′ $115  5-6′ $200

new ~’Ogon sarasa’-Brick-red new growth, bronze-green in summer, bright orange and red autumn color. 20×10′ 5-6′ $250, 6-7′ $300

~’Okukuji nishiki’- Highly variegated leaves are powdery green with cream and white.  Autumn color is red with rose-pink.  Dense and upright to 12×6. Part shade. 1g $29.99

new ~’Omure yama- Cascading growth like a weeping willow! Green leaves turn gold and crimson in autumn, 15×15′. 5′ $200

~’Olsen’s Frosted Strawberry’- A seedling of ‘Aka shigitatsu sawa’- with strawberry-cream new foliage with a lovely variegated pattern like it’s parent.  6-10′ high and wide. 1g $29.99

~’Oregon Sunset’- Soft red emerging leaves, aging to plum red, vivid sunset red in autumn. 12×12′.  4′ $230

~’Oridono nishiki’- Emerging foliage is bright pink, white and cream, aging to deep shiny green. Upright rounded tree 18×12′.  3 gal $29.99

~’Orion’ – New foliage is red and fades to green; yellow in the fall. A miniature, 3’x2′ in 20 years!  3g $39.99

Acer 'Peaches n Cream'new ~’Patsy’- Deeply divided bright chartreuse leaves are heavily serrated with a rich purple border. Autumn colors are yellow, orange and red. 7-8′ tall in 10 years. 1g $34.99

new ~’Peve Multicolor’- Pale pink and white spring leaves have green freckles. Yellow autumn color. 10×10′. Part shade. 1g $39.99

~‘Purple Ghost’- Deep red-purple spring leaves overlaid with black-red veins mature to all dark red. Sun = darker red. Fiery red-orange autumn color. Matures to 12’x6′, 1 gal $24.99

~ ‘Red Emperor’, comparable to ‘Bloodgood’, but, with better red color thru-out the season.  Dark crimson in autumn.  15-20’x 15-20′.  2 gal $55, 5-6′ $275

new ~’Sagara nishiki- Leaves emerge green and yellow with pink margins. Autumn yellow-orange. Morning sun only. 7×4 at 10yrs4-5′ $150

new ~’Seiun kaku’- Very deeply divided foliage begins light yellowish-green, maturing to dark green, red in autumn. 10×10′. Sun or part shade. 2g $49.99

new ~’Shaina’- Dark maroon foliage all summer. 8×8′. 24″ $125

~’Shigarami’ Bright green with purple tips, ages to a solid green. Autumn golden yellow with orange. 12’x8′, sun to part shade. 3g $32.99

~”Shishigashira’- Closely packed green foliage.  Gold autumn. 9′ old. 4″cal $150

~‘Shojo’- New growth purple-red, aging to red-green. Crimson autumn. 15′. 4-5′ $225

~’Summer Gold’ A chameleon sort of tree; leaves emerge orangey-yellow, become a yellow-gold, then in late summer the yellow lightens and has hints of green. Turns back to a beautiful yellow for autumn! Matures at 12’x10′, likes sun or part shade (in the afternoon). 3g $34.99

new ~’Tattoo’- Small green leaves have a purple edge in spring. Yellow -orange autumn color. Only 4×2 at 10 years. $2g $65

new ~’Tequila Sunset’- Slow growing, red foliage with flecks of yellow and light pink-red. 12×8′. 1g $39.99

~ ‘Trompenburg’- Rich, purple-red lasts well into summer, and does not burn even in full sun.  Strong, shapely tree grows 26′ x 16′.  3g $55

~’Tsukushi gata’- Rich purple-red leaves hold color all season. Under shaded leaves have a defined green cast for a layered color look. 12×12′. 3-4′ $125 5-6′ $300 2g $55

~’Tsuma gaki’- Leaves are yellow-green, and tends to droop from the leaf stalk.  The leaf tips are purple-red.  Red and crimson autumn color.  10×10′. Sun or part shade. 3-4′ $150

~’Twombley’s Red Sentinel’- Quickly develops into an upright columnar habit, widening with age. Crimson red foliage darkens to burgundy red in summer-autumn. 10×7′ at 10 years old…maturing to 12 x10′. Sun for best color. 3-4′ $175, 5-6′ $250

new ~’Ukigumo’- Floating Clouds Maple. Pale green leaves heavily marked with white or pale pink, becoming more subtle summer-autumn, turning to soft yellow orange in autumn. Morning sun only. 10×10′.  3′ $150

new ~’Winter’s Flame’- Pink red winter and spring twigs, soft lime green spring foliage ages to light green, and light crimson red in autumn. 10×10′. 30″ $150

~ ‘Winter’s Orange’- Orange bark sparks winter interest.  Leaves come out orange then turn lime green edged in orange.  Fall color is orange. 8-10′ in 15 yrs. 3 gal $100

~ ‘Winter’s Red’- Red bark sparks winter interest.  Green leaves compliment red bark during summer months, then turn golden. 8-10′ in 15 yrs.  2 gal $75

~ ‘Yezo nishiki’- Upright, wide-spreading tree will reach 23 feet tall and have a 13 foot spread!  Rich reddish purple in spring, fading to bronze in sun or green in shade.  Fall colors are crimson and scarlet.  6-7′ $300


palmatum var. dissectum

~’Beni kumo-no-su’ (Red Spider Web)- Small and finely cut foliage emerges red, aging to bronze-green, then back to bright red for autumn color. Low and dense, 4×6′ @15 yrs.     36-42″ $275

~‘Crimson Queen’- Crimson-red, scarlet-orange autumn. 10×12′.  24-30″ $165  30-36″ $225  36-42″ $275

~’Emerald Lace’- Lacy green foliage turns bright burgundy red in autumn. 13×13′. 4-5′ $69.99

new ~’Hana matoi’- Variegated foliage, bright red autumn color. 6×6′. 5g 3-4′ $69.99, 5g 4-5′ $75.00

~’Inaba shidare’- Deep purple foliage all summer, bright crimson autumn. 10×10’+30-36″ $225

new ~’Mr T.’ -2g 3-4′ $69.99

~ ‘Octopus’- Deeply dissected foliage starts darker plum red, turning coppery and then bright crimson-red in fall.  Vigorous long new shoots, or “tentacles” arch outward. 10′ x 11′.  3′ $175

~ ‘Orangeola’- Beautiful cascading habit, noted for orange-red foliage in spring.  Leaves fade to a rich red-green, turning dark red before going fiery orange-red in the fall.  Spectacular! 8’x7′ 30″ $160

~’Red Dragon’- Bright red new, to purple-red, autumn scarlet.  8×6.  assorted sizes

~ ‘Tamuke yama’- leaves are somewhat more substantial than usually found on dissectum.  Colors starts crimson-red, maturing to deep red that holds well all summer. 8’x12′  2′ $165, 3′ $225

~‘Viridis’- Light green foliage, autumn yellow/orange. 10×8′.   2 gal $55

~‘Watnong’- New bright red, aging pink/red/green, autumn scarlet. 6×6′. 2-2.5′ $165

~ ‘Waterfall’- Good green-leaved tree for full sun.  Leaves hold a good, bright green all season before changing to brilliant gold suffused with crimson.  10’x12′. 3-3.5′ $229


pseudosieboldianum Korean Maple

rubrum– Red Maple- Native.

~ ‘Autumn Blaze’- upright, fast growing tree with medium green leaves that turns orange-red to scarlet-red in the fall.  55’x40′.  7 gal $79.99 15 gal $135

~’Armstrong’- (x. freemanii) Columnar form. 50 x15′. Silver-gray bark. Good autumn color is variable year to year, poor some years, orange-red other years. 2″ cal $170

~’Autumn Fantasy’- 50×40′. Upright-oval. Crimson autumn color. 8′ $95 15 gal $150

~’Bowhall’ dark green leaves have serrated edges and turn yellow, orange, and red orange in autumn.  40′ x 15′ 1.5″caliper $179.99

new ~’Brandywine’- Seedless. 35-50′ tall and wide. Long lasting brilliant scarlet autumn color. 15g $180

~ x. freemanii ‘Star Bright’- leaves are variegated, appear to be splashed with gold.  3g $39.99

~‘October Glory’- Oval-rounded tree to 50×50′. 15 g $150  2″ cal $225

new ~’Redpointe’- 6-8′ $125, 1″ cal $195, 1.25″ cal $250

~‘Red Sunset’- Pyramidal- rounded to 50×40′.   15 gal $125, 7 g $79.99 2″ cal $225

~ ‘Vanity’- Smaller red maple with pink variegated leaves that don’t burn in the sun!  40’x20′.  3 g $39.99

saccharum ~ ‘Green Mountain’- Broad , pyramidal form with deep green foliage that turns excellent colors of orange and scarlet in fall. 60×45′. 

shirasawanumAcer s. 'Aureum' Japanese Full Moon Maple- afternoon shade, well-drained soil, organic fertilizer.

~ ‘Aureum’- Beautiful golden orbicular leaves all summer long. 15×15′. 7 gal $59.99 4-5′ $300

~’Autumn Moon’- Unusual burnt-orange foliage turns gold with crimson in autumn. 20×20′.   3 gal $24.99

~’Jordan’ – Spring leaves emerge a bright yellow with rose-orange edging.  Clear yellow in summer.  Grey bark has vertical white striping.  15×15.  Part sun.  3 gal $49.99

~’Moonrise’- New growth emerges carmine-red, the leaves cup down and spread out. Mature foliage is yellow in full sun, lime-green in more shade. 15×15′. 3-4′ $195, 4-5′ $225

~’Seasons of Change’- Foliage transforms through various shades of burgundy, orange, and green. Vigorous grower to 20-30′. Sun – part shade. 1gal, $27.99-29.99

tegmentosum– ~‘White Tigress’- Striped Manchurian Bark Maple- Green bark with white striations. Leaves are bright green. 20-30′. Tolerates heavy shade. 1g $21.99


parviflora- Bottlebrush Buckeye- NATIVE. White flower spikes in June-July. large, bold foliage. 8-12′ tall x 12’+wide. Sun-part shade, well drained soil. ~ ‘Lancinata’- cut-leaf variety adds another level of interest to this slow-growing, May-blooming small tree.  25’x15′.  3 gal $45


julibrissin‘Summer Chocolate’- Silk Tree, Mimosa- Listed as zone 7. Bronzey-green, tropical, ferny spring foliage ages to maroon-chocolate in summer, topped with bright pink puffy flowers adored by butterflies and hummingbirds. Very adaptable to dry soils, hates poorly drained or wet. 15×15′.


laevis – Allegheny Serviceberry- White flower spikes followed by yummy black berries. Bronzy-purple new growth ages to dark green. Autumn colors are yellows, apricots and reds. 20×10′. NATIVE.    6-8′ $160

grandiflora ‘Autumn Brilliance’ – Serviceberry- Sun to part shade. NATIVE. White flowers in spring, edible purple-red fruit. Autumn red/orange. 20×15′.   15g $175  8-10′ $235


uva-ursi –  ~‘Massachusetts’- Green foliage turns burgundy in winter.Evergreen ground cover. White flowers, red fruit. NATIVE. Deer resistant. 8″ x8′. Sun-part shade, well drained soils. 2 gal $34.99


arbutifolia ‘Brilliantissima’- Red Chokeberry- White flowers, red berries, red autumn color. Forms a suckering colony. Fine in wet soils. Sun or shade. 6-8′ tall x 12′ wide. NATIVE. Deer resistant. 3g 39.99

Aronia 'Autumn Magic'Aronia 'Autumn Magic'melanocarpa ‘Autumn Magic’- White flowers, black berries. Autumn red/orange/yellow. Happy in wet soils. Sun or shade. 5×6′. NATIVE. 3 gal $24.99



triloba – Paw Paw -Native tree with edible fruit that tastes custardy. Understory tree, usually found near streams. 20×20′. Plant two for cross pollination.

~’North Carolina #1- Few seeds and thin skins. 1g $32.99

~’Sun Flower’ The large yellow fruit of this tree ripens later than most. Few seeds. This cultivar is said to be self-fertile, however a pollinator (male) will most likely result in more fruit. 20’x20′ at maturity 1gal $32.99

~’Taylor’- Small fruit with green skin and yellow flesh. 1g $32.99

~’Tollgate’ – big fruit with excellent flavor. 1g $32.99

~’Variegata’ – Large variegated leaves. 1g $55


japonica ‘Variegata’- Evergreen foliage is spotted with gold flecks. Female, will get red berries when planted near a male. 6×6′. Part to full shade, well-drained soils, must be protected from winter winds.   2 gal $24.99

~’Golden King’, heavily variegated yellow and green leaves.  Male.  6-8′ x 6-8′.

~‘Mr. Goldstrike’ – Variegated with a more golden appearance. Male.   3 gal $32.99

~’Rozanne’-Large, shiny green leaves. Large orange-red fruit, even without pollination from male. 3×3′.   2 gal $24.99


see Rhododendron