Tree & Shrub List E

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Tree & Shrub List E


sieboldianus ‘Variegata’- (was Acanthopanax)- Five leaf Aralia- a treasure for the shade with strong creamy variegation all season long. 6×6′. 1g $19.99




new ~’Bruce Briggs’- Solid red bells. 5×3′. 3 g $45

‘Miyama beni’- Love, love, LOVE. Everyone ought to have this gem. A slow growing shrub/multi-stemmed tree, the leaves cluster at the ends of the branches.  Bell-shaped flowers are a rich pink with stripes of red. Blooms May into June and is an absolute delight. Likes to be in afternoon shade and appreciates moist, organic soils.  12’x6′ at maturity.  1gal 6-10″ multi-stems, $19.99



Erica Medium PinkHeath- Bell-shaped flowers from January to April on small evergreen shrubs. Trim lightly in the spring. Sun- part shade. Moist, well-drained soils. 8″x24″  asst varieties.


alatus ‘Compacta’- Compact Burning Bush- Textured stems. Bright red autumn color. Sun to shade. Soil adaptable, but not wet. 6×6′. 3 gal $24.99 7 gal $49.99

~‘Little Moses’- True dwarf to 4×4′. 3 gal $29.99

~ fortunei ‘Moonshadow’- Attractive evergreen green-variegated yellow foliage.  Mounded shrub habit. 2’x4′   1 gal $12.99

japonicus ‘Aureo-marginata’- Evergreen foliage with bright yellow center. 8×6′. Sun to heavy shade. 15-18″ $29.99

~’Greenspire’- Narrow evergreen column. 6×2′. 1g $14.99

new~’Micro. Butterscotch’- Bright yellow small leaves. 3×3′. 2g $27.99

new ~’Rokujo Variegata’- Miniature with green leaves edged white. 12×12″. 1g $17.99

kiautschovicus ‘Manhattan’-Dark green evergreen foliage. 6×6′. Sun to heavy shade. 15-18″ $29.99


Exochorda RacemosaExochorda Racemosaracemosa- Pearlbush- ‘Blizzard’- Fat pure white buds look like big pearls, opening to large white flowers in mid spring. Deer resistant. 6×6′. 3g $39.99