Tree & Shrub List D

Tree & Shrub List D


well drained, near-neutral soil, light shade. Prune after flowering for best habit

Daphne Cneorum 'Ruby Glow'odora ‘Marginata’-Winter Daphne- Dense, mounding shrub with Intensely Fragrant clusters of reddish-purple and cream flowers in late winter. ¬†Green leaves thinly margined with yellow. ¬† Evergreen. Zone 7 (are we there yet?) but worth every effort to achieve success. In my own garden, now year 4, to include the 3 polar vortices in ’14, and the coldest Feb on record in ’15. Loaded with flower buds as I type…. in early March….JOY! 2×3′. Part shade, well drained soil.

‘Zuiko nishiki’- Dark green, glossy, evergreen foliage. Extremely Fragrant pink and white clusters in late winter. Zone 7 (are we there yet?) The one in my garden is on it’s 4th survived winter. It is nestled in between 2 ‘Otto Luyken’ Cherry Laurel. The vase shape of the Ottos seem to be just the right protection. 4′ tall and wide. 2 gal $29.99

transatlantica ‘Eternal Fragrance’- Fragrant, pinkish-white flower from spring to autumn. Semi-evergreen, growing to 3×3′. Sun-part shade. Zone 6. 2g $34.99

~x. medfordensis ‘Lawrence Crocker’ – Glossy dark green foliage in a dense mound. Fragrant pink flowers spring to fall. Evergreen. 1×1′. Zone 6. 2g $45


gracilis ‘Nikko’ White flowers in spring. Maroon autumn foliage. Low growing shrub 2×4′. gal $12.99 3 gal $27.99

~’Yuki Cherry Blossom’- like Nikko’ in pretty pink flowers!


Native. Deer resistant. Tough.

rivularis ‘Kodiak Black’-Dramatic black-purple foliage all season (strongest color in sun, will still hold nice color in part shade). Yellow flowers in summer. 4×4′. 1g $21.99

~’Kodiak Orange’- Orange new growth. Clusters of yellow summer flowers. Orange autumn color. 4×4′. 1 g $21.99

new ~’Kodiak Red’- Rich red new growth. Yellow flowers. 4×4′. 3g $45

sessilifolia‘ Cool Splash’- Bush Honeysuckle- NATIVE. Clusters of pale yellow flowers, but the real show is the crisp variegated foliage, bright green and white, which stays nice all season. A tough shrub for part shade. Spreading to form colonies. 2-3′ tall x 3-5′ spread (stoloniferous). 3 gal $39.99 ~’Butterfly’ may also be available.