Tree & Shrub List C

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Tree & Shrub List C



dichtoma– Purple Beautyberry-‘Early Amethyst’- Small lilac fruits, graceful arching habit. 3-4×3-4′. Cut to 6″ every spring. ‘Issai’ may be the same variety.   3 gal $29.99

new ~(Plump and Plentiful) ‘Amethyst’-


Heather- Evergreen shrub, small bell flowers in summer. Sun to part shade, acid, moist, well-drained soils. Trim lightly after flower period for best habit.  Assorted quart pots.

~’Firefly’- Golden yellow summer foliage turns terracotta, aging to brick-red for winter color. Late summer deep lavender flowers. 18×24″.

~’Winter Chocolate’- Green and orange summer foliage turns dark chocolate colored, with red tips, in winter. Soft lavender late summer-autumn blooms. 10×15″. 1 g $12.99


floridus- Sweet shrub-Chocolate-brown flowers with a fruity fragrance thru the summer. Deep, rich, well-drained soils. 10×10′. NATIVE.   3′ $29.99

~’Aphrodite’- Burgundy red flowers. 6×6′. 3g $45

see also *Sinocalycanthus ‘Hartlage Wine’*

Camellia x. oleifera

These camellias represent breeding work by William Acherman, retired from the National Arboretum in Washington DC after our Camellia collection was outright killed in 1980, except for C. oleifera. So the mad plant scientist played, and here we have these beauties to grace our Central PA gardens. My research found most are hardy to minus 20 degrees! It isn’t the cold that will kill them, it is our clay PA soils. They absolutely must have well-drained soil or they will quickly drown. Try adding pinebark mulch to your soil for moisture retention along with drainage. Do not over water! They do best in part to full shade…dry shade, always a challenge and here is something that will be well suited for just that!I recommend applying Wilt Pruf in early December. Some varieties are early spring flowering, some winter (Nov- Jan! imagine!!). All of our are in 3 gallon containers, $39.99 *I have 2 growing nicely in my garden now- sweeeeeet. They did survive winters of ’14 (3x polar votex and ’15 coldest Feb on record). Flowers were sacrificed, but they have both recovered very nicely.

~’April Kiss’- Early spring. Fully double, deep pink blooms. Compact, columnar. 7×4′.

~’April Rose’- Formal large double rosy pink flowers in early spring. 5×4′.

~’Ashton’s Pink’- Semi-double lavender pink. Autumn bloomer. 8×6′. 

~Carolina Moonmist’- Heavy bloomer! Single pink flowers with bright yellow stamens. Autumn bloomer. 6×4′. 

~’Korean Fire’- Super excited to finally get this extra hardy variety, introduced by the awesome Barry Yinger! Large flat bright red flowers with bright yellow stamens. Spring bloomer. 15×8′. 

~’Unryu’- (Zig zag Camellia) Unusual variety with strongly contorted branches. Red-pink flower in spring. 6×6′. 5g $49.99

~’Winter’s Beauty’- Double shell-pink blooms in autumn-winter. 4×4′. 

~’Winter’s Charm’- Double lavender-pink blooms in late autumn. 6×4′. 

~’Winter’s Fire’- Bright rose pink  flowers in late autumn. 8×5′. 

~’Winter’s Interlude’- Pink anemone-like blooms in late autumn. 8×8′. 

~’Winter’s Rose’- Very pale pink double flowers in profusion in late autumn. 5×5′. 

~’Winter’s Waterlily’- Formal double small white blooms in late autumn. 8×5′. 

Carpinus betula ‘Pinocchio’ 70-80′ tall, but very narrow growing. Yellow autumn color. 3g $24.99

caroliniana Ironwood or Musclewood ~’Firespire’ A narrow tree with smooth, grey bark. With age, the bark has a muscled appearance. The fruits look like hops! Autumn color is orange-red. Sun or shade, and is adaptable to many dry and wet soil types. 20’x20′. 5g $89.99

~’Native Flame’- 1 1/2″ $245


Caryopteris Blue Mist Shrub- Late summer flowers. Attracts bees and butterflies. Full sun, dryish soils. No fertilizer. Cut to 6″ each spring. Deer resistant.

~’Dark Knight’- Deep blue-purple flowers. 3×3′. 3g $24.99

new ~(First Editions) ‘Sapphire Surf’- rich blue flowers. 2×3′. 3g $34.99

Ceanothus x.pallidus New Jersey Tea

~’Marie Simon’- Soft pink flowers in May. Glossy foliage. Sun or shade. Well-drained soil. 5×5′. $39.99

new ~’Marie Blue’- Soft Blue flowers. 3×3′. 3g $45

Cedrus atlantica Blue needles, specimen use in the landscape. Full sun, moist well drained soil.

~’Blue Cascade’- Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar. Sizes varies by training. 15g $210

~’Fastigiata’- Columnar form. Dense ascending branches. 40×15-15′. 3′ $110

~’Glauca’- Blue Atlas Cedar- Very blue needles, open branch habit. 60×30′. 5-6′ $140

~’Horstmann’- Dwarf Blue Atlas Cedar- 8×6′ in 10 years. 4-5′ $115

deodara – Himalayan Cedar- Blue-green foliage. Pyramidal evergreen. 75×15′. 3 gal $32.99 7 gal $65

new ~’Aurea’- Golden yellow new growth matures to gold-green. Pyramidal. 35×15′.  4′ $135, 6′ $175

~ ‘Divinely Blue’ – beautiful blue coloring, paler with new growth overlying deeper mature blue.  6’x3′  3′ $75

new ~’Feelin’ Blue’- Dwarf spreading with gray-blue foliage. 1×3′ at 10 yrs.  3g, 24-30″ $

new ~’Gold Cascade’-Weeping, lovely gold foliage. Stake to develop upright narrow weeper. 3×3′ at 10yrs. 3g 18-24″ $

new ~’Gold Horizon’-Semi-prostrate, flat-topped, with gracefully weeping branches. Gold in spring, yellow-green rest of year. 4×6′. 1g $

new ~’Karl Fuchs’- Bright blue spring growth. Unique shimmering as foliage ages to green, 15×4′ at 10yrs, 35×15 at maturity. 3g 18-24″ $

new ~’Prostrate Beauty’- Very blue foliage. Develops into a flat topped 5×6′ shrub at 10 yrs old. Prune any leaders that try to take over. 30″ $75

new ~’Shalimar’- Very hardy selection. Gray-blue foliage. 35×15′. 6′ $200


~occidentalis ‘Sugar Shack’- NATIVE shrub with summer white sputnik ball flowers. 4×4”+. for wet areas.   1 gal $17.99


harringtonia– Japanese Plum Yew- Dark green, tropical looking foliage. Sun or shade. Well-drained, acid soils. Deer resistant.

‘Duke Gardens’- Slow growing to 3×4′.    1 g $19.99 10-12″ b&b $34.99  15-18″ $49.99

‘Fastigiata’- Very long and wide foliage. 10×6′.  2 gal $27.99   18-24″ $55 10g $79.99

‘Korean Gold’- New foliage emerges yellow-gold and darkens to rich dark green. 10×6′. Introduced into the US by the fabulous Barry Yinger.    2g $55


Cercis Canadensiscanadensis– Eastern Redbud- Beautiful small tree. Purple-pink flowers in spring before leaves emerge. Yellow autumn color. 20×20′. Requires good drainage. 7g $ 69.99, 6-8′ $150

~ ‘Appalachian Red’- Intense, very dark purple-red flowers in May.   7g $79.99

~ ‘Cascading Hearts’- broad, weeping.  8×10′  15 gal $150

~‘Forest Pansy’- Purple-red leaves. Best in full sun. 20×20′  15g $115

~’Lavender Twist’ aka ‘Covey’- Weeping, contorted. Typical flowers. 8×8′. 3/4″ $135

new ~x. Merlot’- a new cross canadensis x. texensis Similar to ‘Forest Pansy’, with thicker dark purple leaves with a high gloss all summer. Tight upright habit. 15×15′.   7g $79.99, 1 1/4″ $250

new ~’Pink Heartbreaker’- Upright and weeping side branches. Typical flowers, red new leaves mature green. 15×10′. 15g $115, 7-8′ $195

~’Rising Sun’- Deep apricot new foliage, maturing to gold, aging to lime, then rich gold autumn color. Typical pink flowers. Best color in full sun. 12×8′. 4-5′ $195

~ ‘Ruby Falls’- Small, cascading form of redbud. Maroon spring leaves age to green with violet accents. 6×8′ 7 gal $89.99 15g $150

new ~’Vanilla Twist’-Unusual! Covered with white flowers instead of the typical pink. 12×8′. 15g $135

Cercidiphyllum japonicum, (Katsura Tree), young leaves emerge bronze-purple, fading to light green, then blue-green, finally a rich yellow apricot in autumn.  Autumn leaves are fragrant.  Brown slightly shaggy bark.  40-60′ x 40-60′.  Full sun.  8-10′ $175


Double Take Storm series: Thornless and fruitless. 5×5′. Deer resistant! Occasional repeat blooms thru season.

~’Orange Storm’- Big orange flowers with lots of petals. 3g $39.99

~’Pink Storm’- Large salmon-coral-pink blooms. 3g $39.99

~’Scarlet Storm’- Velvety dark red blooms.  3g $39.99


Cypress- Large family of evergreens treasured for their textured foliage.

lawsoniana– NATIVE

new ~’Elwood’s Pillar’- Dwarf narrow cone of soft blue. Matures at 5′. Full-part sun. 2g $29.99

~’Golden Surprise’- Feathery golden foliage year ’round. Conical, 6′ tall in 10 yrs. 2 g $29.99

new ~’Treasure Island’- Brilliant gold foliage. Dwarf, only 3×1′. Needs afternoon shade. 2g $39.99

nootkatensis ‘Green Arrow’- Weeping Nootka Cypress. Very narrow grower to 30×6′.  5′ B&B $160

obtusa– Hinoki Cypress-

~’Blue Feathers’- Compact with feathery blue foliage. 5×5′. 2g $24.99

new ~’Compacta’- Rich green foliage 6×5′ at 10 years. 30″ $125

~‘Crippsii’- Feathery gold foliage. 10×4′. 1 g $24.99

~’Gold Fern’-New foliage is yellow, tight fern-like habit.  Slower grower, only 2″ per year.  Eventually to 6′ tall.  Best in mostly sun.  2g $34.99

new ~’Gracilis nana’- Dark green foliage, 6×4′.  24″ $100

~Habari’ – Extremely dwarf. 3′ tall x 1′ wide. 1 g $24.99

~’Hage’- Miniature!  Very dark green, dense foliage only grows one inch per year!  Finally 2′ tall after 20 years!  Sun or part shade.  2 g $34.99

new ~’Lemon Twist’- Dark green threadlike foliage with yellow tips. 6×6′. Full sun. 2g $29.99

~’Leprechaun’- bright green foliage. Extremely slow growing, mounding, 1×1′ at 10 yrs. 1g $19.99

new ~’Mariesii’- Fine lacy green foliage speckled with white. 4′ in 10 yrs. 2g $39.99

new ~’Melody’- Lacy sprays of lemon yellow. Winter bronze tones. Best in part shade. 4×4′.  3g 18-24″ 

~‘Nana’- Dark green. 3×3′. 1g $19.99

~ ‘Nana Aurea’- Dwarf rounded shrub with golden foliage. 6’x4′  2 g $ 24.99

~’Rainbow’- Extremely dwarf and very slow growing!  Lemon-gold dense foliage streaked with green.  Bronze-gold winter color.  2 1/2 feet tall after 20 years!  Sun to part shade. 1 g $17.99

new ~’Snowkist’- Extremely dwarf. Green foliage tipped white. 12×12″. 2g $34.99

~‘Split Rock’- Blue foliage mixed with green. Slow growing to 6×3′. 1 gal $24.99

~’Stoneham’- Miniature, perfect for the rock garden. 6×6″ at 10 yrs old. 1g $24.99

~’Teddy Bear’- Fern-like sprays, dark blue-green foliage. Excellent specimen. 6×5′. 2g $27.99

~’Tetragona Aurea’- Gold fern-like foliage. Columnar growth to 10-15′. 2g $27.99

~’Verdonii- Rich golden yellow, compact. 4×3′ at 15 years old. 24″ $100, 3g 18-24″

~‘Well’s Special’- Dark green foliage. Upright. 6′ in 10 years.3′ B&B $125, 4′ B&B $140, 5′ B&B $165

pisifera (Sawara Cypress)

new ~’Curly Top’- Silvery blue contorted foliage. Rounded, 6×6′. 2g $29.99

new ~’Mini Variegated’- Gray-green foliage with creamy white spots. 3×3′. 2g $29.99

'Juniperoides Aurea Nana'~‘Juniperoides Aurea Nana’- Soft yellow foliage. 4×4′.  3 gal $29.99

~‘Filifera Aurea’- Dwarf Gold Thread Cypress- Bright gold stringy foliage. Mounding habit to 6×8′.  Best color in sun.

2 gal $14.99 3 gal $32.99

~’Snow’-Pale blue-green foliage with white thru-out. 4×3′. All tips pure white. No hot afternoon sun. 1g $ 17.99  2g $27.99

squarrosa‘Cyano-viridis- Boulevard Cypress- Silvery-blue foliage turns plum-gray in winter. Best in part shade. Narrow pyramid to 10′. 3 gal $29.99

thyoides ~’Red Star’ – Lovely star shaped foliage is blue green, turning red in winter.  Cone shape to 4′ at ten years.  10′ at maturity.  Sun. 5g $55


Chionanthus Retususretusus– Chinese Fringetree- White flowers in May-June. Blue fruit on female trees. Cool bark with age. 15-20×15-20′.

virginicus– White Fringetree- White fragrant flowers in May. Blue single grape-like fruit. Excellent bark. NATIVE. Sun to part shade. Moist, organic, well-drained soils.15×15′. 4′ tree from $85 5′ multi trunk $85

~ ‘Emerald Knight’-RARE!  Deep green foliage, abundance of white blossoms, looking like a late snowfall. 15’x6′  3 gal $39.99

new ~’Gallant’- Pendulous variety.

Cladrastis kentuckea Kentucky Yellowwood- medium growing deciduous tree with a broad, rounded crown.  Mature trees bloom in spring with intensely fragrant, drooping terminal panicles.  Wood has distinctive yellow color.  30-50′ high by 40 to 55′ wide. 1.5″-1.75″ cal $245


alnifolia– Summersweet- Fragrant white flower spikes in July-August. Yellow autumn color. Moist, acid, organic soils. Sun or shade. NATIVE.

~‘Ruby Spice’- Pink flower spikes. 6’x5′  3 gal $27.99

~ ‘Hummingbird’- 3-4′ tall and wide. White fragrant flower spikes. 3 gal $27.99

~‘Sixteen Candles’- Better habit, larger flowers than ‘Hummingbird’. 5’x3′   3 gal $24.99

barbinervis– Japanese Summersweet- Later bottle brush flowers, only lightly fragrant. Cool bark rivals Stewartia in age. Small tree to 15′.   5-6′ $89.99

~’Takaeda nishiki’- Shrubby, small tree (limb up to expose awesome bark).  Foliage heavily splashed with cream and white with a pink blush in spring.  Fragrant white bells on spikes in July and August.  PART SHADE.  Slow to 10′.  Moist organic soil.  1 gal $55

Comptonia– Native stoloniferous shrub that appears to be a fern. Good in less than ideal soils. 2g $24.99


Dogwood- Must provide acid, organic, moist, well-drained soils. Pick the best species for your site. Flowers are actually bracts, surrounding an insignificant flower. Deer resistant.

alba ‘Ivory Halo’ – Tatarian Dogwood- rapid growing, suckering multi-stemmed shrub. Red winter stems. Green leaves edged white. Small white flower clusters followed by blue berries for the birds. 6×6′. Moist, well drained soil. Will develop leaf spots and cankers in dry hot areas. 3g $34.99

Cornus Floridaflorida– Part shade and acidic soil is best. NATIVE. Flowers, actually the bracts are what are showy, in spring, red berry cluster in autumn. Red autumn color. 20×20′ 4-5′ $100

new ~’Appalachian Blush’- Large white floppy flowers with a tinge of pink on the edges. Highly mildew resistant. 7g $69.99

~ ‘Appalachian Snow’ -Large, bright white flowers which overlap.  Blooms at a young age, and has a lovely red color in autumn.  30’x25′  – 7 gal $69.99

~’Cherokee Chief’ -Reddish-burgundy-pink flowers with white centers. Show stopper!  Blooms late April into May, seasonal weather depending.  Leaves are a darker shade of green and turn near purple with red hues in autumn. Fruits are glossy and red, eaten up by the birds by the time winter rolls in.  Must be in part shade! 20’x20′ 10 gal, 4-5′ $115

~’Cloud 9′ -Flowers so heavy they overlap! Dark green leaves turn purple for autumn. Red fruits are loved by wildlife! Branches have a layered appearance with a flat crown. Part shade! 15’x20′. 4-5′ B&B $110

new ~’Dixie Colonnade’- Very upright habit. White flowers. 20×8′. 5g 3-4′ $65, 5g 4-5′ $69.99

~’Little Princess’- Heavy bloomer! Flowers seem to crowd each other on the branches.  Large, thick leaves turn red/orange in autumn.  10-15’x8-10′. 24-30″ $69.99, 3-4′ $79.99

~var. rubra- Baby pink flowers that become darker with age. Leaves of this dogwood turns bright red, as opposed to the more common purple colors.  The fruits are happily eaten by many birds come mid fall and are gone by winter. Prefers acidic soil if you want the best blooms and part shade is a must. 20-25’x25′    4-5′ B&B $110, 5-6′ B&B $150

 ‘Superior White’  large white flowers in spring.  Large green leaves have pink coloration in the center of the leaf towards the end of the blooming season.  30′ x 35′.   ‘- 3′ $75  6’ $140

florida x kousa known as “Rutger’s Hybrids”. The flower shape and habit of a florida, the drought and sun tolerance of a kousa.

new ~’Aurora’-  Large white flowers in abundance. 25×25′. 7-8′ $195

~’Celestial Shadow’ – Yellow and green variegated foliage.  White flowers.  Orange and red autumn color.  20′ x 15′.  5g 6-7′ $89.99 4-5′ $125

~ ‘Stellar Pink’-  spring blooming with profuse pink flowers in spring.  Foliage turns an attractive purple-red in fall. Does not produce fruit.  30′ tall and wide. 5-6′ $150, 7-8′ $195

~ ‘Stellar Pink Variegated’-  spring blooming with profuse pink flowers in spring.  Foliage emerges green with white margins, then turns an attractive purple-red in fall. Does not produce fruit.  20′ high and wide.   7 gal $75

var. pringlei– Mexico Dogwood- A subspecies of our native dogwood, found in eastern Mexico.  Unusual flowers! White petal like bracts are narrow, creased and joined at the tips, which prevents them from opening.  Thus, the flowers resemble Chinese lanterns!  Long autumn color foliage display of red, purple and oranges.  20×15.  Part shade.  Moist, well drained soil.  5-6′ $89.99

kousa chinensis- Sun is best. Flowers later than florida by 3+ weeks. Pointed bracts (so-called flower petals) Red fruit hangs like a cherry. Reddish-purple autumn color. Exfoliating bark. 25×25′. 6′ $100   5′ $89.99

~’Akatsuki’- A rare variegated cultivar from Japan.  The margins of the grey-green leaves are white, and the leaf is flushed pink.  In autumn, the pink color intensifies.  White flowers with red spots.  Very slow growing, on 8’x5′ at 10 years. 25×25′ at maturity.  Part shade.  Moist, well drained soil.  4-5′ $79.99

~’All Summer’- Dense tree with horizontal limbs.  Creamy white flowers last all summer long! Sun or part shade 25’x25′ 6-7′ $

~’Gold Coin’- Variegated foliage is gold in the center with green margins. White flowers, pink fruit in autumn. 20×15′. 6–7′ $150, 7-8′ $185

~’Greensleeves’- Upright vase-shaped habit. Heavy display of large overlapping flowers open white with a hint of green, maturing to cream. Large wavy-edged foliage. 25×18′. 5-6′ $79.99, 6-7′ $89.99

~‘Radiant Rose’- Pink flowers. Rich red autumn foliage. Stems and leaves also develop some red tones. 25×25′. 5g 3-4′ $69.99, 7g 5-6′ $100, 5-6′ $89.99

~’Satomi’- Deep rose-pink flowers. Large red cherry-like fruit on autumn, excellent autumn foliage color. 20×15′. 4-5′ $89.99, 5-6′ $125

new ~’Samaritan’- Variegated leaves, white flowers.  20×20′. 1 1/2″ $250

‘Snow Tower’- Large, dark green leaves turn solid red-orange in autumn.  Large white flowers. Upright habit, 25′ x 12′. 7g 4-5′ $100, 10g 5-6’$120, 6-7′ $100

~’Summer Fun’ – Spectacular upright, small deciduous tree with lush green and creamy white variegated foliage.  White flowers appear in June.  Spectacular autumn colors of green flushed with pink and soft orange.  Grows 8’x4′ in ten years.  Full sun to part shade.  Moist, well drained acidic soil. 4-5′ $79.99

~’Wolf Eyes’- Medium sized gray-green leaves with soft creamy edges with pale green freckles. White flowers. 10×10′. 1g 4-5′ $29.99

stolonifera ‘Arctic Fire’- The best red twig dogwood. Also reported not to be suckering. 4×4′. 3 gal $29.99

x. ‘Eddie’s White Wonder’-(florida x nuttallii)- A specimen planted behind our greenhouse is really getting beautiful. Large white flowers, open, layered habit. More pyramidal with age..  Autumn foliage is red. Must have part shade and acidic soil. 20×20′. 1″ caliper $150

Corylopsis Buttercup Winterhazel

glabrescens ~’Longwood Chimes’ Fragrant, large yellowy-green flowers make this early spring bloomer a delight. This large shrub would be an excellent addition to a woodland garden. Likes part shade and moist, well drained soil. 8’x10′ at maturity 1 gal $24.99

~ pauciflora Covered with hanging small yellow, fragrant bells in late winter/very early spring. 4′ tall x 6′ wide. Lovely. 5g $45


coggygria ~’Golden Spirit’- Smoketree or Smokebush-  Golden-yellow leaves turn coral, orange and red in autumn. Abundant light pink flower heads. 8×8′. tree form $160

Cotinus 'Grace'~‘Grace’- Intense wine-red new growth ages to dusky reddish-blue. Extremely large deep pink “smoke”. Bright orange autumn color. 8×8′. 3 gal $29.99

~’Royal Purple’ .75″ $110


adpressus‘Tom Thumb’- (aka ‘Little Gem’)- Dense, closely branched mound to 2×5′. Sun to part shade, soil adaptable. Deer resistant.  2 gal $15.99

dammeri Bearberry Cotoneaster- Evergreen foliage turns plum in winter. Covered with large red berries in autumn. 1×6′. 3g $34.99


viridis ‘Winter King’- Green Hawthorn- Dense, spreading tree. White flowers followed by an orange-red fruit thru the winter. Excellent exfoliating bark. 25×30′.Sun – part shade. Soil adaptable. NATIVE.  6-8′ $79.99  15 gal $110


japonica– Japanese Cedar- Sun to light shade. Rich, moist, well-drained soil. Protect from winter winds. Evergreen. Deer resistant.

~‘Black Dragon’- Pyramidal, upright, semi-dwarf.  Extremely dark green foliage.  Slow grower.  Best of all, deer don’t like to eat it! 5×2′ at 10 years, 12×6′ at maturity. 2g $27.99 5g $65

~’Elegans nana’- Dark green, short needles. Interesting cones in winter. 2×2′. 2g $27.99

~’Koshyi’- round, flat-spreading. Stays green year-round instead of the normal “orangey” winter color. 6″ tall x 24″ wide.  2 $27.99

~’Little Diamond’- Bright green foliage year ’round. 2×3′.  1g $19.99

~’Lobbii’- similar to ‘Yoshino’, but a better habit at maturity. 30×8′. 4-5′ $89.99

~ ‘Lobbii Nana Aurea’- Dense, somewhat arching branches of this slow-growing evergreen are golden-green, forms a globe-shaped shrub. 3-6′ at 10 yrs.  3 gal $100

~’Ryokogu coyokyu’- Unique. Coarse red-tipped green foliage. 2×2′. 1 gal $19.99

~‘Sekkan Sugi’- Gold foliage. 12′ tall. 3 gal $34.99

~’Spiraleter Falcata’- Unique! Slow growing. Extremely twisted foliage. 3×3′. 2g $29.99

~’Tansu’- Dark green finely textured foliage. Irregular pyramid. 18×12″. 2g $27.99

~’Tenzan’- Rare!  Very tight little bun of densely packed green foliage.  Only grows a quarter of an inch per year!  Super dwarf!  Sun.  Great in a rock garden. 1g $19.99 2g $29.99


glabra– Blue Ice Cypress- Silvery-blue foliage. Loves heat. Sun, well-drained soils. 15-20×8′. NATIVE. Deer resistant. 3 gal $39.99

x. Cupressocyparis leylandii – fast-growing evergreen with a broad-columnar to pyramidal habit.  Can grow quite large. 70’x15′

~’Hedge Worthy’- Pure green foliage on tall stately tree. 20’x8′  3 gal $34.99

~’Naylor’s Blue’- bright gray blue foliage. 40’x15′  3 gal $34.99~’Shorty’- Dwarf leyland cypress that’s great for small gardens.  15’x4′ 3 gal $39.99


scoparius– Scotch Broom- Blooms May-June. “Broom-like” foliage. Bright green stems. Full sun, well-drained soils. No fertilizer. Deer resistant.

~’Burkwood’- Red and yellow combo blooms. 6×6′. 2g $24.99

~’Lena’- Fiery red-orange. 4×4′. 2g $24.99

~’Madame Butterfly’- Yellow-gold with orange. 4×4′. 2 g $24.99

~’Moonlight’- Pale yellow. 6×6′. 2g $24.99

~‘Burkwood’- ReCytisus 'Lena'd and yellow combo. 6×6′.

~ ‘Jessica’- bright yellow flowers with red wings. 4’x4′.

~‘Lena’- Fiery red/orange. 4×4′.

~‘Madame Butterfly’- Yellow/gold with orange blotch. 4×4′.

~‘Moonlight’- pale yellow. 6×6′.

2 gal $24.99